All We Know About TH13 (New Hero, Siege Machine, Troop & Defense)

With all the recent information I decided to write this article here to give you a full overview about what is coming with the Town Hall 13 Update and also some thoughts when it will be coming.

Town Hall 13

Town Hall 13 is announced and we will get it this December in a big content update before Christmas. Here’s what you can look forward to.

The New Town Hall (with Giga Inferno)

The new Town Hall looks similar to Town Hall 12 but has a theme that Supercell calls “Dark Elixir and Ice”.

Town Hall 12 has the Giga Tesla, Town Hall 13 will get the Giga Inferno:

th13 in game

That’s basically a multi-target Inferno Tower coming out of the Town Hall instead of a Tesla. When the Town Hall gets destroyed it will not only deal damage like TH12, it will also add a freeze and slow down to the troops (even the Grand Warden ability can’t prevent the slowdown, only the damage).

You will also be able to upgrade the Giga Inferno by multiple stages like the Giga Tesla and you need to have the Giga Tesla fully upgraded in order to upgrade to Town Hall 13.

New Defense – Scattershot

Along with that, there’s also a Town Hall 13 exclusive defense that is a separate building -the Scattershot.

scattershot in action

It’s pretty much like the defense-version of the Bowler. It shoots 3-10 tiles and after the initial hit, it will explode and target the troops behind the initial target. So, in cases where you deploy a Golem or any other tank and let your other troops walk save behind the tank, it can hit them so this can change a lot in how troop deployment will work.

scattershot stats

Those numbers are huge in my opinion. This means a single hit from the Scattershot will not only severely damage a tank like the Giant, it can also one-shot kill a maxed Bowler when at Level 2! I know, those stats are not final yet but it looks like this defense will change a lot about how you can attack a base at TH13.

New TH13 Hero – Royal Champion

Following the current hero cycle, there will also be a new hero in Town Hall 13.

TH7 (Barbarian King), TH9 (Archer Queen) and TH12 (Grand Warden) show the line how heroes have been introduced to Clash of Clans in the past – in Town Hall 13 we will get the Royal Champion

royal champion gameplay

She will be able to jump walls and target defenses as a favorite target with her spear. Her ability is throwing her shield that will hit the closest 4 defenses and deal massive damage to them.

First impression have been really powerful and along with the new troop I’m really interested to see how Supercell balanced all that out properly.

Here are the current stats from the dev build:

royal champions stats

New Town Hall 13 Troop & Siege Machine – Yeti & Siege Barracks

Along with the update we will get a new Siege Machine exclusively for TH13 and a new troop that will be available at Town Hall 12 – the Yeti.

new barracks

The Yeti is an interesting troop that takes elements from different other things in Clash of Clans.

It has a high amount of hitpoints and will target any building and also deal some decent damage. As soon as the Yeti received any damage, it will spawn up to 10 Yetimites and those have about 300 health and will jump walls and run towards the next defense where they will do also about 300 damage when reaching it.

yeti stats

We all know that Supercell does make new troops OP to motivate us to unlock and upgrade them but this one here is at a new level from what I’ve seen so far. Of course, it’s too soon to tell how it will work along the new Giga Inferno and the Scattershot but the mechanics make it almost impossible to defend.

What we know is that there will be a new Siege Machine called Siege Barracks – it will fall from the sky and release all troops after pre-deploying a PEKKA and several Wizards.

siege barracks action

So, this Siege Machine will not allow you to land troops right in the inside of the base but will add a PEKKA and some WIzards to your Clan Castle troops and this can make a nice funnel helping hand.

TH13 Release Date

Supercell already announced that the update will be in December:

th13 release date

Many people thought to see a “15” in that image but Supercell announced that this is not the desired update date

If you don’t believe me, Supercell did post a statement later that the update will NOT be on December 15th:

th13 release date not 15th

In my opinion with all the Sneak Peeks out there and a show off event on the weekend we’re very likely to see the update happening next week, probably already on Monday Dec 9th.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Opponent search times are horrid after TH13 upgrade.. Clash support indicates it is due to the popularity of the game..

    Anyone have a good alternatives to COC?

  2. Since the update I have noticed it takes a very long time to find a match in Titan league 1. It varies from 10 to 15 minutes. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  3. The numbers 15,3,3, and 3 are included in the sign, and if you add them all up you get the 24th, which would be a great date to release it considering it’s the day before Christmas…

  4. Thanks for this update about what is coming.
    So, no upgrade for walls this time?
    Ain’t spent a dime on this game and setting here maxed out TH12 with over 11,000 gems ready to put my lazy Builders back to work!!!

  5. I am interested to see if her shield throw re loads like the battle machine ability in the builder base, or is it a one time thing. Anyone know which?

  6. The 15 must mean something though, it’s not there by accident. Any hints at Clan perk levels increasing, or perhaps saying will not be. I know they don’t want clan perks to run away, but they haven’t added new clan perks for a long time, so maybe perks to level 15. Just a wild thought.

    • I dont think its TH15 I think is TH1S (letter s not number 5)
      D3CEMB3R uses 3 instead of E
      Its a teaser for 13 for TH13

  7. Why can’t people use grammar appropriately here? It’s brutal to read this conversation starting with the original comments from TimmyEatWorld. If you can’t write in a manner that intelligent people will respect, than we simply won’t pay attention to you. Cheers, MortemSalvatorCOC

  8. Maybe TH15 D3C3MB3R means we’re heading to TH15, not 13…? and the 3’s in the December are telling us 3 levels…? Maybe?

    • This is telling nothing it was a bad example, neither will we see TH15 nor the release on December 15th. I can confirm you that so don’t get your hopes up for something like that 🙂

  9. There should be some form of global recruitment center with preset sentences that can be selected like: “I am looking for new clan” “USA based” “Participates in CWL” “Active Daily” etc. Or the same for recruiters who can post a searching for ad. I know we have badges but when I search new players, I can’t tell if they speak Chinese, English, or Arabic just by the name, the inboxes are always full, and half of them are inactive anyway…it has netted me one recruit in a month. Not working.

    • Exactly, the Find New Members search that was added is pretty much useless. Anytime I have tried searching for people to recruit most have had full Inbox requests, so I couldn’t even invite them. Many were already in clans and some were even Co-Leaders. I don’t really care where recruits are based, but I do care if they speak English at least as an additional language. The ability to communicate is imperative in a strong clan.

  10. The teaser you are talking about is from MK Gaming and not Official COC forum, so no points to that. Will believe only when Supercell shares the update. There are many speculations on TH13 but I don’t think it will the big thing. The Focus will be the new hero and taking it to level 20, guessing it will be max level for that hero for now. Plus new 5 levels for existing heroes and 10 for GW.
    I myself have been max base for quite sometime now and hovering around 5600 trophies. Looking for more fun and challenges.
    With 6 builders, getting max TH13 shouldn’t take much time, considering the loot we get daily in legend league. Might have to drop to titan to farm quickly. I wish that 7 day gap between buying hammer is removed so that heroes are upgraded quickly. We get medals in CWL so no point in keeping the gap as one who performs well in CWL deserves those hammers

  11. Been maxed for a while now. At this point I’m just wasting loot because there is nothing to spend it on so I just sit around & get raided all day. Whatever. I am stockpiling magical items from the games & league play in the mean time. I am not spending a dime on this effin game. I have been playing since the game came out.

  12. The way they keep on bringing new town halls one day if they eventually reach town hall lv 20 it would become unfair for new players.
    I am in town hall lv 8 and i constantly get town hall lv 10’s raiding me which is quite stupid because they are like 3 town halls above me and am still trying to cope with the people in my own twn hall lv’s

    • Hello m8. Just a piece of advice. It is not important who attacks your village but how many attack your village. In order to progress to the game you have to raid. This means that you will have to attack 6-7 times while you defend only 1. The game is based on how long you can stay online and attack. Good Luck.

    • I can tell you that this will never happen, they even ruled out the option to trade Elixir to Gold or Dark Elixir so Gems won’t come into play.
      This also makes sense, it’s already hard for Supercell to keep the balance as the maxed players will always max out all the new content in an update pretty easily and with accumulating additional Gems during the time they could Gem every new update right away while the other players will fall back more and more.
      If you’re maxed you’re maxed (I’m just to lazy to grind walls otherwise I’d be maxed as well, have all defenses and royals maxed for weeks now again)

    • That’s ridiculous. That is, if you mean players can raid other players and steal their gems. Also, that way people who don’t spend money on the game can steal from people who are.

  13. This is ridiculous, I think I speak for all the players who choose, quite rightly, not to spend hundreds maybe thousands of their own money on a video game; when I say that the rush to get out Town hall 13 so soon after Town Hall 12 is an unnecessary addition to Clash of Clans when you think about how long it takes to progress in the game when one plays without rushing, without constant gemming and within a reasonable time scale. It’s unfair to all of us who want to enjoy the game without being locked off from all these new features. The more Supercell adds to this game, the worse it gets. I could say a lot more but this summarises it; and as a side note, the quirk in COC that led me to play it died with Town Hall 12.

    • I haven’t spent any money on the game since upgrading to TH11 when it was released in 2015 – and except walls I’m maxed TH12 now and I do not more than like 2-5 attacks on a normal day. With all the Clan Games, CWL Medals and more progressing is insanely easy actually – and with the 6th builder you can have now it’s even faster and loot is really easy to get.
      Not sure what you mean exactly…

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