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How To Get Free Gems In Dragon City

Although you can play Dragon City for free and you can get quite far in the game without spending a single dollar of real cash, sooner or later you will need some Gems to get the real nice dragons.

Now when you don’t want to actually spend real money on the game, there are still ways to get Gems without spending money for it – and that’s what I’m showing you in this guide here.

I know it’s not like getting 1,000 Gems in 5  minutes, it’s a long term strategy that you will need to follow and you will be able to get up to 55 Gems per week from it and this will make that dragon you get from it even more special to you 🙂

dragon city best dragons for gems

Best Methods For Free Gems

First of all, not every method here is available on both, mobile and Facebook  –  I strongly recommend you to be able to use both, so connect your game Facebook and login in Facebook once per week and vice versa.

Free Gems from videos

Always check your shop when you play on mobile, there are often offers that will give you 1 free Gem for watching a 30-second ad – a nice deal when you look at how much they charge for buying Gems.

dragon city free gems from videos

Don’t stop repeating watching them until they are gone, in many countries there are multiple ones available every day!

Deus Daily Free Gems

30 free gems deus daily dragon cityYou can use the daily Deus card shuffle with 9 cards to win 30 Gems – unfortunately, this is only available at Facebook so connect your account to Facebook if you only play on mobile to use it as well!

Anyway, with the 9 cards you see your chances to get the 30 Gems are not 1 out of 9, it’s more like 1 out of 200 times but still a nice daily boost you get for free.

Jewelem’s Tower

Get the Jewelem’s Tower built as soon as you unlock it in Dragon City – the tower attaches to the Lush Island and unlocks at level 12 and will reward you with an extra Gem every single day, so the faster you get it the higher will be your benefit long-term.

jewelems tower dragon city

Level Up Faster

dragon city level up for gemsWith each new level you get you will get some free Gems in Dragon City as well (next to the new stuff you unlock). There’s a simple cheat that will help you gain new levels every day, even if you’re Level 50+.

You will simply breed Dragons that give you a lot of XP when placing them down and you keep breeding them. This will boost your XP a lot and also give you a little extra Gold.

Another great way, if you set up your habitats for Gold farming like I’ve been showing you above, is placing extra habitats – they will also give you a ton of XP. If there’s a message that you can’t place a certain habitat because you already have the max number of them reached, take one and place it in your inventory and you can build another one. This is probably the most efficient hack to get a higher level and the extra Gems that come with it.

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