afk arena voyage of wonders frozen lava guide afk arena voyage of wonders frozen lava guide

Frozen Lava Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Frozen Lava and hopefully you’re back in the mood for a new one after the past Slow Night of Wonder and the High Summer Adventure. But, and I have to admit that, this one is actually one that has a great balance between challenging and including cool elements.

Frozen Lava General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline of Frozen Lava in my guide so you can real through everything, including the walkthrough, without giving away the chance to experience the full realm.

Frozen Lava is basically about being able to walk either on ice tiles or on the lava tiles and there are ways to turn the tiles from ice to lava and vice versa to make yourself a path through the realm

The whole realm is pretty straightforward without much to pay attention to left and right until you will go to the final part where you can pick up the Crystal Chest.

Speaking of the final Crystal Chest… the main reward will be 3000x Diamonds and 10x Faction Scrolls and you will find also the usual emblems, boosters, coins and shards in the Golden Chests along the way

I think the rewards are quite decent minding that Forzen Lava is neither a super challenging or a very complex Voyage of Wonders realm…

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Please mind, this Voyage of Wonders expired! See the guide for the upcoming Voyage of Wonders (Babbling Brook) here.

Frozen Lava Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for the Frozen Lava realm.

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Step 1 – at the entry area you have to follow the path until you step on the fire element tile that will change your ice protection (blue bubble around you) into fire protection (red buggle). This now means you can only walk on the lava tiles and not the ice tiles anymore (1). Go to the left and collect the Golden Chest there before using the Elemental Blasthole (2) to change some ice tiles into lava tiles. Then follow the path and use the next Blazhole and collect all the chests on your path:

afk arena frozen lava guide step 1

Step 2 – now continue following the path with the Blastholes until you reach the very end section (1) and change the elemental protection to ice. Use the railroad switch to move the Elemental Blasthole on the tracks to the very left side (2) and use it after you have cleared the camp there. Then you can collect the Golden Chest there and use the fire protection (3) again:

afk arena frozen lava guide step 2

Step 3 – follow the lava path to the top section and get ice protection again (1) so you can clear the chests there and then use the Blasthole on the tracks without moving it at all on the very left side (2). Now you can move it right and enter the left section and pick up the first Crystal Chest of the Frozen Lava Realm (3) that will reward you with the 10x Faction Scrolls:

afk arena frozen lava guide step 3

Step 4 – follow the map to the left until you find an elemental tile that has no signature on it (1) and when you reach it and try to step on it, you will actually see the storyline of Frozen Lava continue.

Now use the right railroad switch and move the ice elemental to the top position before using the Blasthole (2). Go around the ring and collect the chests there until you get to the next Blasthole (3) that you need to use as well:

afk arena frozen lava guide step 4

Step 5 – move the fire elemental tile now to the very bottom position on the railroad (1) and then use it to switch back to fire protection. Walk out on to the top and around and use the Fire Blasthole (2) to turn the tiles that block the entrance back to lava tiles. Now you can clear the Golden Chests there before you finally reach the second Crystal Chest of the Frozen Lava realm

afk arena frozen lava guide step 5

And you have successfully finished Frozen Lava, unless you have forgotten any Golden Chest. But no worries, in this case you can go back through the gate and collect the ones you missed.

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