brawl stars tick guide brawl stars tick guide

Brawl Stars Tick Guide

If you like throwers, Tick will be your choice and he’s a good condidate for taking the thrower’s crown, although he is one of the newer brawlers in Brawl Stars.

In this guide I want to show you some cool things you can do with him and how you play him right in common situations to get the most out of him.

Tick… Tick… Let’s go.

Tick is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy – explosive energy! He throws mines, and his Super makes his head detach, seek a target and explode.

Tick is slow but deals really good damage – but as a thrower you can’t be fast, right? 😉

His biggest strength, however, is his ability to control the map. Your mini mines will spread out and cover a large area, especially when you fire more than one shot with him – this will force the opponents to go back and leave the area for your team.

how play with tick in brawl stars

His mini mines are great when it comes to how they work – if you look at Dynamike, the dynamite has a short time on the ground before exploding giving the opponent some extra time to get away. With Tick, you don’t have to be that predictable because the mines that will hit the target will immediately explode and deal their damage while the others will stay on the ground for a short time and either explode when an enemy brawler touches them or some seconds go by.

This means you will less aim for where a brawler is going to but more aim so your mines hit the brawler.

aiming with tick in showdown

Pro Tip! If you auto aim on the energy boxes in showdown, you will automatically land 3 of your mines hitting the box. If you aim manually on the boxes you won’t in 99% of the time so use your auto aim for that 😉

Your general game plan is always the same – you will stay in the back and use your huge area and range to cover a spot with mines.

If you will get directly attacked by an enemy brawler, especially a tank, you need to get away but you can always mine the path towards you so that brawler needs to choose to change his plans or to walk through all the mines and eat the damage to get to you 🙂

flee with tick the right way

Tick’s super is also really effective to hunt down brawlers that hide somewhere in tall grass because it will automativally target them and deal massive damage – often times these brawlers are healing themselves up so you might even take them down without further ado.

tick use super to spot enemies

Simply watch the brawlers on the field and what they’re up to and you will find your perfect spot to do that move 🙂

Tick’s Role In Your Team

As being said, your role will be dealing damage from a distance and also blocking paths, especially in modes like Gem Grab, Siege or Heist.

You can actually block lanes pretty effectively and most brawlers won’t use them as long as you keep them with your mines.

You can also clear up a space that the enemy team holds and force them away by throwing your mines into that spot – that’s really useful in Gem Grab or also in Siege when the center is occupied by the enemy team.

Other than that, you don’t need to mind much more than you would with the other throwers like Dynamike and Barley and your role is pretty much the same 🙂

How Good Is Tick?

If you want to know how well Tick performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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