March Clan Games Rewards & How To Win Them

how to win clan games

Clan Games can have reward tiers that are hard to reach, but the best rewards are those at the higher tiers – here I have put together for you details how the Clan Games work plus a ton of tips how you can get the best out of it and how your clan will get the best result in Clan Games.

Next Clan Games In Clash of Clans

Here you will find the rewards of the upcoming Clan Games as soon as I can give them to you.

Clan Games Rewards March 22nd – 28th

Official rewards for the upcoming Clan Games:


How Clan Games Work

Clan Games are, very basically, a bunch of challenges that will reward you clan points that will reward everyone in your clan with resources, gems and magical items, depending on how many of them you and your clanmates complete.

You won’t compete against other clans, you only compete against the time – the more challenges you and your clanmates complete, the higher your reward tier, simple as that.

So, when you click on the strongman’s camp, you will see a bunch of challenges available.

strongman camp clan games in clash of clans

All of them are not only available to you exclusively, the same ones are also available to your clanmates.

You don’t need to be afraid that you can’t complete all of them, you clan mates with higher Town Halls Level will be able to complete challenges that you can’t complete – it’s all about working together as a team.

When you take a look at each of the challenges, you will see how many clan points they will reward to the clan pool and how much time you have to complete it to get the clan points for your clan.

In the case here, you would have 5 hours time to donate 100 housing space to your clanmates to get 50 clan points.

start challenge in clan games

Once you press the “Start” button, you will get the challenge and your clan mates can’t start this very challenge.

active challenge in clan games quest

Once you started a challenge, you can’t take another one, but you’ll be able to trash it if you see that you can’t finish it (for whatever reason).

trash challenges in clan games

Of course, when you trash a challenge you will not get any clan points no matter how much you have reached, so make sure to only take challenges that you’re able to complete!

Also, trashed challenges WILL NOT be available to your clanmates, they’re gone, so make sure to not just take an easy one that you might trash because maybe another clanmate would have completed it.

You’re not collecting the points yourself! All points that you earn and all the points that your clanmates earn will get put together in a pool that will determine how many rewards you will get (as a clan).

You will also be able to choose between multiple rewards, depending on the reward tier you’ve reached, but you need to have finished at least one single challenge during the Clan Game.

clan games reward tier coc

As you can see, there are 4 reward tiers and you will be able to choose ONE from EACH tier unlocked.

So, if your clan scored 7000 clan points at the end of this Clan Game, you will be able to choose from 3 rewards in total, one from Tier I, one from Tier II and one from Tier III (e.g. take 180k Gold, 20 Gems & 2 Resource Potions in the example above).

clan games tier 5 rewards with books


The prices do also change each time a new Clan Game starts and you can expect the very rare and extremely valuable books to be only available in the reward Tier 4+.

If you would like to learn more about the available magical items, I have been putting them together here in an article that teaches you all that you need to know about them:

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Resource Rewards & Magical Items

The reward structure is always the same for every clan during that very Clan Game, so you will always get the same things you can choose at every reward tier.

This means every player will see the same potions & books at every tier but also the Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir as well as Gems are the same, but the amount of resources change.

There are many theories about how the amount of Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir is generated – the easy answer is it depends on your Clan Castle, or better said your Treasury limit.

As we all know the Treasury limit is always depending on your Town Hall Level (not your Clan Castle Level), so it depends indirectly from your Town Hall

It’s always something between 10%-50% of your Treasury limit.

Plan Your Rewards

It’s always important to plan ahead with the rewards. You can leave your reward from the Clan Games 7 days after the Clan Games finished until you need to pick it up (or, in case a new Clan Game starts earlier you need to collect them inorder to start).

This gives you the great opportunity to spend books & potions until you have enough space in your Clan Castle to collect them.

Let’s say you have a Book of Spells in your Clan Castle so you can’t collect another one – keeping your rewards uncollected until you have anough resources to start an upgrade, use the Book in your Clan Castle and then collect the rewards is a better way then selling books or not collecting them.

Clan Games Leaderboard

Many of you did ask me, how the game decided who will be on top of the Clan Games Leaderboard when multiple people have the same amount of clan points.

coc clan games leaderboard

Well, first of all, it doesn’t matter if you are on the first or the 25th place there. Every player who did complete at least one single challenge will get the same reward as any other clanmate who participated.

The algorithm that determines who will be higher when multiple people have the same amount of points is this:

  1. Experience Level (the higher XP level will be higher in the board)
  2. Amount challenges done (fewer is better)
  3. Time it took to finish the challenges (fewer is better)

Find the Leechers

Every clan has a problem with members that only complete 1-2 challenges and get the full rewards – a frsutration for those member that always get all points.

You can now find out who those members are easily with CGLeech, a free tool:

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Strategy To Get The Highest Reward Tier & Magical Items

As being said before, only the highest reward tiers offer the strong and powerful magical items and more resources and gems. Here are some simple strategies that you (and your clanmates) should use to get the highest reward tiers.

Patience & Motivation!

Don’t rush, there’s a maximum of points that you can contribute to the total clan pool!

clan games cap score

No matter how many challenges you complete, only the score shown there is counted towards the pool. On one hand a motivation for your whole clan to take part but also disappointing for those who always perform good in challenges when half the clan is not taking part that will make the highest reward tier unaccessible for your clan.

Make sure that all of your clanmates take part and complete challenges!

It’s About The Team!

The rewards you get are determined by how many clan points your whole clan collects, not how many you finished!

A simple rule here is to not take challenges that are supposed to be done by lower level players – if you take the one that needs 15 Gold Mines to be destroyed as a TH11 and leave the TH8 in your clan the challenge to destroy 5 Eagle Artilleries you will see that your whole clan won’t reach the highest reward tier.

Simply choose those that you can do but leave the easy ones for the lower players.

There is no reason to be greedy, your whole clans’ reward depends on the reward tier and not how many points you personally got.

Mind Your Cap!

There’s a cap on how many points you can contribute to your clans’ total score.

If you are slightly below the maximum and take a challenge that will exceed that amount, the extra points are not counted.

get more clan games points

Let’s say you have the cap of 500 and right now you have 480 points and take the last challenge that is worth 100 points, your score will show 500 after completing it and only 20 points will get added to your clans’ total score – you have just wasted 80 points that one of your clanmates could have contributed!

So always try to hit the cap as close as possible to not waste valuable challenges that your clanmates should finish πŸ™‚

Hit It & Quit It

Sometimes you only see challenges that are pretty bad and none of your clan is picking them – so in order to progress for the team sacrifice your cooldown.

When you just finished a challenge and your army is training anyway, select an unpopular challenge and quit it. You will get the 10 minutes cooldown, but now a new challenge appears and when your army is trained you can pick a new challenge without any disadvantages πŸ™‚

With every trashed challenge, it will add 10 minutes to the timer – the first one will give you 10 minutes cooldown, the thrid time youdo it 30 minutes until 60 minutes max – sodon’t do it too often, but it will help your clan (and therefor your own reward) a lot πŸ™‚

Choose Wisely!

sell magical items

You have the possibility to sell any magical items if you don’t want to use it.

You will get Gems for selling them:

  • Potion: 25 Gems each
  • Books: 50 Gems each
  • Book of Everything: 100 Gems

So make sure to take that into account when choosing your rewards! Here you can see a perfect example where choosing Gems in Tier II would be a big mistake because the 2 Potions are worth 50 Gems when you decide to sell them:

choose clan games rewards clash of clans

Be Sure!

If you take a challenge just to take it without being sure that you will finish it, you will waste power and time of your clan.

Clan Games are a game against the clock and if you take a challenge and trash it after a couple of hours again, you took your other clanmates the chance to finish that challenge and now they have less time to do it.

Also, if you trash or not complete a challenge, it will NOT be available to your clanmates again so don’t take the easy ones if you’re not sure that you will finish them!

Do! Not! Gem!

I know you will see several challenges there that you can easily do, but you’re having another active challenge right now.

Do not gem anything in order to finish a challenge to get another one before one of your clanmates take it! This is the wrong attitude for Clan Games.

It doesn’t matter who get the most points, all that matters is getting the most challenges done as a clan and if someone else takes a challenge and finishes it, no problem! The reward for you is the same, no matter if you or your clanmate finished the challenge πŸ™‚

There will also be plenty of new challenges popping up, so you don’t have to be worried that you’re leaving out of fresh stuff to do.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  3. I recently started playing the COC game and yet to know a lot of things. Thanks for sharing tips and these tips may help me to win at least one game at the start.

  4. Luckily I have two accounts so I can usually push my clan to the second reward tier.
    But every other player in my clan either doesn’t do anything or takes one challenge and fails it to mooch off my hard work!!!

  5. Question: Just upgraded to TH6 anout 15 mins ago, and was woundering about the frequency of clan games. Is it one of those things that happens monthly or every so often? Been looking out for magic items so I wanted to know πŸ™‚

  6. hello
    i tried so many times to take challenges but most of them are wasted .. I am th8 max … I want to know how i can score a large amout of scores in clan games…. I start easiest challenges but they go wrong

  7. Hi what if as soon as im done playing clan games and reached the max 3000 and I decided to leave the clan, will I still be able to get the rewards even if Im out or not part of the clan anymore?

  8. My question, and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere online:

    What determines your medal cap for each clan games? I have two accounts, and i get MAX medals every clan games Ive done. For some reason in this clan games, i can only get 2k instead of the usual 3k. is this arbitrary, or is there a way to manipulate your medal cap for the clan games? My clan is not the most participatory, so having 6k total that i could contribute basically put us at Tier 3 without my clanmates having to do much, but now itll take way more. a bit frustrating, and hopefully my question make sense.

  9. Are the threshold amounts for each tier the same for all clans? For example, a small clan’s thresholds would be lower than a large clan as many small clans have a hard time getting to the really good rewards (point totals hard to get to).

    • No in Clan Games every clan globally get the same (cap, tier, reward, structure etc.) – the only difference is that loot granted by the clan games are calculated by percentage of CC storage – a TH11 with maxed CC will get more gold from (e.g.) Tier 2 than a TH6 with CC level 2 in his clan πŸ™‚

  10. My main question is; for those clan mates that don’t participate, do they get the rewards. It’s not quite fair that other members Max out of points in order to get to the higher tiers and some members only get say 50 points.

  11. If my clan did not complete all the tires let’s say we completed 5 out of 7 tires…now for the reward part if i join a different clan where they have completed all the tires…will i get the rewards of the last 2 tires that my clan did not complete…???

    • no no matter if you leave the clan now or before the games anded, once completed one challenge, you’re locked into this one clan game id from that clan and will get the reward of that very clan game results… makes sense, right? πŸ˜‰

  12. I found some of this information to be incorrect. You stated “The algorithm that determines who will be higher when multiple people have the same amount of points is this:

    Experience Level (the higher XP level will be higher in the board)
    Amount challenges done (fewer is better)
    Time it took to finish the challenges (fewer is better)”. However, when we have had th8 completing challenges they were on the top of the leaderboard due to them adding more points to the games. For example…th8 had 2980 points. That person took on a 600 point challenge and finished. It maxed out the points at 3000 but the clan total increased the full 600 and the person finished at the top of the leaderboard due to being 580 points above the 3k.

    You also stated “There’s a cap on how many points you can contribute to your clans’ total score. If you are slightly below the maximum and take a challenge that will exceed that amount, the extra points are not counted.
    Let’s say you have the cap of 500 and right now you have 480 points and take the last challenge that is worth 100 points, your score will show 500 after completing it and only 20 points will get added to your clans’ total score – you have just wasted 80 points that one of your clanmates could have contributed!” As in previous statement i also found this information to be incorrect.

    • The one about ranking comes directly from player support, but yes there are some people out there saying it’s not right… I willupdate as soon as I know but I rather rely on the official support message until then πŸ™‚
      exceeding points waspossible in the beginning, but they fixed it in one of the past maintenance releases πŸ™‚

  13. Tell me this. Can more than 50 players play Clan Games in the same clan? I mean let’s say we have 50 members and all of them are doing any one of the challenges. Then say 10 left or are kicked, but they have contributed to the Clan pool of Points. The I bring in new members and they start the challenges as well and consequently they contributed to the Clan pool of Points as well. Is this possible? Cuz this way we can make a clan specifically for Clan Games only.

    • 50 people are the maximum who can partake in a Clan’s Clan Games, so when there are people booted and new people come they will (when already 50 people contributed points/have active challenges) not be able to start a challenge.
      It’s not possible to make “clan games only clans”

      • 51 is the max before it throw a message to the 52nd player that attempt to start a challenge for the first time in the same clans. This are base on test on Lunar Clan Games.

  14. I doubt the clan game leaderboard algorithm you posted.
    1. Player with higher xp sometimes goes below the player with lower xp even with same points
    2. I don’t comment about this
    3. Time factor is absolutely not true. I saw, in a 5 day game, 1 player completed his full score (3000 poins) in 2 days. Another player finished the 3000 points, at the end of the games (after 5 days). But the second player’s ranking was higher than the first’s.

    • Well that’s what Supercell Support send in a ticket πŸ˜‰ Believe it or not.
      To be honest it’s just so nonsense people argue about it as there is no use in that table other then seing which lazy clanmate did do the 40 points obstacle clearing to get the full reward πŸ˜‰

  15. There is a really easy challange that requires you to clear out 5 obsticles. It only awards you with 50 points but it is a nobrainer. You can always clear the gras in the builder base even if your bbuilder is at work. it will only cost you 250 belexir πŸ™‚

  16. What happens when your next game timer comes up prior to your rewards being chosen? IE: my rewards timer is after the new game begins and I have not chosen my rewards yet? Will i not be allowed to play in the new games or will it allow me to join the games as soon as I pick my rewards?

  17. How long do you have to claim your prizes? I want the book to finish troop upgrade but I already have one, and I need to wait a few days for this upgrade to finish first (to maximize book value)

    • yea i hear you bro…i was one of the first be able to finish the challenges on the last clan games and i was pushed down low has 12th spot at end of the clan game. dunno why it pushed me back………..

      • But top of Leaderboard doesn’t mean anything πŸ˜‰ It’s just an internal ranking to show the leader who was active and who just did one challenge to get the reward without investing more.
        With the personal cap there’s no way to make it a clan internal competition…
        But official answer to your question: Your place in the leaderboard is 1) Experience Level -> 2) Amount Quests needed for points (fewer is better) -> 3) Time it took to complete them

    • I’m confused πŸ™‚ If you do have enough space it will go to your Clan Castle, otherwise it probably will be sold automatically or you can’t select it. To be honest this is not yet possible so I can’t give you a final answer right now πŸ™

  18. What if you get all your points in and then leave the clan you’re playing the clan games in , join another clan after that , will you still be able to collect tje rewards after the games are finished? Or do you need to stay with, or rejoin that clan where you played the games?

  19. You said you are limited to 500 pts each but if you play over the limit your extra points got to the total. That is false. 10 in my clan all got 500pts, some went more on last, but total clan points 5000. So not possible to ever earn teir prizes if you are in a small clan.

  20. Hello, i have one question .. how many time The magical item is available? I question this because i am th9 full..but i stay th9 for upgrade kings to level 30.. and I dont want lose there itemes.

    • there’s a timer on collecting them, when this timer is over and you didn’t collected your rewards from the clan game it’s gone. Once collected and in your clan castle, they will stay there until you use or sell them

  21. OK everything on here has been very helpful curious though I have 3 accounts in my clan but I have a friend whose clan didn’t do well I’d like to help in his with one of my accounts but I also need that account to donate can I go back and fourth I want one account working in both clans but one of the accounts jumping back and fourth to donate I don’t want to leave helping his clan to donate to mine and then not be able to come back in and continue

    • You can leave and re-join your clan at any time, but you can only take part in clan games in one clan. so if you finish one challange in your clan, you can’t take a challenge in your friends clan, but when going back to your clan your clan games points are still there (even active challenges stay active unless timer is out)

  22. Are quest point totals the same for clans of all sizes? It so then a clan of 30 would have a much easier time of reaching the total compared to one of 10.

  23. Hi timmy,my clan completed only tier 3 challenges,can we still get the rewards?we are thinking that we could get the rewards list from tier1 to 3 which we completed from clan games but we couldn’t get anything from the rewards list.I will be glad if you could give some explanations to it.thank u.

  24. Timmy… In the reward list im shown with blue colour… What does that mean?? Because top 3 are up there.. but yet i was 2nd and players of my clan overcast me…but still im shown with blue colour timmy bro…what does it mean.

  25. I’m pretty worried about this ‘max troop level for your lab’ magic item. another huge advantage to engineered bases.

    rest is interesting. looking forward to the ‘finish your hero instantly’ boost.

    • Well, engineers already upgraded their troops and they can’t rely on having enough of that potion to turn this really into a reliable strategy.
      However that’s just my own feeling and I try to see it global – individual cases will use it and in the current engineering-controversion it’s something to consider, that’s right

  26. Does the Resource Potion affect just one collector, or just one type (Gold/Elixir/Dark), or ALL???

    If it affects all, its value is equal to 230gems ( 3*30-dark, (7*10)*2-elixir/gold)

  27. How do we get magic books? Bcoz they are not rewarded till the 4th tier. Which Is the highest for us. Why can we only complete challenges worth 500 points while on the YouTube the person could collect 1000 points?
    Why is it so? Do they have any special version of game or what? And if yes then how can a normal clasher can win magic books?

    • Ok many questions πŸ™‚
      Books get rewarded, but Supercell still gathers data at what tier and what frequency they want to give them out, so in the first Clan Games now there’s no book. But there will start another Clan Game around the weekend that will last longer than 2 days and I’m sure there will be a book as reward in it.
      Several YouTubers (don’t know which one you are referring to) use a private server so they have the whole game client and can modify it as they want to – that’s not the real game just the sandbox.
      Last question answered: Normal Clasher have to wait for the next clan games starting in the next days and see a book in there πŸ™‚

  28. Does the ranking in the games of clan members (top 3 positions) mean anything? Do they get anything extra? How is it decided who comes in 1st 2nd and 3rd? Is it by how many challenges are completed or by time they were completed? Since everyone maxes at 500 points why is there a ranking system at all?

    • Exactly !!! I finished first . Reached 500 points .
      Then someone else got 500 and they were placed above me.
      So how exactly does the ranking system work is what I’d like to know .
      Plus the one above me is yellow . And below me is yellow
      But mines silver ???
      Why why why

      • Same Happened to me. I was the first one to get 500 points. But when my friends completed their challenges, I got pushed back to #7. Luckily I got 4 accounts. I completed my challenges on 3 accounts and holding 4th in a hope to get myself to the top LoL.

      • This is the only question needs a answer so far.
        The colors are Golden, Silver and Bronze obviously showing the ranks.
        But again why. First I had a theory the regardless it shows 500 max points for everyone, actually one should have more than the other.
        e.g. I pick a challenge of 150 points when I was at 490 so in practical I would finish with 640 points.
        BUT unfortunately I proved my theory wrong with my other ID

    • Well they show top 3 in gold, bronze and silver for fun reasons or because they show every list of people/clans like that – no deeper thoughts behind this πŸ™‚
      The ranking is nothing else than a help to see who participated in the clan games and who has an active challenge right now, nothing more.
      The rewards are the same for everyone who completed at least 1 challenge.
      How they determine who’s first with multiple people having 500 points is not determined alphabetically or in the time needed to get 500 points, that’s what I can tell. Maybe number of total challenges, or total points (e.g. you have 490 points and then finish a challenge worth 150 points, you have 640 points but only 500 get counted)
      But I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it πŸ˜€

      • I want to see the ranking at the end of the games so I can give a shout out to the players that put in the extra effort throughout the games. Wish I could see it when games end so I know who earned 100 points vs someone who did the max with all their accounts and got us to the top reward tier.

  29. So if I choose a challenge and don’t complete it in the time frame given, what happens???? I am trying to pick a new one since my old challenge timed out and it isn’t letting me??????

    • If you don’t complete it in the time frame it’s gone without rewarding anything – it’s also not available to your clanmates again but fresh challenges spawn so frequently that this doesn’t matter that much.
      If you trash it, you will get a 10 minute cooldown (that you can skip paying gems though), but you see that cooldown pretty obviously, so maybe there’s a glitch for you right now?

  30. If you leave the clan and come back, are you still included?
    I need to know this, as Im leader of a clan but frequently hop to our feeder to donate war troops.

    In addition, I found that as leader, I can take a challenge that nobody in my clan can do, and trash it, ON MY MINI.
    Some people should invest in a mini for this purpose.

    • Yes you are able to leave and join again, you can even pick up an active challenge when you join again while this challenge hasn’t timed out.
      However, you can’t take part in another clans clan games when you have been finishing one active challenge in another clan.

  31. “So, if your clan scored 7000 clan points at the end of this Clan Game, you will be able to choose from the Tier 3 rewards, so you can get either 2 Resource Potions, 540k Gold or 540k Elixir.”

    Actually, in game it states that “when the games end you will be able to choose one reward from EACH unlocked tier”

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