Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Raged Barbarians

versus battles attacking strategy raged barbarians

Barbarian attacks are still very popular in Versus Battles, primarily because they are first troop people are going to max out. They can be used successfully in all Builder Hall Levels and you can always pick up a solid 2-Star with high percentage if you do the right thing – and that’s what I will cover in this guide.

Barbarians in Versus Battles

Raged Barbarians have their special ability that will give them a rage mode at the start when they get deployed dealing more damage and moving faster – this will help a lot when rushing into a base.

I always recommend to not use Raged Barbarians only, I always recommend using one Army Camp of Bombers as well because this helps a lot to break open the wall sections and let them go for the core and the Builder Hall.

So an attack with Barbarians often follow three simple steps:

  1. Use some Barbarians to take out the first layer of structures and tank for the Bombers that will open up the walls
  2. Get your Battle Machine in and send in more Barbarians until you get the Builder Hall
  3. Use the leftover Barbarians (if available) to get some extra percentage once the Builder Hall is down

Of course, there’s a little bit more in detail about this attacking strategy and I will cover that now.

Mass/Rush Barbarians & Surgical Barbarians

There are two fractions in the community that use Barbarians for attacking – one of them uses the rush strategy and the other ones prefer the surgical strategy – I want to show you the difference.

The start of the attack is the same for both strategies but after the Bombers opened up the inner compartment so the path to the Builder Hall is open these two strategies divide. The mass/rush barbarian player will send in all forces to go for the Builder Hall while the surgical player will start deploying packs of 2-3 Raged Barbarians that will walk through the core area of the base.

Which one is better? Well, that depends on the details how the core area is designed. The surgical strategy is a little bit more difficult to use, but it offers several advantages:

  • It can deal with a Crusher in the path to the Builder Hall
  • It’s more viable to use when there are multiple structures in the way to the Builder Hall as you don’t risk that the big part of your forces might get funneled somewhere else than the Builder Hall
  • Less vulnerable to the Roaster and Mines in general

Here’s a perfect example where surgical Barbarians work better than playing the mass Barbarians:

surgical barbarians versus mass barbarians

Mass Barbarians would either get stopped by the Crusher or (when the Battle Machine destroyed the Crusher) get distracted and go after the Archer Tower, Double Cannon, Guard Post and Firecracker while the Roaster and the Multi Mortar get them down fast.

Common Mistakes With Raged Barbarians

Some player still confuse the term “mass Barbarians” in a way that they send in all Barbarians in the beginning and then attacks might work or fail horribly (Barbarians walk into a Mega Mine, Crusher or the Bomber get killed too soon). This happens above 3,000 Trophies more often than you might think (I always have at least one of this attacks in my Versus Battle Log).

Mass Barbarians (or called Barbarian Rush) is the way how to clear off the Builder Hall once the wall layers are open! In the beginning, you will always deploy some Barbarians (I use 2 for normal buildings and 3 for each defense and storage on the outside) and then deploy the Bombers!

raged barbarians deployment guide

How to win with Barbarians

The most important part of winning your attack with a high 2-Star is to carefully choose what spot you will start your attack from. The spot you choose is determined by:

  • a path to the Builder Hall
  • preventing to have a Crusher when possible
  • be able to destroy the most dangerous defenses early, like Multi Mortar and Roaster

All of the will give you the best spot easily. When taking a look at this base, you will easily understand why attacking from the northern side is the best choice as you can prevent the Crushers and hit down the Roaster and the Multi Mortar quite fast on your path to the Builder Hall.

raged barbarians attack in clash of clans

Also the funneling to the Builder Hall is quite easy once the Bombers broke the inner ring of walls.

The Bombers’ Life

The Bombers you carry have only one purpose and that’s breaking the layers of walls in front of your Barbarians until they can reach the Builder Hall. It doesn’t matter when they killed after they broke that layers of walls (althought it might be helpful if they don’t die) – what I’m trying to say is that you have to pay extra attention to make them survive until they broke the wall and they you will focus on the next step.

attacking with bombers and barbarians in versus battles

When deploying them, make sure there is always some kind of tanking in front of them, no matter of that’s the Battle Machine or several Barbarians. I found it helpful to send in several new Barbarians in the beginning after a couple of moments to make sure there are always enough of them tanking.

Work Through That Core

Now that the core area is open, you will have to go for the Builder Hall. I already wrote about the surgical attacking part that I recommend to use, otherwise you can see things like that happen:

barbarians fail

That’s, by the way, an attack against my base where I like to have my Mines set up in the core to catch attackers that don’t use surgical attacking, so be careful about your deployment and timing when you want the Builder Hall.

Another advantage of not sending all Barbarians into the core, unless necessary, is that you might have some leftover Barbarians that you can use to clear off outside buildings when you already have the Builder Hall down to get a good amount of additional percentage points.

more percentage with barbarian attacks in coc

You can also watch some replays here:



Barbarian attacks are successful when done right, even the Top100 Versus Battle Leaderboard Players use it against maxed bases. I also like to use it as alternative when I see a base that is extremely hard to attack with Baby Dragons or Minions because it’s impossible to have a base that will defend well against ground and air attacks at the same time 🙂

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Hi Timmy thanks for creating an article on raged barbarians I love Barbarians My Question to you is that will fully maxed barbarians destroy more than 75%?

    • What BH Level? Barbarians are strong and even the top players at maxed BH7 use it, but making a solid 2-Star is something that requires a lot of skill against BH7 bases so rather go for like 60% 2-Star and you’re good 🙂

    • Hi! I am a maxed out bh7 player and always use ‘Mass Barbs”. If use correctly along with the 5th camp of archers, u can surely 80% 2-star a maxed out bh7. Just use barbs for a while and then u will know their Al, that will help u to move up in cups. 😉
      p.s.- I am at 4000s using mass barb.

  2. Why is it that I can attack a base in vs and get 100% one time and attack the exact same base with same level everything using the same troop deployment as I did the first time yet I only get 65% or less.can someone please explain this.

    • because the timing is also important and even a fraction of a second difference can mean that your troops go somewhere else (target building got destroyed that wasn’t destroyed in the first time)… the Butterfly Effect

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