rise of kingdoms academy and research guide rise of kingdoms academy and research guide

Rise of Kingdoms Academy Research Guide – Best Path

There are tons of researches that you can get in the Academy in Rise of Kingdoms – but all of them cost resources and time. So far, so good. What I wanted to do is writing a guide that covers something like a best path through the technologies to get the “biggest bang for your buck” before you start spending it on the left technologies.

The reason behind this is – if you don’t spend (a lot of) money on Rise of Kingdoms, you’re very unlikely to unlock all research technologies in the next months or even years – that’s why a priority is important here.

Sounds good? Let’s go 🙂

Important! I highly recommend you to focus on military technologies in your Rise of Kingdoms main account and use your farm account for the economic technologies (you can find a full guide on how to build and operate a farm account here). Still, there are several economic technologies that I recommend you to get first.

Economic Technology Path

Here are the technologies you should max out first before doing anything else! All speedups you have should be invested in getting these technologies first in your Academy in Rise of Kingdoms:

Masonry – this is actually the very first technology you should max out in your Academy in Rise of Kingdoms as it will give you 15% faster building speed. Building will get ridiculous times later in the game and this will save you days and weeks of waiting time.

Writing – this will give you 10% faster research speed and is after Masonry the second technology you should max out in your Academy before doing anything else.

Engineering – this takes the boost from Masonry even further and will give you 35% faster building speed. Just an example… upgrading your City Hall to Level 25 takes 126 days (no typo, it’s actually taking 4 months without any deduction) and Engineering will take off one month from the clock. There are many upgrades like this and this technology will give you a huge boost.

Mathematic – also gives 15% research speed boost and is also very important to research in the Academy asap.

Military Technology Path

Once you have the above economic technologies unlocked in your Academy it’s time to work on military technologies – and that’s the order I’d recommend:

Tier 3 Troops – your first steps should be unlocking Tier 3 troops. Don’t spend any more time maxing out anything else than required to get to this point where you can unlock the Tier 3 Infantry, Cavalry, Archers and also Siege Machines. You should also use speedups here if you have them but those researches are actually pretty fast.

As soon as you have the Tier 3 Troops unlocked you should max out the technologies you have unlocked so far in the military tree. Yes, max them out before you get Camouflage.

Tier 4 Troops – now the next part is getting tougher and your first step should be to unlock Tier 4 Infantry, Cavalry and Archers as fast as possible without maxing any technologies in the Academy in the path between Tier 3 Troops and Tier 4 Troops.

I’d personally would skip the Tier 4 Siege Troops now and focus rather on maxing the technologies you skipped researching on your path to Tier 4.

Once you have the Tier 4 Archers, Infantry and Cavalry unlocked you should work on both sides:

Combat Tactics/Defensive Formation/Herbal Medicine will give all your troops a bonus and should get maxed

Depending on the troops you use primarily (Archer, Cavalry or Infantry), you should also start working on those branches now. They will give the troops that you use frequently a bonus so they are the next in line in the Academy.

academy research guide

Tier 5 Troops – Once you have the ones that benefit your primary troops researched 10/10 it’s time to proceed to get Tier 5 Troops.

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