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king god castle enter code king god castle enter code

All Codes in King God Castle

Very rarely, the developers of King God Castle release reward codes that will give you free Gold or gems. Stay up to date with all active codes with our frequently updated list here.

Speaking of frequently updated… I also just updated the tier list of all heroes in King God Castle here, I’m sure you find some changes interesting!

All Codes in King God Castle

Here’s the frequently updated list of codes:

  • Code: KingGodDay42 – (expires: July 4th, 2022)- rewards 30 Gems
  • Code: 2022SummerWave (expires: July 1st, 2022)- rewards 2,000 Gold but only for the first 100,000 players

How To Use Gift Codes in King God Castle

Inside the settings menu, you will see a button ‘Redeem Coupon’ at the very bottom, but only of you’re playing on Android:

king god castle how to use codes

If you are playing King God Castle on iOS, you will get all the rewards automatically to your inbox!

Now all you need to do is to enter a valid code form above in the form and you will get your rewards right away.

king god castle enter code

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