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Best Takeda Shingen Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Rise of Kingdoms

Are you planning to or already running Takeda Shingen in Rise of Kingdoms in one of your marches and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what equipment works best and what other commanders you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Takeda Shingen perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Takeda Shingen S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

  • Takeda ShingenAFull Tier List
    Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Takeda Shingen for the different game modes. Please refer to the full tier list linked below to see the ranking of all commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and full evaluation and priority.Open Field: A+Rally: B+Canyon: ADefense: C+Full Tier List

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Skill Order

Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3
Skill 4
Skill Order Finetuning
Below you will find the best order to unlock and level up skills by how useful they are so you don’t have to level the skills up one by one and spend a lot of extra sculptures on it. This will let you use this commander earlier and also saves you important Universal Sculptures in the long run!
Investment with Takeda... well, as of 2023 I'm refactoring this guide I want to address that you really should not invest in Takeda at all anymore and the pairings below are more towards if you need a buff- and stathouse secondary commander for cavalry that make sense. If you have already invested in Takeda (maybe years ago when Attila/Takeda have been running the rally show), fine, take him as he is without investing any more Universal Sculptures into him. If you have him fresh and want to make it as cheap as possible to run him as secondary commander, use him at 1111 to get all skils unlocked and leave it that way.
Your sweetspot of skills to make this commander useful is: 1111 and this is the recommended way to get there:

Best Troops

He buffs in general well and some extra buffs apply to cavalry only, but in general as he’s the secondary commander you should not mind about him much when it comes to troop types.

Best Commander Pairing for Takeda Shingen

Joan of Arc (Prime)
Joan of Arc (Prime)
Xiang Yu
Xiang Yu

Joan of Arc (Prime) is a commander that works well with Takeda secondary. Don’t get me wrong, don’t build Takeda for her as she has many better pairings but if you have a well-invested Takeda running around and need a pair for her, he will do well with his buffs, healing, damage taken reduction etc.. Xiang Yu can be a valid pairing with Takeda as secondary commander, too. Xiang Yu although has better pairings himself but Takeda can help survivability of Xiang Yu (although you will still be focus down a lot). Attila has been the best pairing in the game for quite some time, but that time is long ago. They do well together but there are many counters available and stronger commanders have been released in Rise of Kingdoms, so in terms of nostalgic memories I have it listed here – but it’s NOT viable anymore.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment Forge Order

You should not use Takeda as primary commander that there’s no use-case that will tell you otherwise so please accept that also it doesn’t make sense to equip nice shiny items on him.

And for the artifacts I have tested the different ones here so you can see which ones perform the best (of course I only tested/list the ones that make sense):

Best Builds For Takeda Shingen

I could really give you some theory-craft style of talent builds here, but the stone hard truth here is Takeda is not meant to be used as primary commander! You will get punished so heavily and focus down you wouldn’t believe it. Takeda is a secondary commander in Rise of Kingdoms and has always been and everything else is bs. I’m sorry but looking at all the websites there recommending you talent builds that are just non-sense that won’t change anything on the fact that Takeda as primary commander is not working and never has.

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