brawl stars crow guide brawl stars crow guide

Brawl Stars Crow Guide

Crow is one of the few legendary brawlers in Brawl Stars and has some real individual things to mind when playing him – that’s why I wanted to write a full guide about him for quite some time (but it took me a while to unlock him).

So, instead of listing you just some raw numbers and copied texts from the description, I wanted to give you insights to the mechanics on how you play Crow successfully in Brawl Stars and how you use his full potential right.

Crow fires a trio of poisoned daggers. As a Super move he leaps, firing daggers both on jump and on landing!

When talking about Crow, we talk about the brawler with the second-lowest health in Brawl Stars – and he also doesn’t deal the highest damage in the game.

Sounds like a loser brawler, right? ???? No. In fact, he will make up for that with the highest speed and also a good range combined with poisoning his targets that will tick them down and – most importantly – keep them from healing.

If you would force me to wrap all of my experience with Crow into one single sentence, I’d say that you Crow will always put enemies under pressure and grinds them down while he can dodge and evade excellently from enemy brawlers. That’s basically it.

You have your speed as your best weapon and this makes Crow so strong because you can get yourself easy out of difficult situations, win close-range wall hiding battles (one brawler on each side) where you can always get your opponent if you want to.

how to play crow

Also, Crow work great for hunting down thrower brawlers like Barley or Dynamike because you can easily evade the dynamite/bottles with your speed and catch them or jump with your super over a wall to get them – there’s basically no chance to get away from you for them.

So, if you play Crow, you have to be patient and accept the fact that you will hunt down other brawlers over a longer period in 1-on-1 situations and not straight walk into them – your health will show you that this is no good idea and there’s no way you’ll survive a close-range 1-on-1 with almost all other brawlers in Brawl Stars.

using crows super

So, be patient, hit them whenever you can while dodging their shots and keeping your poison on them so they don’t heal back up – that’s what you do with Crow 🙂

Talking about his super… many brawlers use their super to make a strong attempt on other brawlers. In my opinion Crow’s super is useful in two ways:

  1. To jump walls to hunt down throwers (that’s an 1-on-1 close combat you will win)
  2. Give the other brawlers the kiss of death when you have grinded their health earlier

So, your super is what you need to finally take a brawler down and it will be ready because you will be hitting them a lot more often to get their health down to the point where your super will be strong enough to take them down.

Do not load up your super to jump into the action and hope to take out a brawler just like that – this is the way when you will go down because some brawler can take you out with two shots easily!

Crow’s Role In Your Team

One of the best modes for Crow is single showdown where you have long 1-on-1 situations where you have the time to slowly take down the opponents life until finishing him off while being able to go away fast when a situation gets too hard to deal with (e.g. other brawlers join the situation).

Also, you will reveal the position of brawlers in tall grass when you have your poison on them, giving other brawlers the option to take them out.

In team modes, like Brawl Ball where Crow is also very good, you have actually two uses:

  1. Keeping the tanks under pressure by running away from them while keeping your poison on them to keep them from healing
  2. Quickly take down (assassinate) single brawlers with your super no matter if they hide behind walls or not

If you stick to that role, your team will become a lot stronger.

How Good Is Crow?

If you want to know how well Crow performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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