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Fastest Way To Push Trophies In Brawl Stars

Do you have the feeling that you’re stuck on the Trophy Road in Brawl Stars although you have maybe some brawlers that you already have a Star Power unlocked while others are a lot further and have a much higher trophy rank that you have?

I’ve been recently talking to several players about this that motivated to write this guide here that can easily push you to 5,000+ Trophies.

There’s actually not much skill required and not taht much grinding involved.

Sounds good? Then let’s jump right into it 🙂

Trophy Pushing Guide

In many games you want to have a few characters that you max out and that will help you to climb the ladder.

So, in Brawl Stars this all works a little differently so I want to show you why having 2-4 brawlers at Level 10 will not get you far and make it even hard to push beyong 3,000 trophies.

The reason is how matchmaking works and that’s what I want to show you now.

brawl stars trophy road

Trophy Pushing & Matchmaking

individual trophy count in brawl stars for matchmaking

So, when you will get matched up in Brawl Stars your total trophy count doesn’t really matter much – the single most-important thing is your individual brawler rank. This is the trophy amount that indicates how well you perform with that very brawler.

So it will match you up with teammates of a similar individual trophy count for their active brawler (when you play with randoms) and also your enemy teams.

This means you possibly could end up playing against players that have a much higher total trophy count or a much lower trophy count.

This is important!

Also, since April playing in random teams has gotten easier because fixed teams will preferably matched agains other teams and less against random teams. This means, if you play with randoms you will nrmally also play against a team that is random so there’s not such a big dissadvantage going with randoms… So forget about the older tips that said “never play with randoms if you want to push trophies”.

I have written a full and detailed article about everything that matchmaking does here if you want to check it out.

So, but now we can get back to trophy pushing…

Best Way To Push Trophies

Most player have a lot brawler unlocked that they don’t use – you probably as well.

Those brawlers are your key to push trophies fast and easy. These brawlers have no relevant rank and will rank against players that don’t have a lot of experience with their brawler, maybe even total new player 🙂

So, take out one that you like and you also should have enough Power Points to get that fresh brawler to Level 4 or 5 and use it in a game mode where it is strong (see here in the tier list which ones are great in what game modes).

You will be able to win about 80-90% of your matches easily, even when playing with randoms because you will see setups like that all the time.

easy trophy pushing team

As you can see, msot of them are even only Power Level 1 and as soon as you hit Rank 10-12 when the opponents get tougher you can use another fresh brawler again.

Just count through the brawlers that you haven’t used at all so far and you will see that there’s 2,000 to 3,000 additional trophies possible without much effor 🙂

Also, you will unlock a lot of extra Power Points, Coins, Brawl Boxes and brawler on the trophy road that will help.

Another benefit from pushing your trophies with these low brawlers is that you have them decently leveled up if meta shifts so you can easily pick up one of them when some balance changes buff them to be extremely strong 🙂

pushing trophies with brawler

Also important – if you play with a brawler of a low rank, you will also not lose as many trophies if you lose a match but gain the +8 trophies if you win – this means you don’t need to win more than 50% of your matches to push, it means you only need to win 20% to break even – or in other words it just is really fast.

I did start Bibi yesterday just for fun and pushed 100 trophies just like that 🙂

Star Points

Also, every brawler that you get above 500 trophies will get you additional Star Points at the end of the season that you can save up to get exclusive skins that you can’t buy for anything else – in the long run you will have a lot better progress if you use this startegy to push your trophies 🙂

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