blitz rise of heroes reroll guide blitz rise of heroes reroll guide

BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Reroll Guide

Rerolling is not a very uncommon thing in many games, so BlitZ: Rise of Heroes is no exception, so I wanted to write this quick guide to help you understand if you should reroll or not and, if yes, how to do it right.

What’s Rerolling?

So, basically, once you hit Chapter 2 in BlitZ Rise of Heroes (that’s about 10-15 minutes into the game when you first start out), you will get one Legendary hero for free + enough free Gems that you can make a 10x Summon and also get a legendary hero there as well.

So, those legendary heroes you get there are random and you can either be lucky and get a really strong one or get a weak one – with dramatic differences! If you roll a very good one, you will have it so much easier to progress in the earlier stages of BlitZ compared to pulling a legendary there which makes it hard.

If you want to have an indication of what heroes are good in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes, please refer here to my tier list of the best heroes.

Also, if you are starting out a legendary tank will be a very good option for you for the early chapters.

How To Reroll in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes?

Pretty easy actually… if you decided that your starting legendary heroes are not good (again, refer to the linked tier list above), you simply delete your game from your device and install it again. When you start now, the tutorial will open up and you can play through the first Chapter to get to the option where you get the free legendary heroes. From here, see what you get and repeat (if necessary).

blitz rise of heroes reroll legendary heroes

ATTENTION! Don’t do this if you’ve progressed further than Chapter 7, you will lose all progress and start playing all over again by enrolling!

So, I hope this helps, and don’t forget to check out my other guides – I have written here about building your best team in BlitZ, and, of course, make sure to check in weekly for the new promo code that will give you some free rewards.

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