level up faster in dragon city level up faster in dragon city

Level Up Faster in Dragon City

Leveling up is important in Dragon City for several reasons but they all will help you. What I do in this guide is giving you a complete overview why you should level up and what levels are important to reach in the first part of this guide.

In the second part I have some strategies that help you gaining experience to level up without going broke on resources 🙂

Sounds good? Let’s start.

What Player Level Is Important?

With each new level you will unlock new thing in Dragon City – especially in the first new levels you reach you will get new Dragons and Habitats that are really helpful.

You should try to get to Level 40 as fast as possible to unlock everything, after that you will only get some Gems and a higher limit for farms and habitats.

At player level 58 you have all the limits and unlocks there are and the only reason to level up further than Level 58 is to show off and get some gems. However, the single Gems you get for a level up is not really worth doing the level up at Level 58+ because it’s really hard to get that experience for just a single Gem ????

Leveling Up Strategies

As I doubt that you are at Level 50 or higher, here are some strategies that I can recommend 🙂

What strategy you should use depends on how much Gold you have in your account but actually, they both go together like traffic and weather. The first one is for you if you have less than 1 million Gold in your account but the nice thing about it is that it will help you earn Gold while doing that.

Once you have more than 1 million Gold you can switch over and do the second one that gives more experience points but will cost Gold – then you can repeat strategy one again ????

Experience With Breeding (Less than 1+ Million Gold)

The basic strategy here is to breed dragons that you can sell for a nice amount of Gold. With each dragon, you will earn experience when placing them down and then you can sell them right away.

In my opinion this works great when pairing the Nature Dragon with the Metal Dragon to get a Jade Dragon in 50% of the all times. The Jade Dragon has quite a short breeding time and you will get 100,000 Gold for selling it.

The Medival Dragon is also a dragon that works fine for doing this and even sells for 200,000 Gold 🙂

Lately I have discovered that the Neon Dragon is a perfect dragon to do this strategy, just pair a Dark Dragon with an Electric Dragon for 100% success rate.

sell dragon in dragon city

When you bred the dragon, simply place it down in a habitat and then sell it (if you don’t want to keep it) and get the Gold and Experience and start over the whole process until you have your million Gold in your account.

Lots Of Experience With Crystals & Habitats (1M+ Gold required)

With this strategy you won’t earn Gold, rather spend it, but it will also give you a ton more experience when you do it.

You can either get Crystals or Habitats that will give you a ton of experience when you buy them.

Just look them up in your shop and see how much experience they will reward and which ones you can afford.

If you have already all habitats that you can own, you can also place a habitat into your stock (for later use) and place a new one without losing the old one.

put habitat in store in dragon city

Alternatively, you can do the same with crystals…

get crystals in dragon city

There’s no general rule what you should do because this all depends on what you have already built, how much Gold you have and also what player level you are (in terms of what you’ve already unlocked in Dragon City), so just go through all of them and see which one will give you the biggest bang for your buck 🙂


I know it feels like wasting Gold to farm experience but you should really do this method until you reached Level 58 so you have everything unlocked and also the highest limit for habitats and farms in your Dragon City village.

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