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guide for rare quests in empires and puzzles guide for rare quests in empires and puzzles

Best Strategy To Beat Rare Quests in Empires & Puzzles (Mount Umber, Shrikewood, Morlovia, Shiloh Desert, Frostmarch & Farholm Pass)

There are several rare quests in Empires & Puzzles that appear on your quest map and that will give you nice rewards that you will need to ascend later in the game – farming the rare quests is so essential that you simply can’t start soon enough.

In this guide here I want to show you the best ways for each quest and how to get as many rewards as possible.

Quest Calendar! If you want to plan ahead and want to know when the next quest will appear you will find our monthly event & quest calendar helpful – check it out here.

Beat Rare Quest In Empires & Puzzles Step-By-Step

Like I said in the beginning, it’s absolutely vital that you always try to get as many stages beaten every time you see a new rare quest appear, no matter if that’s Mount Umber, Shrikewood, Morlovia, Shiloh Desert, Frostmarch or Farholm Pass and you don’t need the items right now.

What I want to give you first is something like a blueprint that you should always use (and that you can always use) before heading into more specific tips for each of those rare quests.

empires puzzles rare quests hard mode

Team Setup

I assume that you don’t have all the best heroes in your deck so you need to use the ones you have and suit best.

I definitely recommend you to use two healers and also place your most important heroes in the edges so they are less likely to get hit. I’m not a big fan of telling you “use thise hero and that hero” because chances are that you simply don’t have them at a stage where you can use them.

It’s absolutely possible to beat a stage even if you’re lower than the recommended strength rating and beating 200-300 below the recommendation is something that is absolutely possible to happen.

The only recommendation that I would like to give you is to use a team setup with 2 healers, this will make it a lot easier for you.

Battle Items

Use your items in rare quests! There’s no other thing in Empires & Puzzles that rewards you better and using them here is one of the best, if not THE best, way to use them.

Make use of what you have, not matter what that is. Healing Potions are for sure a great choice as keeping your heroes alive is extremely important (you’ll see soon why I’m stretching that healing so much).

Take Your Time With Every Wave

Ok, now the battle starts and this is where the magic happens.

The most important thing is to NOT rush any wave!

What do I mean by saying that?

Well, most people simply go for that kill and the next wave. This will make it a lot harder and here’s what you rather want to do…

First of all focus on getting one or two enemies down. This is the first thing because every enemy that is up will hit your heroes and make it hard for you to stay alive.

Even if it’s the first wave and you see a hero gets hit, use your smaller healing potions to keep him alive. Your goal here is to only have one enemy up. As soon as you get to that point you want to keep your heroes at full health and build diamonds, dragon stones and also fill their energy bars so they are ready to use their special.

beating all rare quests in empires and puzzles

After doing this you can kill the last enemy and move to the next wave. Having now a full squad of enemies again can be pretty tough so this is where your skills and diamonds will do their best work. The better you’re prepared the faster you will reduce the enemies to one enemy again.

You basically repeat that again and again until you see the boss fight.

In the boss fight, you will again focus on taking one of them down as fast as possible rather than getting the biggest damage dealt in total in one round. When they can use their skill they will become really dangerous.

boss fight in quest

That’s it, that’s how you should in general play through the waves in any stage of any rare quest.

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