Awakened Heroes Priority in AFK Arena (2024)

Awakened heroes in AFK Arena are very expensive and time-consuming to build and most F2P players need to prioritize on only one of them – even moderate spenders consider not building more than 2, maximum 3 of them. Now that there are a couple of awakened heroes in the game, I wanted to write a priority guide to help you decide which one is the best option for you and in which order I recommend building them.

Awakened Hero Priority

So, this is not a tier list, this takes more into account where the heroes have strengths and what makes them the best option and in what order you should build them.

PLEASE READ: Many people read my tier list and think the highest Awakened hero there should be the one to build but that is not the best way to do it! The ranking there are focused on end-game teams and modes as well so if you’re in a lower chapter and have no Awakened hero yet and you build a hero that works well there, it might take you a lot longer to even get to the point where you can utilize that hero well. That’s why I wrote this list as a general path where you have a rough order what hero will get you to the late/end-game before focusing on the heroes that will excel there.

F2P/Low Spenders/All Players

These first 5 heroes apply to all players, no matter if you’re F2P, low spender or whale:

Awakened Belinda
Awakened Belinda is simply the first Awakened hero in AFK Arena you should build. She will carry you from mid-game into the later stages and is used in some many setups in the later game modes that become more important for you to excel in. Yes, you will see her lower in the tier list but just because other Awakened heroes in AFK Arena do better in the very end-game but she is the hero that will get you there to best.

Awakened Shemira
Funny that regular Shemira carry so much in the beginning and then becomes useless and Awakened Shemira picks up there. She is amazing for PvE and also very useful for any PvP content when you go towards the later stages of the game and should be your second priority. IF you haven't built Awakened Belinda at all you might also consider starting with Awakened Shemira and it won't hurt too much as F2P.

Awakened Safiya
If you have the Awakened heroes above you're in a good spot for PvE teams and probably somewhere where you also have to start getting your Cursed Realm adn TS teams together where Awakened Safiya is a good addition and she is also a great hereo for PvP content so you will have an overall big boost on your roaster if she will be your third Awakened hero in AFK Arena.

Now you have two options that comes more down to what one you want to prioritize. At this point Nightmare Corridor has a high priority so I believe these three heroes make most sense for you now:

Awakened Athalia
She is the single best hero for Nightmare Corridor and for that reason so high in the tier list. As Nightmare Corridor is now getting very important you need her in your roaster and she is also very flexible to use in PvP modes as well which makes her my No. 4 recommendation
Awakened Lucius
Can be built to be practtically unkillable and is going to be meta in end-game modes but needs a team for that. Not a first-priority awakened hero in AFK Arena but one that you will have on your list long-term.
Awakened Lyca
Also very important for Nightmare Corridor, works great for campaign chapters along Awakened Shemira and Awakened Belinda and flexible in PvP as well. Makes as enhancement for pretty much all lineups a lot of sense and is my No. 5, but you can also build her before Awakened Athalia and it won't be a catastrophy.

A strong hero but in my opinion not strong enough to outclass any of the above heroes when we look at the natural progression of a player. Becomes more important later to fill teams and make certain setups but is not mandatory for average players before you have the above ones.
Awakened Ezizh
Was always on the bottom of awaken priority and you only need one copy of him to use him against the Hound Boss in Nightmare Corridor and that's it. Do NOT!!!!! build him, only one copy!

Higher Spenders

After those 5 heroes we come to the part where F2P or low spenders won’t be anytime soon and this is the section you shoud only consider if you’re investing quite some money into AFK Arena:

Awakened Solise
Great support hero overall and a good next hero to enhance your roaster but since Dark Nemora is not in the rotation anymore she doesn't have that much significance anymore in general where you saw her higher in the priority lists earlier in 2023 and before more Awakened heroes have been released in AFK Arena.

Awakened Baden
From here I recommend to go with Awakened Baden. He is specifically good in Cursed Realm where it gets harder and harder at the end and he will give you an edge there along the other heroes above
Not bad but also not that important and the way you can obtain and build him is different than the other Awakened Heroes in AFK Arena, so I list him here which is nor real reflection in his strength but more to visualize that his priority for normal players isn't the highest.

Maetria is kind of a luxury hero when you can build a hypo team around her but more a hero for very high-end teams. Here we are for the high spenders terrritory.


These heroes are not mandatory or very useful anymore and more for the highest spenders in AFK Arena (no specific order, just to describe their role):

Awakened Brutus
Used to be so much higher in the priorty but has fallen off heavily and is now primarily used as addition or for dimansional/invade teams in PvP, his only real role where he shines a lot.
Awakened Thane
Has also fallen off since the new heroes came in after him. His only real use case now is PvP burst teams.
Awakened Talene
Her time was over before it begun. As the first Awakened hero in AFK Arena all newer ones have been stronger and her only use now is Celestial Tower where she does a great job.
Awakened Ezizh
Was always on the bottom of awaken priority and you only need one copy of him to use him against the Hound Boss in Nightmare Corridor and that's it. If you build him even without caring for money I rather think you should donate the money...

  1. Please nobody use this list. Just terrible. Alyca and Asafiya are considered top 4 heroes in the game almost unanimously. Also missing a bunch of Awakened heroes.

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