warhammer 40k tacticus enter code warhammer 40k tacticus enter code

All Codes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus

Looking for fresh codes that will give you some extra rewards? You’re in the right place!

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All Codes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus

Here’s the frequently updated list of codes:

  • Code: STUCK (expire: May 21, 2023) - rewards 300x Blackstone and 50x Energy
  • Code: SADPUPPY (expire: April 30, 2023) - rewards 3x Badges (uncommon) and 5x Ulf Shards
  • Code: PREPARETHEWAY (expire: April 30, 2023) - rewards 1x Epic Bolter and 1000x Coins
  • Code: SERVERWOES (expire: March 31, 2023) - rewards 300x Blackstones
  • Code: RATANIGANS (expire: March 31, 2023)
  • Code: Equinox2023 (expire: March 27, 2023) - rewards 10x Kut Skoden Shards
  • Code: Luckygreen (expire: March 26, 2023) - rewards 3000x Coins and some extra items
  • Code: FETTISDAGEN2 (expire: February 22, 2023) - rewards several rare parts
  • Code: WITHFIRE (expire: February 20, 2023) - rewards 50x Blackstones, 3x Roses (rare) and 3x Roses (epic)
  • Code: 1STQUIZ (expire: February 5, 2023) - rewards 3x Badges (uncommon)
  • Code: RABBIT (expire: February 1, 2023) - rewards nice bunch of Xenos Badges
  • Code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS2022 (expire: January 9, 2023) - rewards awesome rewards
  • Code: THANKFUL2022 (expire: November 26, 2022) - rewards 5x Xenos Badges
  • Code: SKULLS2022 (expire: November 3, 2022) - rewards 50x Blackstones

How to redeem codes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus?

You can redeem the gift code if you go inside the game to settings and there you will see, below the buttons, a small input field where you can enter one of the active codes listed above:

warhammer 40k tacticus enter code

You then will get the rewards of the code right away.