best team in blitz rise of heroes best team in blitz rise of heroes

How To Build Your Best Team in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes

With so many different heroes you have available, it’s sometimes not that easy to build a good team as you have literally infinite options to do that in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, right? Well, you can find pre-made squads if you look around a little bit, but I personally think this is not very useful as you probably won’t have the heroes someone else uses or might not have them leveled up to a degree to make them useful.

For that reason I have written this guide here to help you build your best team in BlitZ Rise of Heroes based on the heroes you have available.

By the way, if you’re not sure which heroes are good in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, check out my recent tier list of the best heroes here. This will be really helpful picking the right heroes for building your squad.

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Okay, but now enough of the introduction, let#s get into the team building guide.

Team Building – The Basics

I know for most players this might be a 101 thing to know, but the factions are really important in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes as they will determine of you deal more damage to certain heroes or get more damage dealt to.

blitz rise of heroes factions

So, you might want to select one hero that is from the fire faction and strong, but you run directly into a enemy hero that is from the dark faction, so your hero will get dealt whopping 30% more damage and that’s a lot, it will make your performance significantly less.

So, if I take an example here:

As you can see, I’m running (on this particular position) a nature hero directly against a dark hero, giving my hero 30% more damage so even with a few levels lower, I will be able to encounter that situation well.

I know most players try to ignore that and simply run their ‘A Team’ and hope for the best, but they will have huge problems by either getting 30% more damage that’s not necessary or leaving the option on the table to deal 30% more damage. Imagine how much you have to level up a certain hero in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes to gain 30% more damage or defense! It’s a lot!

So, make sure that you always keep some alternate heroes from different factions in the back of your hand to make sure that you can swap around if you need that.

I hope this help and I’m already planning to add more in-depth to this guide if requested. So, if you’re interested in learning more about team-building in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to add more to this.

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