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Secrets of the Forest Guide (Peaks of Time Realm #3) – Full Walkthrough

Congratulation on unlocking Secrets of the Forest, the 3rd real in Peaks of Time. Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible.

Recommended Hero Levels: 125+

You remember that I have mentioned puzzles in realms in Peaks of Time earlier? Well, in Secrets of the Forest you will first encounter such a puzzle.

Each time you fight, the branches are growing and if you clear the map in the wrong order, the branches will grow in a way that make it impossible for you to clear the final stage and get the relic.

So simply follow my suggested route and you will be fine 🙂 Unlike the earlier realms in Peaks of Time, this one is more about picking the right path than having the hero levels to beat the opponents… The basic strategy is to pick the right path to get there before the vines grow – and here’s the best path to do that.

If you have troubles with your team, please refer to my frequently updated guide on the best teams in AFK Arena here or the tier list of the best heroes (including their best build). Also, don’t miss out on the recently new gift codes that I posted here.

Step 1 – After the initial battle go to the top and then to the realm on the left side like shown in the picture.

After collecting the relic behind that battle you will also find a mercenary camp.

I really recommend you to pick Angelo as a support hero from the mercenary camp now – he comes in handy with his healing abilities to keep your team alive. This will help you a lot in the future.

Step 2 – From here you will go up and pick the middle section. After this battle, another tile of vine has been growing but don’t panic!

This is all okay and we’re right in schedule to deal with it 🙂 Just finish the battle and follow the path to the next battle now.

Step 3 – you should be at the point shown in the picture on the left side, right? If not, you’re wrong!

After you have beaten this battle, a second tile of vines has been growing and this is the point where most players go to the wrong direction!

You will not go to the right, you will go towards the top – feels wrong now, I know, but trust me it’s the right path 😉

The thing is, after you have beaten that battle you will be able to do whatever you want on the map without the vines growing any further!

At this point you “only” need to clear the map. There’s no specific order or tactic to follow from here on to clear Secrets of the Forest and all battles are pretty much the same. Collect the relics and choose the ones with healing or life leach and try to select the heroes you use wisely so they counter the opponent faction and you’ll be fine.

BUT…! Do not finish the boss at the bottom left section off just like that! It’s mandatory to use a team full of only wilder heroes so it will unlock the last Crystal Chest and the top left section of the map. You can use any team you want to take out several enemy heroes but when you finish the fight you’re only allowed to use a team full of wilder heroes.

Best practice for me was experimenting around with a team that was able to take down all heroes except for one and then get a full wilder team into the fight. If you don’t have 5 wilder heroes you can also use less but you’re not allowed to use any other faction hero in between!

At this point you can then fully clear Secrets of the Forest 🙂

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