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empires & puzzles alliance war guide empires & puzzles alliance war guide

Empires & Puzzles Alliance War Strategies To Win

Alliance Wars are a lot of fun, probably the most fun because it’s a constant evolving team effort that  requires you and your alliance to adapt and work together (other than plain farming items and resources in levels that you already played).

So, I wanted to write a guide to give you some support to win alliance wars without losing myself into details – I wanted to make this as general as possible while being as specific as needed. Also, I wanted to write this guide in the order how an alliance war works from the beginning to the last minutes.

Let’s go.

empires & puzzles alliance wars

Perfect Defense Team For Alliance War

The first thing about doing an alliance war is of course setting up your defense, so let’s have a closer look at the strategy here.

Especially when it comes to your defensive team, there are some things that you should keep in mind.


You normally want to mix the elements of your defensive team – I know that doubling a single element is one strategy that some alliances use but that’s more advanced tactic to counter anti-tactics.

In general and for most alliances you shouldn’t do that, simply because you will give your opponent an advantage to exploit your selected colors and counter it effectively.


Mix your team with to have buff and debuff as well as healing and damage.

There has been some strategies out there that use 4-5 healers only and hope that the  arrow barrage will chip down the enemy team. This strategy is not working in most cases so don’t use it and rather use a balanced team.


Your defensive team is controlled by the AI, not you. This will remove many tactical things that you can do and the attacker always has the advantage to counter it.

Your heroes will always use their specials from left to right, so mind that when choosing their position. You don’t want to put a damage dealer on the left and have a hero with a strong debuff on the right side, just to name one example.

war preparation in alliance wars

Battle Day Strategy

On battle day you have 24 hours to perform best you can, but here are some things that you should mind – reviving times and flags (energy) are the biggest strategic impacts you can use.

Team Revival

It’s not possible to defeat the same team 3x within one Alliance War, simply because the reviving counter always will go up by 2 hours – that’s 6 hours + 8 hours + 10 hours. That’s 24 hours in total and exactly the time you have for battle day.

The problem? Your fights will also last and then make it exceed the battle day.


You will get 3 Flags (Energy) to attack when the Battle Day starts and then 12 hours later another 3 Flags.

That’s a total of 6 attacks you can perform and you should use all of them – but you need to be online twice during Battle Day.

The Perfect Battle Day In Alliance War

Along with the revival timer this means your Battle Day should have this structure:

  • Battle Day Start: Scout and take down as many opponents as you can. Do that as fast as possible to make full use of the revival counter
  • 6 Hours After Start: You will now wait until the enemy team revives and you should hold your attacks until that revival took place.
  • Attack again and take out every target that revived – again, as fast as possible
  • 7-12 Hours After Start: Another round of waiting for revival, this time it takes 8 hours. If any of your alliance members have flags left they can use them if there are targets left, but if you do it right you should have the whole enemy alliance reviving at this point
  • Last 12 hours: Your whole alliance now has fresh flags and go forward taking out targets. Have a look at the revival times for teams that you have not defeated 2 times, yet! Those are the teams that can revive in the last hours and should be your primary target now, the weaker alliance members can start cleaning up.
  • Last 2 hours: Take out any team that hasn’t revived twice when the second half of the Battle Day started, they will now revive and you can clean them up again.

Identify Targets

When choosing what teams you want to attack the ones with weaknesses first. Typically you will find these weaknesses in most alliance wars:

  • Low Troops
  • Strong in one color (you can easily counter that if you have the right heroes)
  • Many healers or buffer/debuffer (you can exploit them with the right team)

Your Attack Team

This is a really interesting part and it requires you to carefully choose.

Alliance Wars are not like raids, you play together as a team. Normally you won’t be able to take out one team in a single attack, unless there are huge weaknesses in that team or you’re far superior – the battle aid will tick a lot faster and shredd you.

You rather want to focus on doing an attack that one of your alliance members can use to finish:

  • Take out the tank and flanks
  • Take out the tank & healer
  • Take out a strong debuffer or buffer along with the tank

Board Strategy

You can’t influence the board you get and see dry boards often enough that will not give you that crazy much options to deal the damage you want to deal.

The above-mentioned strategy will make sure that you can get your goal and every additional sweet things that happen with the board are the bonus.

Quit At The Right Moment

Don’t waste your heroes and quit the attack to save your heroes for later attacks if you won’t make it. Also, make sure that you quit when the battle aid bar is almost filled, the next attacker can start over again as the bars don’t save their position.

Team Setup

Here are some general things that you should always mind when setting up your attack team:

  1. Take a healer! If the attacker has heroes with fast and high damage output you even might want to take a second healer
  2. Only use slow attackers when the attacker has slow heroes. You can add slow heroes to fill in by doubling a color to add color damage for a certain color
  3. Only use AoE if you can combine that hero well, otherwise he won’t make a critical impact and just weakens your output


Alliance Wars are interactive and also depend heavily how you work together as a team, so that’s the most important thing. Talk to your other alliance members and also ask, this will help develop the best strategy rather than just hitting what will give you a good performance – the team performance will decide if your alliance win or lose the Alliance War 🙂

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