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mario kart tour do better in ranked cup mario kart tour do better in ranked cup

Get More Points In Ranked Cup (Guaranteed)

Ranked Cup is not only a great way to compare your driving skills with other drivers around the globe, it’s also the most-efficient way to earn Rubies consistently. I know that some of you have problems with the Ranked Cup but as a player that reached Tier 40 as F2P I can give you my tips that will help you to almost always get into Top 3 of the Ranked Cups in Mario Kart Tour.

I have here three sections that I think are mandatory to understand if you want to get better in Ranked Cup – the first is how the Ranked Cup System works (and believe me there’s a lot to get out of this), then how to select and skill up your drivers right (without wasting any tickets) and also some advice how to perform well on the track.

Sounds much now but it will give you the full picture that will help you get to Tier 30+ or Tier 40+ as fast as possible.

How Ranked Cup Works

Each Ranked Cup lasts one week and we have two Ranked Cups within each tour in Mario Kart Tour (not starting from the basics here).

So, you will need to perform well every week to get into the highest ranks to get promoted into a higher Tier but also to get that sweet rewards that will be up to 35 Rubies.

Never Log In Early

Each ranked cup gets reset on Wednesday (look at the time in your timezone, for me in Central Europe it’s 7 AM).

It’s important that you DON’T log in to Mario Kart Tour at that time or shortly after. The reason is the game will pair you with people in the same Tier and it tends to pair you with people that play actively.

By logging in right after the new Ranked Cup starts, you will do nothing else than signing in with the players that tend to be the more active ones (and those are very likely the better ones).

Wait a few hours (I know, it’s hard) and you will get more casual players of the same tier and also more inactive players that maybe don’t even do all their Ranked Cup races.

Predict Next Ranked Cup

There’s also a pattern of how the Ranked Cups work and in the second week of every tour, another cup will become the Ranked Cup in Mario Kart Tour.

Right now, it’s always the one after the next cup that has been the Ranked Cup and this is information that you can use to:

  • look in the shop if there are driver/karts/glider that you can buy to maybe skill up
  • already get to know the tracks and get a solid score there
  • keep that in mind with skilling up your drivers, karts and glider of the current Ranked Cup

This example here we have Baby Rosalina Cup as the Ranked Cup in Week #1 of the Baby Rosalina Tour and Waluigi Cup will be the Ranked CUp for Week #2 – but this also gets announced in the news section 4 days before the next Ranked Cup starts.

Play It Slow

When a new tour starts, I never try to get a high score in the first Ranked Cup, simply because I don#t want to motivate my opponents to push hard. I normally start to grind better scores 2-3 days before the Ranked Cup ends simply to see where I’m standing and to give the top players less time to grind a better time when they see I’ve beaten them.

Best Drivers, Karts & Glider For Ranked Cups

I know that this now sounds obvious but there’s a LOT about selecting the perfect setup here and also which driver, kart or glider you want to skill up.

Skill Level > Rarity

I know many players tend to simply use the purple drivers in favor of other drivers, same for karts and glider.

If you look at this example here, you can see that using Baby Luigi makes a lot more sense for the reason that my chances for Frenzy Mode are slower but I will get additional bonus points for every bonus action – they will add up a lot more and if I do enough races, I can also get into Frenzy Mode two or three times with the driver of lower rarity.

This is also for karts and glider – the higher skill level is always better!

Use Skill Tickets

It always makes sense to skill up if you need a boost in Ranked Cups, but do it smart! Skill Up Tickets are really valuable (even the silver ones), so get them in the shop whenever you can and only use them if you need a boost.

Skilling up your driver has the biggest effect because your chances for Frenzy Mode rises and you get more bonus points multiplier (to not make it too complicated here, it means you will get more additional points for collecting Coins, hitting opponents and so on).

If you’re in top position save them up at any cost!

Also, do it smartly and have a look at the upcoming Ranked Cup (see above). This means you could identify if there’s a driver, kart or driver that you will use in the next week so you give that one a priority for skilling up!

More Point In Ranked Cup Races

Here are my best tips (except building a combo and winning the race, obviously) 🙂

Compare With Opponents

If you do select your opponents in the ranking, you can see what their score was in the races and what equipment they used.

This is valuable information to see what tracks get the most points. Those are the tracks that you want to get a great score in.

You can get this overview by simply tapping the name of your opponent in the ranking.

Let’s take this example here… If I try so hard to get better in London Loop 2, it may be like 1k points that I can get better. If I do have 13k points in Dino Dino Jungle, that#s the track I need to catch up.

Always see where the big gap is or what score you can expect to get in the different tracks and do prioritize them according to this list.

In this case, race Dino Dino Jungle first, then Kalimari Desert and London Loop last.

Item Tickets

Every track has a section where it’s impossible to hold your combo up and this is the section where you need to use your Item Ticket. If you’re in the lead, you normally get 1-2 Coins that will instantly keep your combo up or you have a nice shot for a Frenzy Mode that will grant you a lot of points.

Save up your Item Tickets and don’t use them in any other cup or waste them simply because you’re not winning but don’t have enough points to attempt a new high score.

Crash Start

If you#re in a lead position at the start you want to start the race off with a crash start (press down for a perfect start before the “2” of the countdown appears).


If you’re in a leading position you will get hit almost guaranteed right after the first item box and that will break your combo.

Also, if you’re in the last position here you will get stronger items from the first item box and when you get something strong like a Red Shell Frenzy now you will get a ton of hits and additional points.

Never Give Up!!!

I can’t stress this enough, you need to do a lot of runs to get a great score. I have been running 14k-15k best this week in Dino Dino Jungle and I think it took me like 40-50 runs to catch the Frenzy Mode right three times to get this 19k score. Simply continue, find the great line to do and then play.

The positive is you will gain Player EXP on the way but i can tell you that you will get that great score sooner or later and those opponents that got such a great score do it like that. Ranked Cup can be a grind and you need to accept that, so never give up and push it over and over 🙂

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