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Brawl Stars Controller That Work

Controller are something that haven’t entered the mobile gaming world quite as much as they should have so far – but in my opinion they should have!

The thing is, holding your phone while playing a game that requires continious input like Brawl Stars for some time will make your hands feel slow – there’s not much comfort in it.

I have spoken to several players and more and more of them start using a mobile controller when playing a session of Brawl Stars so I was getting deeper into the topic and like to show you my results here in this article.

Brawl Stars With Controller – Why?

If you hold your device in the setup that Brawl Stars require, it’s not a very comfortable position and after a few minutes your hands will start feeling slower and slower – and that’s completely natural because it’s far from any natural position.

brawl stars with controller

How often did you change your position when playing? When I play Brawl Stars for like 30 minutes+ on my sofa, I always change sides back and forth every few minutes.

Also, how often did your phone slip your hands?

A controller offers a lot more support here and you can just hold it for hours straight without any problems.

The advantage is obvious when using a mobile controller with Brawl Stars:

  • Better grip and much more comfort when playing, especially longer session 10+ minutes
  • Faster reaction because your hands/fingers won’t start to slow down
  • Better results because you eliminate the occasional slipping or mis-tapping

Controller Support In Brawl Stars

Officially there’s no controller support to Brawl Stars (and I doubt there ever will be) – that keeps many people from using it.

The thing is, there’s a difference that you need to understand – if a game doesn’t support controller, mostly controllers like this one are meant as they require the game to accept input signals that not come from the touch screen:

brawl stars controller support

But here’s the thing, there are a lot of controllers that just will add a better grip and still send the normal touch signals to Brawl Stars so they don’t require official game support because your input will still be the same – they are more like a case for your phone that will give you a better grip 🙂

My Personal Brawl Stars Controller Picks

Here I want to show you two controller that I have used for some time now and how well they worked for me.

Again, they all don’t require any official support from the game as they only will help you holding your device in a much more comfortable way ????

#1 – GameSir F2 (iOS & Android)

gamesir f2 for brawl stars controllerThe GameSir F2 is quite minimalistic and will add two grip bubbles to the back that will give you more the feel of holding a portable console like the PSP than a smartphone. It feels pretty good and you have a much better grip while you will still make all inputs directly on the touchscreen.

I also like that through holding the smartphone a little differently, you can touch the sections of the walking and aiming joistic a little better.

A real bonus for me is that you can simply fold it and have it in the size of an egg which fits it almost everywhere. If you take it with you all the time is something you need to decide, I personally like it because I don’t break anything on it when I have it in my bag.

It fully works with any device up to 6.4 inches screen size and you simply clip it on the outside – depending on your device and case you not even need to remove your case when using it 🙂


  • Slim & Leightweight
  • Easy To Take With You
  • Cheap


#2 – Delam Controller With Powerbank & Fan (iOS & Android)

This one here from DELAM is a more advanced model and probably the best option when you primarily play at home on your sofa and love to play longer sessions.

brawl stars controller DELAMIt’s less portable than the GameSir F2 so I wouldn’t recommend it taking it with you but in return it has a better grip and feels a little more like a gamepad when you hold it in your hands.

The biggest benefit here is the built-in Powerbank that has whopping 4.000 mAh that is a extra full battery for your smartphone. I hate to pause my session just because my battery is getting empty and re-charge or find a spot next to a plug – the Delam Controller will simply give you full mobility as you can simply use the built-in Powerbank to charge your phone while playing Brawl Stars ????

The fan is okaish but helpful when you charge and play with your device at the same time, it will heat up. The back of the controller will make heating up a little bit of a problem so the fan will reduce the heating. I never over-heated my device that way but if you have problems with that this controller might come in at the right time 🙂


  • Cooling fan & Powerbank
  • Cheap



If you feel somewhat uncomfortable when playing a longer session I can only recommend you to try out one of the mobile controllers for playing Brawl Stars and I feel that not only my level of comfort improved with it, it also improved my level of trophies in the long run because I can give my best performance all of the time – plus, it’s less than 20 bucks on Amazon and you can return it when you don’t like it 😉

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