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Inferno Tower: Multi or Single Mode – What’s Best?

The Inferno Tower is, next to the X-Bow, the only defense with different modes. Unlike the X-Bow, the Inferno Tower will not change between what kind of troops it attacks, but you can switch it between attacking multiple targets with constant damage, or one single target with damage rising to an astronomic amount. In this post, we will take a look what the different modes will do and which one will work best for you, especially after the December 2017 change that the Inferno Tower doesn’t block healing anymore.

Which Inferno Tower Mode Is The Best?

Before we answer the question which mode is right and which one isn’t, I want to get a little more into detail what the two modes do and what they are best used for.

The Single Target Mode

This mode is dangerous for tanking troops like the Golem, Lava Hound, and Heroes. Also, mass Dragon has a problem because it takes down Dragons very fast. Using setups that have a high number of troops like Hog Riders, BARCH, Balloons etc. don’t really care about single target mode because it will mathematically not deal more damage than a regular Archer Tower before they die.


The Multi-targets mode

This mode doesn’t deal that much damage, but it will lock on 5 targets at the same time and can’t miss and deals its damage constantly. It used to be great against Bowler, Valkyries, Hog Rider and all other attacking composition that used Healer or Heal Spells, but now that the heal blocking effect got removed, it’s not that great anymore.

The Meta after removing Heal-Block

As mentioned in the beginning, the December 2017 Update removed the Inferno Towers’ ability to block any heal on troops that are targeted by the Inferno Towers beams. This is considered one of the most drastic balancing changes in the past couple updates, because this will change a lot, especially in wars:

  • Heal Spells will get more viable on TH10 & TH11 again
  • Troops like Hog Riders & Valkyries will make a comeback on TH10 & TH11
  • War Base Designs will move away from Inferno Towers in compartments (probably X-Bows will now take their place in compartments)
  • TH9 can now beat TH10 bases without that big trouble and even go for TH11 bases
inferno tower mode placement guide
Setups that will not work that well after the balancing change anymore

Those are only some assumptions and I will update here as soon as we see how this whole balancing change will turn out in the end.
Now, the interesting question for all of is – which mode is now the mode to choose?

The best mode for your Inferno Towers

The biggest advantage of the Multi-Mode was for sure the blocking of any healing effect on troops and with 5 troops simultaneously blocked, this was a big threat to many attacks. Now that this blocking is not happening anymore, the Multi-Mode is nothing else than a defense dealing a total of up to 285 DPS (5*57 at the max level) – that’s effectively not more than 2 maxed Archer Tower deal.
Well, bottom line the truth is that the Inferno Tower is now a lot less powerful than before the December 2017 Update and all we can do is trying to make the best out of it.
This leads to the Single-Mode, that will smash tank troops and heroes merciless with an extremely high DPS after a couple of seconds. This is now a better option than the low DPS dealt by the Multi-Mode, although it’s more of a gamble.
single target mode inferno tower best
The Inferno Tower has no favorite target, so it also can happen that it will simply target another troop that’s not a tank and will be pretty useless – in case the tank gets targeted by the Single-Mode Inferno Tower you might be able to crush an attack with it.
I often say that strategy is not relying on randomness but in this case, it’s the best option (with one single exception I will talk about below) since the Multi-Mode is pretty useless. A maxed Healer heals 90 HP per second which easily covers the 57 DPS dealt by the Multi-Mode and is not that much that you will stop an attack at all.
So, I rather take the shot of the Single-Mode to target a hero or tank instead of selecting a mode that will fail in defending for sure.
Also, if the Single-Mode Inferno Tower targets a Bowler or something similar, you can be sure that this very unit will go down due to the insane DPS dealt after 1.5 seconds instead of watching this troop get healed up or not losing significant hitpoints by the Multi-Mode.

Set your Inferno Tower to Single-Mode. It can take down a tank or any other troop with its high DPS – Multi-Mode damage is simply too low right now

You remember that I had one exception? Well, if you’re TH10 or TH11 and you are in a lower League like Master or even lower and see many attacks with Giants (like Goblin Knife), you might consider Inferno Tower being a better option since there are so many tanks and small troops that the Single Mode will not be effective at all.
However, this is the only exception and in higher Leagues and Clan Wars, everybody takes big tanks (Golem or Lava Hound) to the attack and that’s where your Single-Mode Inferno Tower has a way higher chance of defending.

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