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best spells in darkest afk best spells in darkest afk

The Best Spells in Darkest AFK (2023) – with Phoenix & Lightning

Spells are really useful in Darkest AFK, right? Well, but some spells are more useful than others so I decided to write this ranking/guide on spells as well to give you not just an indication what spells you should invest in, also which ones you should use frequently to get more out of your team.

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Darkest AFK Spells Ranking

So, let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the world of spells in Darkest AFK.


Vampirism is considered the one single meta spell by most players in Darkest AFK and it's simply too strong to not run it in pretty much all situations..
Regeneration, in my opinion, also belongs in the strongest category of spells in Darkest AFK. It's hard to tell if Vampirism or Regeneration is stronger as it will also depend on your team setup and what characters you're running but when it comes to keeping your team alive this spell is also a really good one and will solve a lot of tricky spots for you..
summon phoenix
Summon Phoenix
Can flatten out tricky situation very as you can target the most-wunded ally and the healing depends ont he damage that is dealt so it scales great..
ice bolt
Ice Bolt
Ice Bolt really nice mechanics and also a spell you can enjoy running on a daily basis in Darkest AFK. Doesn't pack a punch like Fireball but the freezing is helpful, no doubt..
chain lightning
Chain Lightning
Has great potential to deal massive damage and chain, but can also be a little rng if the chaining triggers. Still a great spell to run!.
Fireball is a very handy one and I know a lot of players that call this their bread-and-butter skill. Deals good damage and contributes well as you can use additional damage pretty much all the time, right? In my opinion, you can't go wrong with it but you'll lack the additional survivability you'll gain with spells like Vapirism or Regeneration..
sword storm
Sword Storm
Sword Storm is a good option if you need the area of effect, but not that effective against single targets, in particular the damage out put is not the greatest there..
poison swarm
Poison Swarm
Poison Swarm is, considering it's the first spell you unlock in Darkest AFK, a good one. It deals straight damage based on the enemies HP in percentage, so it scales really well. I'd even rank it higher but it lacks some potential against bosses..
Confusion is a nice crowd control spell that can be useful if you encounter setups that give you a hard time and you want to interrupt. Overall, not a spell that I'd recommend running on an everyday basis, more one to have in the back of your hand if you need it..
Resurrection is similar to Confusion, although the resurrection is nice. The issue I have with this spell in Darkest AFK is that it heals the symptom (a character dies) rather than helping prevent it (by dealing damage or healing in the first place). Feels more like a patch or bandaid for your team rather than making it more reliable in the first place..
fist of wrath
Fist of Wrath
Fist of Wrath appears really strong by dealing damage plus reducing the enemy max HP, including bosses. The issue here, and that's the reason it is not ranked higher, is that it will be only effective enough against those healing a lot. And you don't see that happening too much with bosses where this spell should be effective. The spells above simply do more for you..
armor crush
Armor Crush
Armor Crush is not useful, although you might think it is. You can run it and sometimes really don#t even feel (or see) the difference..
greatest power
Greatest Power
Greatest Power sounds actually nice but at the end of the day won't give you that much of an improvement and the duration is too short to be effective..
Suffering just feels lackluster and doesn't make that much of an impact overall, especially with the better options you can see above in the higher tiers..


So, I hope this small guide gave you a good overview about the different spells in Darkest AFK and helps you invest and run the strong ones to get better outcomes of your battles. If you have further questions or you believe I made a mistake and overlooked something, please use the comment form below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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