afk arena voyage of wonders glacial calamity guide afk arena voyage of wonders glacial calamity guide

Glacial Calamity Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Glacial Calamity, quite a tempting name, right? Well, as always, I have here everything you need to know from rewards to a full walkthrough.

Glacial Calamity General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline of Glacial Calamity in my guide so you can read through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm and the storyline.


Speaking of the rewards…. the Crystal Chests combined have 5000x Diamonds for you (basically the equivalent to 10x Stargazing Cards) as well as the usual other rewards like emblems, shards, cores and bait:


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Glacial Calamity Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Glacial Calamity.

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Step 1 – I’m right now fine-tuning the guide, it will be finished by the time it will be available on the live servers.

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