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Best Heroes in Age of Empires Mobile

Age of Empires Mobile is around the corner and of course you will find here all the strategies and guides you need – I am super exceited about the game already and can’t wait for the global release. Of course there is not much strategy to show already, as there is no real gameplay out there accessible and the only people with access to the game are not allowed to share any information.

However, from what has been published from official sources, we can see that the heroes in Age of Empires Mobile will be reality-based heroes in a realistic setting. These are the heroes that have been see already in the game trailers:

Update! With some ealy BETA gameplay, I was able to confirm a few more heroes that we will see in Age of Empires Mobile (highlighted in the list)

Legendary Heroes in Age of Empires Mobile:

  • Cleopatra
  • Hannibal
  • Justinian the Great
  • Joan of Arc
  • Julius Ceasar
  • King Arthur
  • Mular
  • Oda Nobuaga
  • Hammurabi
  • Guan Yu
  • Josephine
  • Richard Lionheart
  • Khalid ibn Walid
  • Leonidas
  • Frederick
  • Queen Sheba
  • Rani Durgavati
  • Harald III

heroes in age of empires mobile

Epic Heroes in Age of Empires Mobile

So far they can’t be listed as they have not been shown but I personally assume we have around at least the same amount of epic heroes available, espcially as you combine 3 heroes in a march which gives a lot of different possibilities.

  1. Without knowing the game or the current number of epic heroes, it’s difficult to grasp the significance of the author’s prediction.

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