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Brawl Stars Poco Guide

So you pulled Poco and wonder how to play him? I know, I know, there are like one dozen of sites out there that tell you “super Poco strategy guide” and so on, but somehow you landed here, right? Well, I know that. When I was starting out playing Brawl Stars I have been seeing so many pages out there just listing some screenshots how his super looks and some numbers and call that a guide.

These ain’t no guides, this is jsut using common sense!

That’s why I decided after months of playing to actually write a guide that will help you understanding Poco better and also giving you some gameplay tips that will actually help you. Sounds good? Alright, here we go.

Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!

So this is all the game will tell you about Poco, but in reality, it should be like “Poco is a hell of a brawler and is able to boost teams so much that you can barely lose matches”.

It’s true, Poco is probably the most complex brawlers in the game.

He has a lot of health, deals not much damage but it’s great splash damage, reloaded faster than other brawlers and can heal your whole team up with his super.

But I want to show you now how to handle him well to make him that strong in your hands (or better say fingers ???? )

Healing VS Damage

The big dilemma you always have is where to point your sound at. You can damage enemies or heal teammates for 400 hitpoints with your regular attack.

Under regular circumstances, I’m telling you to deal the damage, especially when you can deal it to multiple enemies.

You won’t kill them in 93% of the times because Poco’s damage is not really high but you will force them back by grinding their hitpoints. The more important thing is that striking enemies will load up your super and this is what really will help you push forward.

Pocos super is going through walls with a huge range and will heal a whopping 2k health, that half to a full health bar for an enemy brawler that would need to step back otherwise but now can attack in full forces.

poco heal through wall

The only thing you shouldn’t do is think that Poco’s super will deal damage to enemies, it won’t. And you need to use it when your teammates are at 50% health, not almost dead or you might just waste it on a dead teammate.

Sounds reasonable? I do hope so.

Poco Is Fast – Attacking Plan!

Fast like the wind? No, actually Poco is as slow as most brawlers by walking speed – but Poco has the fastest unload speed, that’s the time it takes him to actually fire a shot.

Now how does this help? Simple.

When Poco stands in front of an enemy brawler and you both have your 3 shots ready, Poco will get his 3 shots out before the other brawler can fire his 3rd shot.

So your attacking plan is pretty simple.

You will always stay behind a tank or other brawler, NEVER in the first line, and make short attempts to the front, quickly fire your 3 shots off, load your super and fall back.

poco strategy guideAnother reason why you don’t want to be in the first line, even though Poco has one of the highest hitpoints in Brawl Stars. That’s you don’t want to fire in one direction (the enemy) and then turn around to use a heal on your team mates. Does this makes sense to you?

I know it’s just splitting hair and you might think that this little bit of turning can’t make such a difference… yes, it does. It will cost you in total half a direction with your finger to perform that move, you can try it out ????

Poco Can Shoot Around The Corner

This needs some practice to actually get it working frequently, but you can shoot around the corner (or at least a little bit) with Poco.

That’s true.

Check out yourself.

poco shot around corner

You won’t get the situation where you can use it that often, but especially in game modes like showdown (which you should only play in duo mode with Poco), there’s often enemies hiding behind corners and you can catch them off guard with that.

In reality don’t try the trick shot here, simply shoot even though the enemy is behind the wall but close to the edge and hope you strike (and tell people afterwards that you knew you will hit ???? ).

This may help as well… the more distance your Poco has to the wall, the more it can “travel” around the wall and hit an opponent behind it!

You’re the active healer!

Unlike Pam, Poco has individually heal as an active healer. So you will need to pay attention on your teammates and their health and you can’t just auto-spam everything and hope for the best.

At least when it comes to his super, his normal shots are fast, great range and splash wide enough that you can also be lazy and use the auto-fire to deal damage.

What Game Modes?

Well, I don’t want to list them here but I have a HUGE tier list where all Brawl Stars are ranked by game mode that you should take a look at to see how Poco performs in each game mode.

[irp posts=”46407″ name=”Brawl Stars Tier List – Best Brawlers Per Game Mode”]

So, unless you want me to now just throw in some commen sense basic tips that you already know I’m done here, if you liked this guide or want me anything to add just leave a comment below ????

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