Awakened Heroes Priority in AFK Arena (Summer 2023)

Awakened heroes in AFK Arena are very expensive and time-consuming to build and most F2P players need to prioritize on only one of them – even moderate spenders consider not building more than 2, maximum 3 of them. Now that there are a couple of awakened heroes in the game, I wanted to write a priority guide to help you decide which one is the best option for you and in which order I recommend building them.

Awakened Hero Priority

So, this is not a tier list, this takes more into account where the heroes have strengths and what makes them the best option.

Awakened Solise

She should be your first hero to build (and actually for F2P the one hero to build). She has incredible flexibility and utility in the game and can fit in every single team without much support and instantly will make the team better. Unless you’re very much into PvP, she should be your first pick

Awakened Brutus

Also very much flexibility and utility although his absolute strength is more focused on PvP with his dominance and crowd control. Still, if you want he can be the first pick and you’re not doing anything wrong here and still get a great hero that will work well in pretty much all game modes.

Awakened Lyca

afk arena awakened lyca icon

Amazing for PvP but also starting to pick up more in other end-game modes like Nightmare Corridor and more. At this point, if you have built the above heroes you should be quite progressed as well so building her next is my recommendation.

Awakened Thane

Thane outshines other awakened heroes like Talene, Baden and Ezizh in Faction Tower and campaign easily and can work at higher deficits than Baden and needs less protection, so I see him in the clear 3rd spot here.

Awakened Baden

Struggles a little with the very high level deficits so not a hero that a F2P player in AFK Arena should have on top of the list. He needs more protection than Awakened Thane and is more a hero to have for Cursed Realm.

Awakened Safiya

Provides a great buff for your strongest attacker and is a strong hero but no hero that will provide that much compared to the ones above standalone or out-of-the-box.

Awakened Talene

The first awakened hero and not as strong as many through at the beginning. For most players I’d say get one copy and if there are team setups that require her (like Cursed Realm), you can use her there as well. Other than that, a pure whale hero.

Awakened Ezizh

Similar to Awakened Talene but even less important. Right now the last one to build out of the ones released so far.


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