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Farming Free Gems In Empires & Puzzles

Gems are extremely important in Empires & Puzzles to get things that you can’t get inside the game for free – although you can get Gems with real money, there are several ways to farm free Gems inside the game. And that’s what this guide here is all about – showing you how to effectively get them.

You’re able to get 500-600 free Gems every month easily plus several sweet extra Gems 🙂 I also will show you the best ways to invest those gems in Empires & Puzzles 🙂

Farming Gems – How To Do It

So, let’s have a look at the best ways to farm the gems available.

Wanted Missions

Every day you will see chests appear on the left side of your screen when you’re in your stronghold – those are wanted missions that requre you to kill a certain amount of enemy heroes or monsters.

Do them every day and as much as possible!

I’ve written a guide here about the best levels to farm the elemental chests and also one that shows the best levels to farm the daily regular monsters.

Gem Quests

At some point you will start to see the quests that will reward you with gems – they appear like once every week.

collect gems quest in empires & puzzles

There are two different versions – one is the “Collect Gems I” and the other is the “Collect Gems II”.

Both of them have dark and nature monsters with a fire boss, so if your team is close or below the required team strength of 2600, you need to adjust your team with heroes that counter these elements well.

It’s a lot of gems in there if you do them frequently!


Titans are a great source of farming free Gems – not only will you get 3-10 Gems when defeating a single Titan (depends on the Titan’s rarity), you will also get some nice amount of Gems in the Titan Chest that you normally have back to back available (again 2-10 Gems).

free gems from titan

If you add up that you have daily titans approaching and a alliance that is active enough to defeat them all the time, this is one of the most-reliable income sources of gems for you.

Level Up!

You should also constantly use any additional energy you have to farm XP to get a higher level. Many people forget about it because it appears that this is nothing you can actually “farm”.

gems for rank upI personally believe if you add daily XP farming to your routine, you will be able to also gain some nice extra Gems that you can use.

Each new rank will give you 50 Gems and every 50 levels there’s also some nice perks. Level 150 gives you 500 Gems and Level 200 gives you a whopping 800 Gems.

These levels now might sound far out of reach for you, but in the long run they won’t!

I’ve already written in my guide about the best levels to farm that these levels here will give you the most XP per Energy you spend:

  • 23-10 (405 XP per Energy)
  • 20-4 (375 XP per Energy)
  • 17-1 (366 XP per Energy)
  • 12-9 (347 XP per Energy)
  • 9-1 (286 XP per Energy)
  • 7-4 (212 XP per Energy)

Simply do them when you see you have some extra energy 🙂

Mythic Vision

mythic vision free gemI know it’s obvious but in terms of making this list here complete I also want to list the Mythic Vision – that’s nothing else than a daily video ad you can watch to get a free Gem for it.

What else can I say, just do it 🙂

It’s just 30 seconds of doing nothing so the reward is okay for that, I guess.

Spending Gems In Empires & Puzzles The Right Way

Now let’s talk about the smartes way to use your Gems to get the biggest bang for your buck.

In my opinion, this depends on which stage you’re in the game.

If you’re a new player and you haven’t gotten a good team with 3-Star+ heroes, you should spend it on the 300 Gem hero summons to get such a team together. You don’t have access to 4-Star heroes yet so this is the only way to get it and you don’t want to waste your recruits for leveling up a 2-Star hero!

You also might want to use either Atlantis summon or Hero of the Month summons for that nice extra chance to get a hero of higher rarity.

Once you have a solid team, it’s time to switch that and start using the epic troop summon, the only way to get 3-Star+ troops in the game. That’s the only option and the earlier you start getting your 3-Star and 4-Star troops, the better for your progress. It’s really hard to level up troops and you will benefit for the rest of your life from the higher rerity troops.

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