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Glorious Dawn Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Glorious Dawn and it’s themed for the new Awakened Lightbearer hero – Awakened Belinda as we have seen it in the past Voyage of Wonders that have been started when new other Awakened heroes have been released in AFK Arena.

Glorious Dawn General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline of Glorious Dawn in my guide so you can read through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm and the storyline.

As usual with a Voyage of Wonders that is released among a new Awakened hero in AFK Arena, the realm is more about the storyline and showcasing the new hero than actually about solving a puzzle to get to the final Crystal Chest

Speaking of the final Crystal Chests, the main reward is 10x Time Emblems, as usual with realms that are about new awakened heroes, along with the usual bait, boosters coins and shards:

With more and more need for Time Emblems, this has quickly gotten a very requested reward so I think most of you will be fine with the reward of Glorious Dawn…

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ATTENTION! This Voyage of Wonders is expired, you will find the next one, Gunning for Gold here.

Glorious Dawn Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Midwinter Wonderland.

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Step 1 – the realm with start off with the introduction of the storyline and after that, speak directly to Palmer (1) right next to your position before walking out of the city to speak to the Forest Cottages (2):


Step 2 – after what happened (I told you I will try to spoil as little from the storyline as possible), you need to fight your path through the camp blocking your path and then activate the Extinguished Light Crystal (1) and then don’t forget to pick up the Golden Chest in the corner and touch the Ancient Memorial Stele to the Divine Light (2):

Step 3 – time to talk to the villagers in the Forest Cottages again (1) to proceed the storyline of Glorious Dawn before heading towards north and defeat the camp there in your way (2):

Then activate the next Extinguished Light Crystal (3) to clear the fog blocking your path and then touch the lower Ancient Memorial Steles to the Divine Light (4):

Step 4 – to touch the upper one, you need to clear the Elite Camp around the area (1) and speak to the Village Residence (2):

The storyline of Glorious Dawn continues and you need to activate the next Light Crystals (3) and then re-connect Belinda to the Light through the upper left Ancient Memorial Stele to the Divine Light (4):

Then you can activate the next Light Crystal (5) and then also clear the camp behind it to touch the next Ancient Memorial Stele (6):

Step 5 – now talk to the Forest Guard Residences and fight through the camps there (1) to gather some additional relics that you will need to be strong enough for the last battles plus talk to the Forest Guard Residences again after you cleared the camps and they will restore the broken bridge towards the northern part of Glorious Dawn for you. Then activate the Light Crystal behind the bridge (2):

A little twist of storyline happens, but there’s nothing you can do about it so still cross the fixed bridge north and walk left until you see Astar and talk to her (3) to finish the quest storyline you picked up earlier and then don#t forget to clear the Golden Chest and camp there, too (4):

Step 6- now walk right in front of the burning tiles (1) and then walk through each tile one-by-one (2) while every small quest you finished will let you cross another tile:

When you reach the final tile (3), use it and you will turn into Awakened Belinda and you can also collect the Crystal Chest – but there’s still things left to do to finally finish Glorious Dawn! There are several camps and Golden Chests around you that you need to clear/collect until you have fully finished the realm:

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