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empires & puzzles talent grid empires & puzzles talent grid

Empires & Puzzles Talent Grid – How To Choose The Best Talents

In the beginning of 2019, Empires & Puzzles introduced the talent grid where you can fine tune and further extend your heroes skills and talents and shape your heroes more towards how you use them within your team setup.

The talent system has several pitfalls and mistakes can get expensive when you waste any talent points on the wrong things – that’s why I decided to write this guide that should help you picking the right things in the talent grid.

How The Talent Grid Works In Empires & Puzzles

Once you fully ascended and maxed out a hero, you will get access to the talent grid where you can add additional talents to that hero.

There are 8 different hero classes that have different talent grids – you see the class of your hero below his name on his card.

To unlock any talents you will need class emplems – that’s the blue items you occasianlly see drop in Empires & Puzzles.

Talent Grid Path

empires puzzles talent gridIn each talent grid you have multiple choices that you will need to make – 7 times to be precise. That’s when you see a left and a right node and when you choose one of the sides you will need to go further down that node until you get a centered talent again.

You can see that on the image – I selected the attack/health side here so I can’t tale the left side with defense/attack.

This will give you some tough choices, but they get even tougher.

If you want to fully unlock the whole talent grid of one hero, you will need:

  • 3-Star Hero: 233 Class Emblems
  • 4-Star Hero: 550 Class Emblems
  • 5-Star Hero: 1500 Class Emblems

Looking at the drop ratio this takes months to get for one single hero, so make your choices wisely.

I also have some important tips below that should help you with that.

Talent Grid Reset

If you did make some terrible choices and want to reset the talent grid, you can do that – but either you have a reset emblem that is extremely rare to get or you pay Gems to reset it. If you use the Gems, you will lose 5% of the emblems used. So let’s say you just did spend 100 class emblems on that hero talent grid and use the gems to reset it, you only will get 95 class emblems back.

5 might now sound not like much, but if you have fully upgraded a 5-Star hero that’s already 75 class emblems lost!

So let’s have a look at the best ways to decide which node you will take.

Best Talent Grid Choices For Each Class & Hero

When we look at all the different cases for all classes, most nodes will leave you with the same choices over and over again.

Often times it’s choosing between defense and health or between attack and defense.

So here are some basic things you should know before you make that decision in your talent grid.

No Single Rule For All Of The Same Class

Every hero is individual, even for you. I can’t simply say that every fighter should get health or defense in general. I even can’t say that about an individual hero because teams are so different.

Let’s say we take Boltusk as an example here in the fighter class – some will constantly just buff his attack nodes because they use him to shredd green heroes, that’s right. Others use him as a defensive tank in wars beause he has quite balanced hitpoint/defense ratio, so going defense here is also right.

The point is, always look how you use this hero and in which setup you run that hero to see what talent will give the most benefit to that hero in YOUR case.

General Talents

Don’t try to turn a duck into a fish. What I mean here is… you can use the talents to compensate weaker stats but you won’t make a totally different hero out of your hero with it.

If you take a supportive hero like Melendor that is great in healing and buffing but simply will not stand much damage when directly charged – you can’t make a survivable hero out of him by buffing his defense and hitpoints. He might last a little longer but he will never become a tank. So rather buff his strength and that’s his healing.

This is just one general example of how you should look at your heroes and don’t try to overcompensate any weaker stats but rather focus on the strength.

In case of Melendor this also means to not just go for extra heal and extra buff – if he goes down very fast you won’t be able to benefit from it – just think about all the talents in the talent grid with common sense 🙂

Defense VS Health

There’s a big discussion about defense or health – what is better… many nodes will leave you with basically that choice.

Let’s break it down…

+1 defense is a bit better than +2 hp

This is a general rule that you should always keep in mind and always look at the raw numbers when you decide using the left or the right lane of a node.

The above numbers are only from the current damage calculation and there are skills that ignore armor and healing is applied to hitpoints, so there’s no final yes or no answer.

Looka t your heroes stats and if one is dramatically lower than the other, buff that if you have the direct choice between health and defense.

Attack VS Defense

If your hero is used supportive like healer or caster, you always want to buff defense first to make him survive longer instead of dealing a little more damage. I don’t think I can find any exceptions here.


I think we will see a lot of interesting hero builds in the future and I will update this guide here probably soon to get the latest input from the community into this as well as the meta that evolves out of the talent grid.

If you have any additional things you want to ask or say, please leave a comment below 🙂

  1. I have a three star hero, Azar and I have 265 barbarian class emblems which from what I think you are saying should be enough to get her through the full talent grid. However I can only go through 20 nodes no matter how many times I reset. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I would hope to be able o ascend her again.


  2. So are you saying strengthening the weaker part of the hero ? Example Ursena , if her health is low but her defense and strike power is high then strengthen her health??? Is this what you are saying? Thankyou.

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