How To Do Well In Multiplayer (And Get Grade S+5 Fast)

With the new multiplayer mode we have finally the chance to race against human players all around the world. So, no matter if you’re into racing against other players or you just want to complete the new multiplayer challenges for the extra rubies in Mario Kart Tour, I have here a guide that will help you to perform well in multiplayer (away from the obvious tips).

Equipment Selection For Multiplayer

Selecting driver in normal cup races in Mario Kart Tour is always about getting a high score and combo count – in multiplayer, however, the score you get in the end doesn’t matter at all so you also need to make some adaption when it comes to selecting your drivers, karts and glider.

Best Driver For Multiplayer

In normal cup races, you want to get Tier 3 driver that will get you into Frenzy Mode and has the highest Level. When it comes to multiplayer you want to still use a driver that will get you into Frenzy Mode but the featured item of the driver is more important than the level!

Let’s look at this example where I will pick Bowser Jr. over Mario/Luigi because Bowser Shell is a lot more powerful and can take out multiple opponents and also travel around corners – this is a lot more useful than what Mario or Luigi have.

If I wouldn’t have them let’s take a look at Tier 2 where I would have a tough choice (if I just wouldn’t have Mario/Luigi/Bowser Jr.). Gold Koopa would be a tough spot because the extra Gold won’t help me much and Peachette’s Mushroom Cannon can also benefit my opponents. I think Peach would be the better choice for defending against incoming shells here.

As you see, you always want to check how useful the special item is over anything else when comparing drivers of the same tier in multiplayer.

Best Karts For Multiplayer

Forget about tiers here and select the kart that will offer you either Mini-Turbo Plus or Jump-Boost Plus so you will get more speed from doing them. Improves Slipstream can be nice but you actually don’t do them enough to get as much out of it.

Prefer a lower row kart with the Mini-Turbo Plus over a High-End kart in the upper row that has something like Dash Panel Plus.

Best Glider For Multiplayer

Also here, ignore the row the glider is in, simply go after the glider that offers the best benefits, like Red Shell Plus or Banana Plus (to defend). This will give you a lot more advantage than simply taking the glider that will give you the most combo points (because combo points don’t matter at all in multiplayer).

Winning Multiplayer Races

So, first of all, multiplayer races are a lot harder to win because human players are simply better than the bots in the cup races and when they have the option to hit you, they will do.

Here are some general strategy tips for racing multiplayer races as well as some specific tips that you can exploit.

Drive Defensive

Don’t try to get through the whole race in 1st place – the chances that you will get by Blue Shells or Red Shells is too high and you’ll never hold that position for a long time.

Drive patiently in the Top 5 positions and let them use their items and attack in the second half of the second lap.

Hold Items

I know it’s tempting to directly hit the opponent in front of you or spread your Bananas, but this will leave you unprotected or get one more player behind you that will hit you from behind.

You really want to hold your items and only use them if you can get a good hit (Red Shells etc.) or keep defensive items like Bananas at any cost to defend. Never shoot a Green Shell or drop a Banana!

Also, don’t waste your strong items like Lightning early in the game – the only situation that you want to use this is when you’re in the second lap and you can eliminate a lot of players with it and can take the race home. Rather race and keep it and wait before wasting this incredibly strong item!

Settings – Manual Drift & No Auto-Item Usage

Normally you have those settings activated but in multiplayer they will limit you a lot.

Especially the setting that will make you use your items when getting a new Item Box is really dangerous as you want to keep your good defensive items and don’t want to simply dump them in favor of getting a random new one. A Banana is here a lot more valuable than a mushroom because it will protect you from a Red Shell, as I mentioned above.

Bonus Tip – Exploit Auto-Item

A lot of opponents will have the auto-item setting active in multiplayer so you can simply exploit that by using your Red Shell when they just collect a new Item Box – this will leave them unprotected for a few seconds and you have a secure hit without wasting it on their defensive item like Banana or Green Shell 🙂

  1. hello

    Some more tips:
    -Wait to use Mushrooms until you approach a shortcut/inner curve that slows you down or get hit for instant acceleration.
    -Always cling to the shorter side of the track and keep crossing over when it turns the other way.
    -Always charge Mini-Turbo Boosts. This won’t go too well for you without gyro handling to counter them.
    -Actually go for high-end karts over lower karts (as long as you have some for Mini-Turbo Boosts and Jump Boosts) because they’ll increase boost time greatly rather than normally or furthermore. Also, pick between Mini-Turbo Boosts and Jump Boosts based on the course (the latter is good for T tracks in particular).

    I wouldn’t use Bowser’s Shell over the Fire Flower because Bowser’s Shell leaves you unprotected when you’re at the front and it can miss opponents when you throw it. Fireballs can initially protect you from all sides, and there’s like three of them that would fairly go around corners (and an extra one with Fire Flower+).

    I learnt that Donkey Kong at Level 5 (or anyone with a Giant Banana+) is devastating as hell, especially during frenzies. (That’s like up to 5 hits per unit, and they probably don’t expire so easily.) Just generally don’t pick an offensive special ability that only goes in front of you. I can be in first place for most of the race and when I do crash, they’re usually so far behind they can barely catch up, so as long as you’re good don’t worry about that too much.

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