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summoner's greed farming summoning stones fast guide summoner's greed farming summoning stones fast guide

Farm Summoning Stones FASTER in Summoner’s Greed

Farming Summoning Stones is one of the key elements in Summoner’s Greed, I think we all can agree to that. So, I thought I will share some of the tips that the most advanced players use these days so you can ramp up and maximize the amount of Summoning Stones that you can get (and I believe some of them are new and really helpful to you).

Before we start… if you’re not sure what special monsters you want to invest your Summoning Stones in, I have recently updated my tier list of the best monsters in Summoner’s Greed that you might find helpful for that.

Farming Team

Well, obviously, you need a good farming team setup to succeed – and I have just updated and reworked my guide on the best farming layouts that you can use in Summoner’s Greed here. You will find different setups and combinations of monsters to use, no matter at what stage you’re in the game.

summoners greed using summoner stones

What Stage To Farm?

summoners greed knomes

You might have noticed that Treasure Knomes are your best friend when farming Summoning Stones in Summoner’s Greed. There’s no special amount in the different stages, but the amount of Summoning Stones you get out of one Knome is different.

summoners greed summing stones best stage

So, if you made it to The Joint Revenge and can beat the Nightmare Mode, that the sweetspot you want to farm your Summoning Stones and by far the place that drops the most of them.

If you haven’t made it there, yet, please take the highest Nightmare Mode stage that you can beat. Yes, Ragefist Chieftain on Nightmare Mode will be better than Joint Revenge on Normal Mode!

The Coin Merchant

The Coin Merchant, if he appears, will offer you 10x Summoning Stones for 1000x Coins, so ALWAYS make sure you have that amount of Coins available as this will boost your income a lot over time.

Pro Tip Farming

So, this is a strategy that many players actually use and it revolves around the Merchant instead of farming Joint Revenge on the highest mode…

You might have heard about this tactic by the name of King1-5 and it works like this: you will play King at Normal Mode and you will play it through to Wave 5 and then you will see the Seller arrive and use it to buy the 10x Summoning Stones for 1000x Coins and then reset and do it all over again.

summoners greed summoning stones king1-5 farming

The reason this strategy works is that it’s a lot faster then doing Joint Revenge but also you will spend 1000x Coins each time so it’s more a strategy if you have a lot off Coins, want to farm the Summoning Stones fast or you’re that far in the game that 1000x Coins isn’t that much for you.

Auto Clicker

Yes, a very controversial thing but almost all players in Summoner’s Creed that I know use it. I have written a small guide about auto clickers here because I don’t believe it’s a secret tool to use and also, I rather give you a proper explanation and how to set it up instead of letting you unintentionally download malware… so, if you want to use it, do it, if not, honorable you, don’t use it.

One last important thing… I know that still many players believe that there are codes in Summoner’s Greed (and that they advertise with sarcastic memes about it is not a big help clearing that), but, in fact, there’s only one welcome gift that every player can claim and you will find more info about codes and the welcome gift here.


I hope this small guide or tips will help you to gain more Summoning Stones to get your 45k for the store together. If you have questions, or maybe you know a better strategy, please let me know in the comments below.

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