best towers in dragon city best towers in dragon city

The Best Towers In Dragon City (Ranked)

You can connect a tower to each new island you unlock in Dragon City, so each new island will give you the possibility to get an additional tower.

There are several towers available and some of them are more and some of them are less useful, so I took the time to give you an overview of what I think about each one of them. I also put them into a ranked list to give you some recommendation which ones you should focus on (and which are nothing more than a nice thing to have).

tower in dragon city

The Best Towers In Dragon City

Now let’s have a look at my top list of towers, please feel free to let me know in the comments how you like it or what you would change 🙂

meridians tower in dragon city#1 Midarian’s Tower

For me the most useful tower and also the tower I use most – you get additional Gold and it’s all stockpiled in your habitats ready for collection so you can always activate it when it’s ready and make full use of it.

#2 Speedy’s & Greedy’s Tower

For me also a really useful tower because it helps me collect everything withing a blink of an eye, especially when you have many habitats and farms on a lot of islands you will love this tower. I would absolutely love it if it would automatically re-plant, but that’s probably too much to ask for 😛

#3 Jewelem’s Tower

This tower will give you 1 Gem per day and all you need to do is collecting it – a single Gem doesn’t make a difference but the steady thing is quite good and it will add up and give you a steady flow of Gems, that’s why I think this is a useful tower.

#4 Hanzo’s Tower

Quite useful as well when you have a new dragon that needs training to speed up the progress, especially when the times to train get longer and longer, although I don’t like that high cooldown for skipping 8 hours, that could be better 🙂

#5 Ramsey’s Tower

It will skip 8 hours of food production so you will need to time it well so you can make full use of it – if you do it and then can’t collect it in time, you wasted some of the effect (compared to Midarian’s Tower that will store all the extra Gold in your habitats to collect).

Still useful, especially during Heroic Races but not on top of the other towers in Dragon City.

#6 & #7 Damona’s Tower & Broodhy’s Tower

They work similar to Ramsey’s Tower but they will skip breeding and hatching times – not that powerful unless you use them in any Breeding Event in Dragon City where they come in handy in several situations. In daily life, I barely use them to be honest.

#8 Winstance’s Tower

I only use that tower when I have a new dragon that I want to use but haven’t leveld up – but I often have the feeling this is more cosmetic than useful because 20% isn’t the world and don’t turn a low dragon to a beast – not useless but also not that useful neither though.

#9 Phaun’s Tower

The hardest tower is in my opinion the most useless one. It’s crazy what you need to go through to get it and the increased chance… well, I don’t know how much it is specifically but it can’t be that much. And you will need to time when activating it… hope there will be some changes to it, otherwise it will remain the most useless one on my list 🙁

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