Eternal Evolution – Best Heroes Tier List (June 2023) with Barrog

eternal evolution best heroes tier list june 2023 with barrog

There are quite some options of heroes to choose from in Eternal Evolution, right? Well, not just that, you will also have to invest a lot of time, effort and resources in building them and it would be such a shame to do that for a hero that is not useful later in the game.

For that reason I wanted to write this tier list to give you not just a brief overview or list, I wanted to give you insights why heroes are ranked good and why others are not so you can pick your next heroes well without wasting any effort in the long run.

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Best Heroes Tier List in Eternal Evolution

Alright, let’s just jump right into the tier list without wasting any more time…


  • DanielS
    Daniel is probably to most versatile hero in the game right now and literally great in all game modes and situations so building him is a massive benefit to have in your roaster.Rarity: SSSClass: SummonCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: SMines: STwilight: SBest Daniel Build
  • MasraniS
    Provides a ton of healing and damage reduction and one of the strongest support characters in Eternal Evolution.Rarity: SSSClass: SupportCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: SMines: STwilight: SBest Masrani Build
  • DominicS
    Out-of-this-world assassin and single-target damage dealer with some cc abilities. Hard to deal with and super effective and not that glass cannon. One of the best single-target damage dealers in Eternal Evolution right now.Class: AssassinCampaign: SPvP: S+Bosses: AMines: STwilight: SBest Dominic Build
  • LeoS
    Leo is an absolute powerhouse because you are able to build him extremely tanky with high HP and this will in turn increase the amount of damage that he deals. The closer he gets towards deatht he more damage he deals and he's really tanky, this is the point where he becomes a huge problem for the enemy to deal with.Rarity: SSSClass: VanguardCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: AMines: STwilight: SBest Leo Build
  • NordthionS
    Can deal incredible area damage and as he is not ranged you can swap him into the frontline, see him generate a ton of energy and spam his area damage. Unless you really need ranged or single-target damage, he's your man.Rarity: SSSClass: EnergyCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: AMines: STwilight: SBest Nordthion Build
  • Bailey HudsonA+
    Massive damage dealer and executioner and overall a kit that works really well.Rarity: SSSClass: AssassinCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: AMines: STwilight: A+Best Bailey Hudson Build
  • SerenaA+
    Serena is the best single-target healer in Eternal Evolution, hands down. She provides buffs for the whole team but where she really shines is keeping certain heroes in your team alive that really need heals and runs really well in setups with two healers as well and is the healer that will keep your tank up. If she would provide more than simple healing (like rebuffing or some control), she would be so overpowered but just the healing is already so viable and elemental for many scenarios that she is absolutely top tier and also not too hard to build as you get several copies of her from events etc. The most important hero to have on your wishlist early.Rarity: EpicClass: SupportCampaign: SPvP: A+Bosses: A+Mines: STwilight: A+Best Serena Build
  • AnpuA+
    Rarity: SSSClass: SummonCampaign: SPvP: A+Bosses: AMines: STwilight: SBest Anpu Build
  • CreteA+
    Has stacking defense and can use crowd control and target enemy backline heroes which makes him one of the most versatile characters in Eternal Evolution.Rarity: SSSClass: VanguardCampaign: SPvP: SBosses: B+Mines: STwilight: A+Best Crete Build
  • BarrogA+
    Amazing damage dealer with cahrge and control that will work well if you have a full set of opponents in front of you and incredibly strong in PvPRarity: SSSClass: VanguardCampaign: A+PvP: S+Bosses: B+Mines: A+Twilight: ABest Barrog Build
  • LukeA+
    Used to be one of, if not the best, area damage dealer in Eternal Evolution and can reduce DEF of enemies which helps your whole team. With newer heroes released he falls off a bit compared to them, but looking at him individually he deserves to be quite high on the list.Rarity: SSSClass: EnergyCampaign: SPvP: ABosses: BMines: STwilight: SBest Luke Build
  • ZaidaA+
    Rarity: SSSClass: TankCampaign: A+PvP: A+Bosses: B+Mines: STwilight: A+Best Zaida Build
  • TaylorA+
    Taylor has one of the highest attack in Eternal Evolution and deals a load of damage overall. His crit is exceptional and he will be very useful against bosses. Also, his skill cooldown is quite low and he generates energy really fast and can avoid enemy attacks with his jump ability. Has a hard time against assassins, especially Bailey, in PvP, though. Also the fact that you can get his shards in Elite Chapters and get copies from the stores makes it really easy to build him.Rarity: EpicClass: HunterCampaign: A+PvP: B+Bosses: A+Mines: STwilight: A+Best Taylor Build
  • RavennaA+
    Great damage output and although her area damage is more limited with her fan-shaped area, it has a great output of damage that make her versatile. The further you build her, the more she spams her crits.Rarity: SSSClass: EnergyCampaign: A+PvP: ABosses: AMines: A+Twilight: SBest Ravenna Build
  • MirandaA+
    Great support that can not only heal well but also scales up damage, espcially when built and combined with hunters. I adjusted the rankings a little bit now that I was able to test her more.Rarity: SSSClass: SupportCampaign: A+PvP: B+Bosses: A+Mines: A+Twilight: SBest Miranda Build
  • EmmaA+
    Many multi-hit attacks and amazing damage multipliers make her a great damage dealer overall and with that burst solving a lot of problems for your team against bosses. Compared to Taylor the invest is higher and you need to evolver quite a bit to be good, though.Rarity: SSSClass: HunterCampaign: A+PvP: ABosses: AMines: A+Twilight: A+Best Emma Build
  • Skooer & HattyA
    Rarity: SSSClass: SummonCampaign: APvP: ABosses: A+Mines: A+Twilight: ABest Skooer & Hatty Build
  • PandemoniumA
    A very interesting concept of a tank that is designed to bring tanks back into meta, espcially useful to work against displacement and interrupt other meta heroes. Deals decent damage if you dare to invest (I did not regret that) and the more I was testing and playing him, the more I adjusted the rankings here as I think is very strong and for sure the best tank class hero in Eternal Evolution right now.Rarity: SSSClass: TankCampaign: APvP: SBosses: BMines: ATwilight: A+Best Pandemonium Build
  • AniruddhaA
    Great area damage dealer and fits well in most team setups where you need to deal with loads of mobsRarity: SSSClass: SupportCampaign: SPvP: ABosses: CMines: STwilight: ABest Aniruddha Build
  • WomigonA
    Amazing tank that scales on percentage damage and also has great interception abilities that make him really versatile and a great investmentRarity: SSSClass: TankCampaign: A+PvP: SBosses: BMines: ATwilight: 8Best Womigon Build
  • RezA
    Provides additional energy to other heroes in your team and the additional speed also helps a lotRarity: SSSClass: SupportCampaign: A+PvP: B+Bosses: AMines: ATwilight: A+Best Rez Build
  • Na FengA
    Rarity: EpicClass: VanguardCampaign: A+PvP: ABosses: BMines: A+Twilight: ABest Na Feng Build
  • VegnusA
    Similar to Pandemonium through dealing percentage HP damage and having some control, but has slightly different limits as he's not a SSS rarity hero. Solid and a good tank that is quite easy to build compared to Pandemonium and if you take out PvP use-case of the equation he's a solid invest.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: A+Twilight: A+Best Vegnus Build
  • PrigorA
    nice area damage that comes in handyRarity: SSSClass: HunterCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: A+Twilight: A+Best Prigor Build
  • BottaA
    Building him after Serena for multi-team setups where you need a healer should be your take on him.Rarity: SSSClass: SupportCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: A+Best Botta Build
  • RickertA
    Rarity: SSSClass: AssassinCampaign: BPvP: A+Bosses: B+Mines: A+Twilight: ABest Rickert Build
  • MoriamiA
    Does deal great damage through her Lethal Connection and Seeds.Rarity: SSSClass: HunterCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: A+Best Moriami Build
  • Guan YuA
    great armor and also deals noticable damage, but sometimes a little lackluster in either tanking or dealing damageRarity: SSSClass: VanguardCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: AMines: ATwilight: B+Best Guan Yu Build
  • NadilusB+
    brutal crits that give the opponents a lot of problemsRarity: SSSClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: ABest Nadilus Build
  • PolunoB+
    Poluno has quite some interesting skill mechanics that make him unique and fun in so many situations. His AoE skill works well for many scenarios, including Cinsaro Marsh and Ancient Altar and his damage output is just great plus the stun is also helpful. Can be vulnerable to assassins so make sure to guard him well.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: BMines: B+Twilight: B+Best Poluno Build
  • KhalazzaB+
    Khalazza is very viable for many things, overall a great hero hunter. With his summoned duplicated that have his identical stats and very high attack and an ultimate skill that even double that, he's a beast and one of the strongest heroes in Eternal Evolution, for sure. He also has a high crit rate so ramp up his crit damage to get the most out of it. He can be vulnerable but all hunters are like that in the game and once you leveled his 4th skill and exclusive weapon, you won't see much problems running him.Rarity: EpicClass: SummonCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: B+Best Khalazza Build
  • Old JohnB+
    Not really niche and for a epic hunter a solid choice no doubt, but overall has nothing where he really sticks out and also nothing where he is really bad in (except bosses or setups that require area damage). Quite accessible to build, though, as the frequent event provides a ton of rewards.Rarity: EpicClass: HunterCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: B+
  • Bot Mark IIB+
    Bot Mark II is a solid damage dealer but rely a lot on dealing critical damage and reducing enemy defense. He reduces the enemy defense when he crits so it can be a little squishy and rely on RNG so make sure you invest into his CRIT Rate stats, but he then can pack a lot of damage especially against single target enemies like bosses. As a backliner, he's not able to sustain and vulnerable against assassins (watch out for heroes like Bailey and Rakkana) and falls off in direct comparison to other single-target damage dealers in Eternal Evolution like Taylor or Sorietta.Rarity: EpicClass: HunterCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: AMines: B+Twilight: ABest Bot Mark II Build
  • RiserrisB+
    Riserris doesn't shine anywhere except Desa Caves EX3 on auto mode so she is no hero for most players to invest into.Rarity: SSSClass: HunterCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: BTwilight: BBest Riserris Build
  • SenwayB+
    Overall not the craziest character but evolving him is easy and the further you get with the right gear, he is dealing a good amount of damage and some setups require summoner heroes and he should be your first pick there.Rarity: EpicClass: SummonCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: B+Best Senway Build
  • BohrB+
    Bohr is a tank with a lot of HP and also can area stun enemies, which is really powerful earlier in the game. Also, he has damage reduction that is handy in so many situations where you encounter more bulky enemies or bosses and I'd say he is overall one of the most sustain tanks in Eternal Evolution. His shield and ability to live longer makes it really hard to take him down and he's absolutely one of the heroes you want to have as a tank in your team. Sometimes you might run into the situation when he can't get healed, but that doesn't make him weaker.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: B+PvP: ABosses: C+Mines: B+Twilight: B+Best Bohr Build
  • HerculesB+
    Hercules is a tank that not only keep the frontline, he also covers your heroes in the backline as well, so he's a great option if you run vulnerable heroes in the backline that needs that extra protection with a shield from assassins by jumping in and taking a part of the damage they receive. He can be useful in story mode, Soulmine and also PvP in Enternal Evolution, but he has one big problem... when your backline heroes face high burst damage assassins like Bailey or Rakkana, his protection skill often times pops up too late to save them.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: APvP: B+Bosses: C+Mines: B+Twilight: B+Best Hercules Build
  • SorvaleyB+
    Summons dear spirits and deals some damage but overall falls back behind the other heroes, espcially when deficits get higher.Rarity: SSSClass: SummonCampaign: B+PvP: ABosses: C+Mines: B+Twilight: B+Best Sorvaley Build
  • SoriettaB+
    Sorietta is an single burst damage dealing hero in Eternal Evolution and you will read her name a few times in the heroes ranked below. She great to get enemy heroes in trouble and also very viable against all kinds of bosses. Her stun is helpful, but her bread-and-butter is her nuker 3rd skill that resets every time she uses her ultimate skill. She can have a hard time in PvP against assassins but is still one of the greatest heroes available.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: B+Mines: BTwilight: ABest Sorietta Build
  • LiranB+
    Liran is the team healer and comes with a lot of support. His heals tick well, he can heal the ally with the lowest HP and also has some stuns for melee enemies in his kit. Buffs, covering the frontline and also good synergy if you run a setup with two healers. Overall just a lot to make your team sustain more. But be aware that his heals are for the whole team and not too great so you might overheal some heroes while the ones in desperate need for heals might not get enough.Rarity: EpicClass: SupportCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: B+Mines: ATwilight: B+Best Liran Build
  • RakkanaB+
    Rakkana has been mentioned a few times as a very dangerous assassin in Eternal Evolution. Well, on your team you'll like her (?). Focus down the weakest enemy by defense and scales well with every kill. The skill damage is insane and also the energy recovery makes her eat through enemies. But here's the deal, if Rakkana fails to kill an enemy backline hero in the attempt, she will become the target of the enemy hero hunters and can't survive long so needs to be paired with a hero like Gautier.Rarity: EpicClass: AssassinCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: C+Mines: ATwilight: ABest Rakkana Build
  • RandallB+
    Randall is also a hero assassin that is really strong and with his cooldown skill reset also one that contributes well. Using Gaultier also makes him pop his shield a lot due to the frequent relocations and his immunity can save his life but drains energy. A word of caution, he sometimes has a very poor AI and can be frsutrating.Rarity: EpicClass: AssassinCampaign: B+PvP: B+Bosses: BMines: B+Twilight: ABest Randall Build
  • AzenaB+
    Massive damage dealer and executionerRarity: SSSClass: HunterCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: B+Mines: B+Twilight: B+Best Azena Build
  • OakB+
    Oak is the tank with the highest HP in Eternal Evolution and combines that by reducing the enemy damage. He's that picture of a prime tank with knockdowns and stuns and also he doesn't die immediately when suffering a fatal strike with his 4th skill that make him invulnerable when he would die the first time. He doesn't have shield, but his 4th skill is even better, in my opinion.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: B+PvP: ABosses: C+Mines: BTwilight: B+Best Oak Build
  • ZanderB+
    Okay tank with crowd control through knocking back enemies and stunning and has shield.Rarity: EpicClass: HunterCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: B+Mines: B+Twilight: B+Best Zander Build
  • KainB+
    nice area damage outputRarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: BMines: B+Twilight: A
  • OmarB
    Omar is this energy engine with a built-in survival mode. His area skill can be useful in Cinsaro Marsh or Ancient Altar, but in PvP his ultimate skill often miss the enemy and he's such an easy target for assassins that all of the benefits won't help you. Also his shielding will not save him from going down in most scenarios.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: BMines: BTwilight: B+
  • ArtasB
    Artas is a unique hero with defense-focused skills. He can be a good replacement for tanks, either with one healer mid-game or two healers later and mid-game he can also deal some decent damage that, unfortunately falls off later. Still a good hero to swap into some setups if you need it.Rarity: EpicClass: VanguardCampaign: B+PvP: BBosses: BMines: B+Twilight: B
  • OisaB
    Oisa is a tank that counters enemies with her high attack speed. She has high defense, stuns enemies and knocks them down with her first two skills control effects. Can also reduce the enemies attack speed to gain more upperhand but her low HP becomes a problem and her 3rd skill will increase her defense but she can't do anything while active and you sometimes hate that, so she can be squishy if that proccs in a bad situation.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: BPvP: B+Bosses: C+Mines: B+Twilight: B+
  • FalveaB
    Although deals amazing damage, it's random so sometimes rng is not in your favor with her, but her shield breaking is awesomeRarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: C+Bosses: BMines: BTwilight: B+
  • NagramaB
    Freezes enemies to death and can be viable in several situations, but not a hero to dominate in ever setup like the ones ranked aboveRarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: B+PvP: C+Bosses: C+Mines: BTwilight: B+
  • KuiteB
    Kuite is an aggressive tank with high defense and the bonus from his 3rd skill in combination with his exclusive weapon, although that's quite an invest to take. His shielding abilities and good sustain qualities plus the stun and knockdown that can make the enemy backline suffer are very nice. So, why in the low C Tier?! Well, you don't need that much tanking in most PvE modes and if, you find better tanks and all his qualities can be found in specific assassins or damage dealers but they do better. He's a solid hybrid, but there's very rare places where you want to use a hero with both qualities.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: BPvP: B+Bosses: C+Mines: C+Twilight: B
  • MurphyroB
    Murphyro has great area effects and energy engine and his 4th skill that basically increases attack every few seconds just snowballs a lot and you can use him in all scenarios where you need area effects, especially Cinsaro Marsh. But he needs time to stack up attacks and is super squishy in PvP where his ultimate skill miss enemies so often that you might want to scream. Also really vulnerable to assassins taking on him.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: BPvP: BBosses: BMines: BTwilight: B
  • MukaB
    Muka is a great assassin and can summon an army of wolves. With his high speed attacks and high basic attacks and the ability to increase the attack with every basic attack, he really packs a punch. Plus the summoned wolves also happen. Great in many situations and especially enocuntering the 2nd boss in Ancient Altar you will love him. The reason he's not ranked higher is that it takes some time to build up his final damage output and he has to be guarded to sustain and you also need to invest in his stats to sustain. Not a glass cannon but can be sometimes frustratingly easy to kill.Rarity: EpicClass: SummonCampaign: BPvP: BBosses: C+Mines: B+Twilight: B
  • OrnB
    Orn is a skill spammer and his area effect is working well in Cinsaro Marsh and Ancient Altar. He has good damage output overall and a knockback as well, but, like Omar, his ultimate skill misses in PvP a lot and he is such an easy target for assassins, it's almost scandalous. And a dead damage dealer doesn't deal damage, even when the damage would theoretically be a lot.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: BPvP: BBosses: C+Mines: BTwilight: B
  • HyupnosB
    Hyupnos is a support hero and can also counter melee heroes. With his continuous stun he can disable enemy heroes and take them out of the situation pretty well and deals well with assassins; that's his big plus. His damage reduction can also help encountering tanks or chunky bosses and also has quite a fast energy engine. But if the enemy doesn#t run assassins you don't find much use for him.Rarity: EpicClass: SupportCampaign: BPvP: B+Bosses: CMines: B+Twilight: C+
  • Kar'MawC+
    Kar'Maw has an energy engine and the more you use the skills, the more it hurts. With his Bouncing skill and high attack that synergizes with skills and can snowball, he looks on paper like the perfect damage dealer in Eternal Evolution, right? Unfortunately, it takes time to build up his damage output and often times you find yourself in the situation where he get killed by assassins first so he rely heavily on good protection.Rarity: EpicClass: EnergyCampaign: BPvP: C+Bosses: C+Mines: BTwilight: C+
  • LangelC+
    Langel is a tank with good crowd control abilities. His skill kit give him great defense and he has also a lot of stuns, control, pulling of enemies and taunt abilities that will give the enemy a hard time. But here is the problem compared to other tanks - he has quite low HP so defense breaking can get him in real trouble and he doesn't have any shielding, what other tanks in Eternal Evolution have. So, if you need a chunky hero and the control abilities, great choice, but not as your primary overall tank.Rarity: EpicClass: TankCampaign: C+PvP: C+Bosses: CMines: C+Twilight: C+


I hope this helps you to see what heroes are running well in Eternal Evolution right now and help you invest and plan your future invests. If you have more questions or think I ranked a hero wrong, just comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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