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rise of kingdoms city hall upgrade guide rise of kingdoms city hall upgrade guide

Max City Hall in Rise of Kingdoms – Guide (Step By Step)

Everyone wants to max out in Rise of Kingdoms but this is a long run – in this guide I want to show you the fastest way to City Hall Level 25 with the right strategy and also explain you why you should follow that path.

City Hall 25 – Why?

Well, there are several advantages from getting this. To put this simple – a higher City Hall means higher technology you can research and also higher tier troops.

There are many similar games like Rise of Kingdoms where rushing the City Hall will bring more disadvantages than benefits, but in Rise of Kingdoms rushing is actually the best strategy to follow to get better results faster and it will pay off in the long run.

Below I have a strategy blueprint for you that you can use and follow 🙂

rise of kingdoms upgrade city hall guide

Fastest Strategy To Get City Hall Level 25

As I said, rushing through the City Hall Levels is important and useful so I decided to give you a rough upgrade path for your buildings that you should follow.

Of course, you can also upgrade other buildings in between and this is just the fastest way possible.

Here’s how you should handle the upgrades:


You will need to keep your Walls up with your City Hall Level as a requirement before you can upgrade to the next City Hall Level, so there’s no option to actually skip them so just upgrade them but upgrade them last before you start upgrading your City Hall.


Hospitals are sometimes required to upgrade your City Hall – but they are normally vital for you so I recommend you to keep one of them up with your City Hall Level but also try to keep the others up to the highest level possible (max is 3 levels lower than your City Hall). Use boosters to not block them.


Upgrading the Academy can be nasty because you can’t research during the upgrade – but I highly recommend you to keep that up to the highest level possible for the simple reason that it will give you a research time bonus at every new level that will pay off in the long run.

upgrade academy life hack

Also here use as much boosters as you can!

Barracks/Archery Range/Stable/Siege Workshop

Ultimatively you will need to max them out, latest to get some City Hall upgrades as well as new troop tiers.

My personal strategy here is that I always check my hospital capacity and once the unit count exceeds the hospital capacity I start upgrading the barracks, Siege Workshop, Archery range or Stable. I can’t heal those troops anyway so I can rather do the upgrade and my hospitals will heal the wounded troops so I don’t mandatory need to train new ones during that time 🙂


The Storehouse is not only mandatory for some City Hall Levels, it’s also very useful to hold more resources – for me it’s important to keep that somewhat up with my City Hall Level.

Alliance Center

Each new level here adds more times that you can get helped by your alliance and this will pay off in the long run – for me this is always one of the first upgrades I do once I enter a new City Hall Level simply because every single additional help will deduct the time something needs. Very important.

Trading Post

Unless you’ll be sending around a lot of resources there’s no need to get the Trading Post past Level 13. You will only need it to be Level 24 when upgrading your City Hall to Level 25 so you normally have a lot of time to do that later.

Scout Camp

In my opinion there’s no real use to get past Scout Camp level 14 to get to City Hall Level 15, but I also don’t scout that much to be honest. I’m up for discussion on this one in the comments 🙂

Farms & Gold Mines

I recommend that you always upgrade one of them to the max level. There’s no need to upgrade all of them at once and you will need them to unlock Tier 5 troops in the end. Otherwise there’s no need to prioritize those upgrades or even use boosters, to be honest.

That’s it, this is what upgrades you should prioritize on your way to get to City Hall 25 as fast as possible 🙂 If I forgot anything or you disagree with my strategy just let me know in the comments below.

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