afk arena gunning for gold guide afk arena gunning for gold guide

Gunning for Gold Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Gunning for Gold, quite a tempting name, right? Well, as always, I have here everything you need to know from rewards to a full walkthrough.

Gunning for Gold General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline of Gunning for Gold in my guide so you can read through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm and the storyline.

The whole realm is basically about solving smaller side quests to collect Gold Coins, Strength-, Agility- and Intelligence Medals to collect all the rewards.

Speaking of the rewards…. the Crystal Chests combined have 10x Stargazing Cards for you (as expected since last Voyage of Wonders had Time Emblems) as well as the usual other rewards like emblems, shards, cores and bait:


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Gunning for Gold Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Gunning for Gold.

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Step 1 – with all the blinking stuff at the start you actually only have to start the Gunning of Gold storyline by inquire on the Lightbearer Barracks (1) and then fight the highlighted camp (2) and return to the Lightbearer Camp (1) to gain your first Gold Coin:

Then inquire at the next Lightbearer Barracks (3) and the Captain will show you the next camp to fight (4). Fight the camp and then walk back to the Barracks (3) to get your next Gold Coin:

Step 2 – now talk to the Fisherman (1) and then to the barracks right behind you that gain the blue exclamation mark. There you will get the repeating quest to beat the camp (2) and return for one Gold Coin each time:

But as you need more strength to be able to fish with the Fisherman, you need to pick up the chest there (if you haven’t already) for one additonal strength and then click the board (3) with a strength quest to get the next one. This will lead you to a new quest (the hut in the south) that requires you to pick up a chest (4) and return it (of course, with a little battle in between)

Now you gained another strength medal automatically and you can return to the Fisherman (1) to fish with him and will exchange that for five Gold Coins.

Step 3 – go now to see the Administrator (1) and pay him the Gold Coin so he will teleport you inside the fenced area and follow the steps on the tiles excatly like I have it in the image (2). Then you will get teleported out and the Administrator will give you access to the chest right next to him that you can pick up for an agility medal.

Now that all other quests will require more medals, let’s get a low-hanging fruit Golden Chest in the meantime… go to the very right board and select Special Reward and you will only have to defeat the shown camp and get the emblems from the Golden Chest after moving the hay waggon (4):

Step 4 – walk all the way to the right now and talk to Palmer (1) and pay the tuition fee of two Gold Coins so he will let you inside the area above him. You can pick up a Golden Chest there plus after stying at all three question marks, you will gain one Intelligence Coin that you will need for the other quests:

Then talk to the house with the crying sounds (3) and help the boy get his kite out of the tree for another Golden Chest and then use the strength and inteligence you to convince at the Noble Tavern (4) and beat the two camp that appears there and the Publican will give you access to the next Strength Medal and another Golden Chest.

Step 5 – go to the left now and talk to the Inn (1) and you’re able to break the Barrels now and get the next Golden Chest before going to the Shop (2) and talk to Rowan and pay the three Gold Coins there (Important! If you don’t have enough Gold Coins, go and see the Fisherman and exchange for Gold Coins quickly):

The area inside the city should now be cleared and you can walk south and share with the Curious Villager (3) so he will give you access to his Golden Chest and finally perform a Conduct Spot Check at the Centaur Village (4):

From here board their boat and view the highlighted Cannon (5) and then simply collect the Golden Chest there by selecting the tile (6). No worries, the boat seems gone but every time you have to cross a water tile you will automatically spawn into the boat:

Returning back to the Centaurs Village (4), they will also release another Agility Medal.

Step 6 – now go to the bottom right and talk to the Maulers fiorst before you can talk to Skriath (1) and he will teleport you into another quest where you have to step on the tiles in the correct order… you can see that in the image (2) below. Returning to the chief now he will release the first Crystal Chest for you to pick up:

Then also do the battle for the Taurian Chief that follows up straight when you pick up the Crystal Chest and it will release you another Intelligence Medal (3) and then you can finally talk to Hogan (4):

Then talk to the upcoming villagers and you will get the final Crystal Chest and have successfully solved Gunning for Gold:

afk arena gunning for gold walkthrough step 6-5

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