How to defeat Inferno Tower

While the Inferno Tower used to be a somewhat exclusive Defense only for the higher Leagues it has come to everyone. Today if you’re Town Hall 8 or above you’ll be confronted with the Inferno Tower quite a lot so I wanted to make this post to help all of you defeat the Inferno Tower. But what makes the Inferno Tower so brutal?

  1. It eats all healing effects away
  2. On Single Mode, it will do brutal damage, especially against Heroes, Golems, and PEKKA
  3. On Multi-Mode, it will eat away attacking compositions with many Troops
  4. It simply can’t get skipped because I feel like almost everyone has one of them by now

How can you defeat the Inferno Tower?

I feel like I say this in almost all of my posts but again – there is no single answer. I gathered together all my knowledge and will show you now how I deal with these burning bastards.
Healing Spell versus Inferno Tower

This Inferno Tower isn’t lighting my fire

First of all the Inferno Tower is not always as big a danger as you might think. When you attack with Hog Riders and see one Single Target Inferno Tower you don’t have to be that scared. When you attack with Golems the Multi Target Inferno Tower isn’t that big of a deal either. Just make some serious thought about what Mode of Inferno Tower is going to hurt you the most – and maybe read this post about which Mode is the best for Inferno Towers.

This is only the first thought you have to make, however. Only because the Multi-Mode Inferno Tower isn’t affecting your Heroes and Golems doesn’t mean you can ignore it – your Wizards will know how brutal the Inferno Tower can get and, unfortunately, your Heroes and Golems aren’t dealing enough damage to let you ignore them. What we need is a plan to defeat the enemy while having our troops take as little damage as possible from the Inferno Tower.

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You have fire – I have magic!

I once read a guide where it was recommended to attack the Multi-Mode Inferno Tower with large hitpoint troops and the Single-Mode with lots of troops – nice theory, but not really helpful. Almost 99% of all cases you will have to face the Inferno Towers in the very center and there’s a lot that will happen in the path to them.

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Inferno Towers can only be fought against properly with Spells!

I already wrote a little about the Inferno Tower in my post about the Freeze Spell. But the Freeze Spell is a somewhat exclusive Spell and not available to everyone who has to deal with the Inferno Towers. So let’s talk some Spell combinations and see how they perform against the Inferno Towers.

Fighting the Inferno Tower with Freeze Spells

The Freeze Spell is the most efficient way to fight against the Inferno Tower.

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans radiusIt may be the best spell against the Inferno Tower, but you have to be careful about the deployment timing! The Freeze Spell will only put the Inferno Tower out of business for a short period and you need to use that period well! I assume you brought 1 or 2 Freeze Spells – more is a little out of the ordinary and I don’t see 3 Freeze Spells in a single attack often. Here are my two basic rules for timing your Freeze Spell on Inferno Towers:

  1. When fighting an Inferno Tower on Multi-Mode, drop the Freeze Spell the very moment it starts targeting your Wizards etc. When you see the burning straws, you drop it. Not earlier and not later! It will deal constant damage so you need to have it frozen as long as possible!
  2.  When fighting it in Single-Target mode, The best time is to drop it when it targets your PEKKA, Golem or Heroes. The first damage is not that high so you can wait 2 seconds when it starts dealing damage to them. Don’t use it when it targets other troops because it’s slow and the single troops can give you an extra time.

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Without Freeze Spells against Inferno Towers

I want to be honest with you, there are workarounds but in the end you will need Freeze Spells to constantly deal with Inferno Towers. The only way you can really deal with them as TH8 (or lower) is:

  • On a very rushed base with 1 Inferno Tower (e.g. in Clan Wars to become a hero)

You will need to invest a lot of Lightning Spells to destroy it, but those 4 Lightning Spells will be missed and the space is not usable for other Spells – Spells you really need.

Clan War Hog Rider attack
Hog Riders getting blasted by a Multi-Target Inferno Tower

When it’s only 1 Level 1 Inferno Tower in a rushed base you can try your luck with Hogs, in case it’s set to Single Mode. In this case, it matters how far the other Defenses are upgraded.

Since when was playing with fire intelligent? Nevermind, never play with fire

The Inferno Tower always targets the first Troops that enter it’s radius. There are lots of tactics out there involving a timed Lava Hound or some Giants next to Golems, but they only work when the timing is perfect – otherwise they’re only a waste of housing space.

Maybe you expected some serious secret hint but in the end there are only these 2 ways to deal with the Inferno Towers:

  • Make sure to know when the Inferno Tower is dangerous for your attack!
  • Freeze it and/or get your Troops to the core asap!

Sad but true – I can’t give you other ways when there are none, but I can maybe save some of you from having bad times with those experimental troop compositions around out there. And please remember the Freeze Spell timing, otherwise this post will also not be very successful.

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