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empires & puzzles building guide empires & puzzles building guide

Building Guide For Empires & Puzzles

If you want to build a strong hero roaster in Empires & Puzzles you will need a strong stronghold – otherwise you won’t make it far.

I know many people struggle with using the right strategy building their stronghold so I wanted to write this guide that will point you out the best way how you should max it out so you can progress as fast as possible.

Building A Maxed Stronghold Fast In Empires & Puzzles

So, building time is fixed, amount of buildings is fixed and there’s only limited choices that you can make when upgrading buildings, right? So why do we need a guide here?

Let’s have a look at two examples of players that upgrad the wrong way…

Player 1 just rushes the stronghold and builds minimum required storages to do that – at some point, he will need so much resources to upgrade his stronghold any further that it takes him weeks to get them… he’s now forced to roll back and upgrade other things and in the meantime not able to get the recruits to ascend his heroes.

Player 2 always max out anything before going to a higher stronghold level – this will not get him stuck but at the point when he can finally get 3-Star heroes he already spend a lot more time than needed so his progress is a lot slower.

So, when both players use the wrong building technique, which one is right?

The middle way between both of them.

My guide here is for all the players and focus on progressing fast without getting stuck 🙂

empires puzlles building guide max base

Stronghold Level & Farms/Mines

Always try to keep the farm levels and your stronghold level even or max 2 level lower than the Stronghold – the earning from farms are exponentially and this will make sure that you always get enough resources from them to make the upgrades needed.

Also, each day your farm or mine is at a higher level will give you more resources so don’t waste any time here.

Also don’t forget the storages so you don’t exceed them and stop producing – especially food storage is important for leveling up and ascending at some point.

If you keep them at a similar level you’re doing fine here 🙂

Training Camps

Get all Training Camps to Level 4 as fast as possible!

This is the best way to get recruit to level up your heroes (I’ve written about it here).

Then use one of them and upgrade it along with your Stronghold so you can train occasional 3-Star heroes – this will help because you very likely haven’t got all 3-Star heroes in your team.

You should still only do that training in one Training Camp while the other should run the extra low cost training for recruits that you can use to level up the 3-Star heroes you’ve got.


Get to housing space for like 100 recruits as fast as you can and from there on this is only optional – especially in the beginning you will stockpile a lot of low star heroes until you get a 3-Star+ hero that is worth leveling up.


Not that crazy important in the beginning because you will need the resources – upgrade them so you can make Arrows and Minor HP Potions and then you can put them at rest until you reach Stronghold 13+


I like to recommend upgrading this along with the mines and stronghold if you have the resources – the extra income is coming in handy at many occasion.

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