dragon city heroic race guide dragon city heroic race guide

How To Win Heroic Races in Dragon City Guide

Here are some helpful tips that will help you finishing the nodes in heroic races faster and get a better reward and place in the end. Heroic Races are, in my opinion, the easiest way to get a really strong dragon so don’t miss out that chance.

In this guide here I have the best tips for you that will help you understand your opponents and also how you can finish the nodes as easy as possible 🙂

Different Opponents in Heroic Races

Normally you will see three different types of opponents in heroic races – it’s completely random and sometimes you are lucky and see softer opponents and other times you will see harder one.

  • The Newby – normally doesn’t even understand what the heroic race is and will not really participate much, if ever
  • The Normal Player – will finish the tasks but never spends Gems on it and you can outrun them by frequently playing and collecting or a little Gem invest towards the end of the heroic race
  • The Gem Box – these are people that spend a lot of money on the game and you can’t outrun them because they don’t care how much they spend

Always make sure that you know what type your opponents are to adjust – if you have 2 or more of category three opponents that will sink a lot of Gems into the heroic race, there’s almost no way to beat them except you want to spend a lot of money.

dragon city heroic race

I usually call it a day and do as much as I can but I will not spend Gems because it’s simply not worth it to end up in a bidding battle.

If you only have one of these opponents you can spend some gems towards the end to get a better price or to outrun them so take a close look at what your opponents are doing in the heroic race right from the start.

How To Finish Nodes In Heroic Races Best

Here are some tips that will help you to finish your nodes as fast as possible without spending too much time – this will help you to spend less Gems at the end to get a better final position.

Gold Items

Pretty easy to do, all you need to do is collecting Gold and wait to get the points you need to finish the node.

collect gold for node in heroic race

Especially when you have enough Gold habitats you won’t have any problems here but never collct more habitats that you need to, the next lap could again have such an offer and then you can collect enough to finish that one as well.

Food Items

Pretty much the same as Gold and I recommend you to grow the 30-second food because the chances to finish a node point is the same, no matter what food you collect.*

Normally this will let you finish it in 30 seconds and if not, you can directly grow another round of the 30-second food until you get the node finished.

finish food nodes

*Update! I found out that your chances are higher when you collect more food. Still, go for the 30-second food or the 5-minute food but if there’s an heroic race going on, grow the food that takes a long time during the night and then don’t collect it in the morning until you get the node for it 🙂

Breeding & Feed Item

You can do them together often times. I normally pair Terra Dragons with each other to breed a Terra Dragon – this is really fast.

Then you can feed this Terra Dragon up to Level 4 with just a small amount of food and you can collect the feed item with that.

I normally have one spot in my habitats where I have this fresh Level 1 Terra Dragon ready to feed if I get that node in the heroic race – if I get the breeding node first I sell the the Level 1 dragon and fast breed a new Terra Dragon.

This only takes a little time and you are prepared for both nodes all the time ????

Fight Items

They are the hardest to get because of the battle cooldown. That’s where I normally invest a single 1-Gem boost so I can finish more of them in a short period and the single Gems doesn’t hurt that much when looking at the rewards.

I also think that’s where most normal players will slow down and get stuck on laps, so that’s your spot where you can leave them behind you and take the lead 🙂


Once every 24 hours, you will get a free spin and you want to make the most out of it!

First of all, the free spin will always reward you with something so there’s no way to no use it but it’s not worth the 30 Gems for multiple tries.

lucky spin heroic races

Here are the chances what you can get:

  • 1 mission point: 48%
  • 2 mission points: 24%
  • 5 mission points: 12%
  • 1 extra spin: 10%
  • 1 mission: 4%
  • 1 node: 1%

I personally only use them for the ones that take a long time, e.g. the fight items because getting some of them for free is simply a huge boost in time.

Make sure to never forget using it, you get like I said one free spin every 24 hours 🙂


In short, you can beat your opponents in heroic races easily by focusing on your progress and trying to make it as fast as possible – however,  make sure that you will always check our opponents first to see if they are spending a lot of gems so you don’t waste gems by starting a bidding war against them.

If that happens, rather wait for the next heroic race and get a good placement without spending any gems.

  1. Ye, i do most of these strategies already, but this is very useful. I’m trying face off against this category 3 person and we’re neck and neck. But I just can’t shake him.

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