Brawl Stars Drop Rates Explained

Progressing and unlocking anything in Brawl Stars is about opening boxes – there’s no other way to unlock new brawlers, get Coins or Gems or Power Points to level your brawlers up.

There is a lot of confusion out there about the odds and chances to get a legendary brawler or a Star Power or anything else inside a Brawl Box, Big Box or Mega Box – that’s why I decided to write this article here to show you all you need to know about that.

Brawl Star Boxes Drop Rates

Brawl Stars is quite friendly when it comes to F2P players that don’t want to spend any money on the game and one of the reasons for that is how the whole box system with the odds works.

I want to explain that to you as easy as possible – and there are some learnings for you here as well when it comes to what gives you the best drop rates 🙂


Supercell changed the system – before the last update your chances to get a brawler have been rising with each box opened – now they are fixed and depend on the number of brawlers you haven’t unlocked!

The odds are fixed and completely rely on how many brawlers you haven’t unlocked yet – the more brawlers you haven’t unlocked the higher your chances to get one.

After all, the “higher” and “lower” chances are more cosmetic – where’s the difference when I have a chance of 1.2% for a legendary brawler or a 1.5% chance? I would need to open millions of boxes (mathematically) to really feel a difference – in reality I just need to open a shitload of boxes to get a legendary brawler and sometimes I’m lucky sooner and sometimes later 😀

But I’m losing my topic here… I wanted to show you the drop rates 🙂

odds for brawlers in brawl stars

But as I said, the odds are always different and if you have less or more brawler unlocked than I have, you will see slightly different drop rates here.

Broken down here’s the amount of Brawl Boxes that you need to open to unlock a brawler (rounded)*

Rarity Boxes To Open
Legendary about 2,400
Mythic about 1,800
Epic about 800
Super Rare about 400
Rare Brawler about 200
Star Power about 100

*these numbers are rough indications. As I said, it’s, in reality, no difference if you need to open 4,021 or 4,096 for a Legendary Brawler because random variance will need you to open millions of boxes to get a different result.

Also you have always the chance for additional items in each box:

  • 25% for Event Ticket(s)
  • 9% for Gem(s)
  • 3% for Token Doubler

Those are fixed and not depending on how many brawlers you have or anything else.

What Boxes Are Best?

The more interesting thing here for me is – is there any difference in the boxes? Some people believe that using Mega Boxes will get them legendary brawler faster…

The truth is, there’s no difference:

mega box in brawl stars

Both have the exact same chances and a Mega Box = 10 Brawl Boxes and a Big Box = 3 Brawl Boxes.

The odds are exactly the same so if you open a Mega Box, you will actually open 10 Brawl Boxes – if you open the exact same amount of Brawl Boxes you have exactly the same drop rate to get a legendary brawler or whatever else.

The only real difference between the boxes is that you will get more Power Points for less brawlers.

Let’s say I open a Brawl Boxes, I always get Power Points for 2-3 brawlers there and when doing that 10 times, I’m sure that I will get Power Points for at least 5-6 different brawlers.

Opening a Mega Box will give me Power Points for 2-3 brawlers, but like 10 times more than from a Brawl Box – so if you want to evenly spread your Power Points or want to get Power Points for a specific brawler the 10 Brawl Boxes are your better choice, because odds that you will get at least some for that specific brawler is higher.


There’s a lot of micro-math here and I personally am at the point where I don’t care much about this anymore – boxes are limited in the game by the Token and the Star Token so I take any box I can get.

The good thing is, when I have maxed out a brawler I won’t get any more Power Points for that brawler and have higher chances for the other brawlers to get Power Points, so in the end it’s only about opening a large amount of boxes to max out everything in Brawl Stars.

The best strategy I can give you is to play the game and have fun – the brawler will come at some point 🙂

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