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What You Need To Know About Gold In Rise of Kingdoms

I’ve heard so many times that Gold is a useless resource that no one in Rise of Kingdoms should pay attention to – something I don’t want to leave that way and there are some things that I feel needs to be put together here when we talk about Gold in Rise of Kingdoms.

Is Gold Useless?

No. Short but simple, it’s as important as any other resource that you need to upgrade buildings and research upgrades in the academy.

The thing is Gold won’t get as much of a big deal in the beginning stages of the game but you can, believe me, you will get to the point where a lack of Gold will strike your progress harder than the best commanders can do.

In the early stages, you will have a ton and the prices are quite normal but when you get towards the Tier 5 Troops you will so much for the upgrades that you will get short on it – and this is the moment when you will see that being your bottleneck.

rise of kingdoms T5 troop training costs

Waiting for an upgrade because you’re missing “only” the Gold sucks and you don’t want to get to this point.

I think the reason is not that the costs for Gold explode at some point, I think that the reason is that many players simply prioritize Food and Wood and manage that more actively than the Gold until there’s the point where Gold is actually a topic that you need to fit in your plan to gather resources.

How To Get Gold In Rise of Kingdoms?

I don’t think that relying on your mines will do the deal and there are better ways (or let’s say, quicker ways) to gain Gold rather than using boosters and spend a lot of time and resources to actually upgrade Gold Mines.

I assume that the reason why you’re reading this guide right now is the reason that you currently lack of Gold so here’s what you should start doing.

Disclaimer – if you don’t lack Gold right now you should still read this so you know how to prepare yourself for such a situation in Rise of Kingdoms!

Step 1 – Resource Token

If you have some Resource Token this is the time where you want to use them as they will boost your gathering speed by 50% – and that’s a lot!

You can also pick them up at the Mysterious Merchant for resources (not Gems). So if you have some resources leftover invest them to stockpile some of those gathering tokens.

gathering gold step 1 token

Step 2 – The Right Spot

If you have the possibility always try to find your gathering spots within your Alliance Flag so you will get the 25% extra gathering bonus – along with the boost token that’s a 75% extra.

If that’s not a possible thing to do right now, pick the next closest spot because every second you’re traveling is time that you don’t spend gathering – in other terms, it’s lost time.

Gold Deposit Rise of Kingdoms

One important thing here… Don’t go crazy over the Level 6 Gold Deposit but rather look for the closest one. No matter how much is in that resource node, the speed you’re gathering with is always the same and the time you need to travel to a Gold Deposit is what will slow you down.

Especially if you’re able to check constantly you can easily go after the lower-level Gold Deposits in Rise of Kingdoms. Of course, if you send out your gatherers before you go to bed you want to take higher-level Gold Deposit 😉

Step 3 – Commander & Troops

This one is actually obvious but in terms of making this list here complete I also have it in here.

You always want to send a commander setup that has the best gathering boost and try to gather every single second constantly. When you select a Gold Deposit you also want to include enough troops to gather the full reserve that is in that Gold Deposit (in the example above that would be 168,000).

Always work on having Siege Units available, even if you’re not attacking other cities you should always have them even at a low tier to gather – they can simply carry a lot more resources than any other unit.

Final Words

You can clear up a full Level 4 Gold Deposit within one hour and if you do that with 4 armies 12 hours a day you will get about 10M Gold in that day – so, if you follow this steps and you’re in a shortage of Gold this can quite fast end your problems 🙂

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