blitz rise of heroes tier list june 2023 with new skills blitz rise of heroes tier list june 2023 with new skills

Best Heroes in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Tier List (June 2023) – with new Skills

There are a lot of heroes in BliZ: Rise of Heroes, right? So many that it can be hard to see what heroes to invest in and which ones will work fine in your formations. So, I decided to write this tier list of best heroes to give you a good overview who you should invest in in the long run so you will be ready for the later stages of the game.

Please mind! I haven’t listed EVERY single hero that’s available BlitZ below for one reason –  there are so many and many of them would just be listed to tell you they are not viable later in the game. I have just listed the ones that you should focus on and tell you why. Please also mind, just because a hero is in a better tier doesn’t mean it’s the better choice, please also check out my team-building guide for BlitZ here to make sure you run the best heroes. Also, if you’re new to the game check out my reroll guide to see if you might want to reroll to boost your early game progress.

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BlitZ: Rise of Heroes – The Best Heroes Tier List

Let’s start right with the list.


  • UmidaS+Best Teams
    Umida provides the longest stun in the game and buffs all allies damage output well. Actually a real damage machine by also increasing the set of abilities and her ability to withstand enemy control effects plus dealing high damage on Guild Biss. The only downside here is that she's kind of a glass cannon with low survivability and you need to team her up with good support heroes to keep her alive and let her do what she's doing well.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • AshmiraS+Best Teams
    Ashmira deals multi-target damage and also can target specific heroes and scales with enemy kills. Also, her cooldown can be quick in the right setups and deals high damage on the Guild Boss. her only shortcome is that you need support for her in your team that keep her alive. The investment can be huge but when maxed a total beast!Best TeamsAll Codes
  • ZeraS+Best Teams
    Zera deals damage to two ranged targets and can be useful to deal with certain team setups. She also buffs herself and your team allies' crit and can reduce enemies defense and deal loads of damage to the Guild Boss. But she also is kind-of a glass cannon and needs support in your team to survive but with enough investment she gets a lot better and should be one of your primary heroes to invest in.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • NexideyaSBest Teams
    Great targeting to furthest enemies with turning them to your side for some time, and those are normally the ones the enemy rely on most. Also great crowd control, execution ability and healing the most-injured ally. A crazy setup that is so versatile.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • PyroxenaSBest Teams
    Pyroxena deals insane damage and this damage burst through enemies. Really strong but also needs a support setup that keeps her alive or she will turn into a glass cannon in no-time.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • HideonSBest Teams
    Hideon deals a lot of damage and can also debuff enemy crit chance, which gets more important later as crits can be fatal. He targets the enemy damage dealers which is very useful for your whole team's survivability and he also deals a load of damage on the Guild Boss. Only downside of him is the same as Umida, he lacks some survivability (although not as much glass cannon as Umida).Best TeamsAll Codes
  • MeyaSBest Teams
    Meya can heal allies, but she can do it really quick and that makes her stand out from many other healing heroes in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes! If you have a healer and the heal will be slow, it could be too late and that's where Meia shines. Also, she has the ability to evade control for allies which is also important in higher levels.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • AldenSBest Teams
    Alden has the bulk health regeneration which your whole team benefits from plus buffing and rebuffing and temporarily immunity to control. Already very helpful, but also is able to deal heavy single target burst damage.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • BraxiaSBest Teams
    Braxia hasn't too much to do as her damage is not too serious and also not her attack debuff, but her passive that will reduce the enemy energy generation whenever an enemy heroes uses an ultimate skill is really good and useful in so many situations.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • IlarSBest Teams
    Ilar deals damage to multiple enemies and his bleeding also is useful. He can resist some types of damage which makes him interesting and with the new content that got added he is even better now.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • EnaelA+Best Teams
    used to be a lot lower on the tier list but with the new content added and the way meta evolved a versatile and useful hero in the game.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • MelgorA+Best Teams
    Melgor deals multi-target damage and area damage, reduces armor and provides resistance to necrotic damage and helps speeding up the energy gain of allies, so use him for exactly these situations. In general, he will lack in damage (it's not bad but just okay for a damage dealer) and is also, ironically, slow in generating energy himself.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • TayraABest Teams
    Tayra, hands down, is an insane healer in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes! She will heal the allies with the lowest health, has healing when an ally uses an ultimate skill and also deals damage to the furthest enemy which is great for targeting the backline enemies. Crazy strong and 100% invest!Best TeamsAll Codes
  • GrodanABest Teams
    Grodan will become very valuable at higher levels with his control abilities and being immune to control effects himself as this is what you have to deal with a lot. The only issue here is, don't set him on the flank or you will only control some of the enemies and not all of them. That's sometimes a little frustrating but still one of the strongest heroes in BlitZ Rise of Heroes!Best TeamsAll Codes
  • JavkharABest Teams
    Javkhar has a good mix of damage dealing, some healing and mostly crowd control of the enemies that is strong and useful and can solve a lot of tricky situations for you.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • ZitriusABest Teams
    Zitrius doesn't do too much in general but his active skill can silence all enemies, that on its own is already so strong. I mean he deals damage, can heal himself and is immune to necrotic damage but the silence is simply crazy.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • AlzekirABest Teams
    Alzekir deals loads of damage and that alone would make her already strong, but her self-buff, the ability to clean debuffs from allies and stack critical damage bonus once allies die make her a real monster in your team and sometimes even a solo carry that can cheese certain stages.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • NevsifeyaABest Teams
    Nevsifeya is a vrazy good buffer, debuffer and heals as well - one of my favorite support heroes in the game and almost no team setup will not benefit from her, she's simply good and useful.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • RodkhanABest Teams
    Rodkhan provides a lot for himself and your team with invulnerability, damage increase and attack. Can also reduce marksmanship of enemies (important at later stages) and evade. Overall also a really strong kit and very versatile.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • LaranaABest Teams
    Larana also has good survivability and her health & damage recovery is really good. She sometimes can withstand some burst, which helps with certain setups. Her damage output could be higher but I see her still in the A Tier with her chance to give control immunity to the team.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • TsetrumABest Teams
    Tsetrum is not bad, but the taunting with the damage reduction is a niche use-case that you will need in the late-game, for sure.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • IstraABest Teams
    Istra deals prolonged damage to a single enemy, which makes her deal massive damage to bosses but overall not that much damage compared to other damage dealers. Also can buff allies' damage output and that's pretty much her use case, dealing with bosses.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • ElentineB+Best Teams
    Elentine has not the best damage output for a damage dealer but she can reduce the enemy energy, cause dizziness and target multiple enemies with her damage. Especially the energy manipulation can be useful in several situations.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • VolorBBest Teams
    Probably the most interesting of all heroes released so far and also one of the strongest mid-game and early-game - unfortunately falls off towards other heroes when we talk end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • AaroxBBest Teams
    Aarox is super viable with his stuns and really helpful with it in many situations. But on top of that, he also provides amazing health restoration for your team after death, buffs all allies damage paired with good survivability. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • SavianBBest Teams
    Savian gives allies lifesteal so they heal the amount of damage they deal plus also reduces enemy energy generation when you take down one enemy, that snowballs fast into victory and can turn tides in a battle easily. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • TezeusBBest Teams
    Tezeus has this shield for allied heroes that are low on health and can be a lifesaver in many situations + he has the ability to remove all enemy buffs and call his puppet lich on death, that can sometimes turn the tides as well. Also a really strong hero in BlitZ. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • ZevisBBest Teams
    Great stunning, silencing and dealing damage makes her useful in most setups. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • KatsuBBest Teams
    Super heavy tank with great scaling that is really hard to kill and combined with heroes that scale by fallen allies he is a beast. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • YagolorC+Best Teams
    Yagolor has a lot of health manipulation going on. He steals health, regenerates health, absorbs health and can also stun enemies. A lot of survivability in his kit as well and nasty for the enemy to deal with. Unfortunately with the new skills released he falls off in end-gameBest TeamsAll Codes
  • CharlineC+Best Teams
    Charline is a strong healer that can heal a lot and increase team crit chance significantly. She can easily keep a full team alive on her own.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • PhenikrakhC+Best Teams
    Great buffs and several benefits even after death or through the death of allies so you can build a snowball setup with some of the new heroes.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • OniquartC+Best Teams
    Nice damage output and quite some survivability as well. Will see where meta takes him but a very solid hero to run right now.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • MiaraCBest Teams
    Miara can charm enemies and stun as well. Also her mechanics to increase the energy set of abilities is really handy often enough. But sometimes her charm kicks too late to make the real difference so she can perform sometimes inconsistently.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • NissCBest Teams
    Niss can deal damage to multiple front targets and debuff the enemies. Also she suffers low necrotic damage and deals good amounts of damage to the Guild Boss. Overall handy, but she sometimes misses with her active skill and that will make her pretty mediocre and her overall damage output is, compared to the other damage dealers listed here, mediocre.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • OddarCBest Teams
    Oddar is the archetype of a damage dealer and although he won't contribute much to the team except some attack buff, his damage output in its own qualifies him to be ranked here in the A-Tier easily.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • GvinCBest Teams
    Gvin has, unlike Zera and other heroes here, good survivability mechanics in her kit and provides stance, debuffs and damage from her passive skill. Also useful to reduce the marksmanship and resistant to fire, both very useful later in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes. But I feel that she takes sometimes really long to pop her ultimate skill.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • MagmaraCBest Teams
    Lacks some damage and has no crowd controlBest TeamsAll Codes
  • SoleiCBest Teams
    Solei can resurrect an ally and bring him/her back into the game, useful in situations where you can't survive a high amount of burst or see the option to turn a battle around. She also restores health and reduces incoming damage and is a great hero against high-damage setups. Otherwise, she won't provide a lot of damage and also her survivability is mediocre, at best.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • TaurusCBest Teams
    Taurus is a full-blood tank and with all the reflection and damage reduction he is not doing much more for your team except protecting himself. Can be useful if you need to deal with high burst damage but overall there are better options.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • VincentDBest Teams
    Vincent has some minor healing and deals mainly damage through bleeding - I'm not the biggest fan as it takes long until he really deals all of the damage he can deal and I rather have it burst and instantly. Theoretically good against bosses but other heroes in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes deal the same damage instantly...Best TeamsAll Codes
  • KarnDBest Teams
    Karn can prolong poison attacks and restore health, but does that by sacrificing the death of an ally. The damage is not too strong and overall I had a hard time if I will list her here. In poison-savy setups helpful but I might remove him from the list in the future when more new good heroes are released in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes...Best TeamsAll Codes
  • DorminDBest Teams
    Dormin increases the critical damage of your squad and if you build a burst damage formation he can be really good. But as a epic hero there's a limit at a certain point where he's simply not viable anymore.Best TeamsAll Codes
  • Mom-GhorDBest Teams
    Mom-Ghor has an overall great utility with damage, control abilities, health buff and a good overall survivability. Same as Dormin, though, at some point you can't keep up with the development scale of the legendary heroes...Best TeamsAll Codes


And the other heroes? Well, right now the ones above are the ones that I see viable for the end-game content and the ones you should focus on. If you believe I have forgotten a hero or I have a hero on the list that is not good just drop a comment below.

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  1. Clearly this has Ilar & Nexideya in the Divine faction mixed up. Ilar is most DEFINITELY an S+ toon that deals huge damage. Also Tsetrum & Istra should at the very least be in the A or A+ group

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