Best Imhotep Builds (Talents, Skill Order, Pairing & Equipment) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms imhotep best build

Are you planning to or already running Imhotep in Rise of Kingdoms in one of your marches and want to see how you should invest the talent points, what equipment works best and what other commanders you should pair with? Well, then you’re in the right place, below you will find answer to each one of those questions and this will help you make your Imhotep perfrom as strong as possible in all situations.

Current Ranking – is Imhotep S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Imhotep is ranking in the different game modes of Rise of Kingdoms in my current tier list here.

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Skill Order

When you star up Imhotep, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade the skills of your commander as not all skills are equally good and worth maxing or worth maxing first (in general) – this helps to invest your sculptures more reasonably to get the biggest bang for your buck.

There are two ways how you can use Imhotep well in Rise of Kingdoms – either as a secondary commander for city defense or for open field combat. The bad news is, you really need to Expertise him as you want that rage reduction on his active skill that limits the rage that your enemies can generate. With that Expertise skill he is clearly one, of not the, strongest epic commanders in the game – without, he’s just average and you can use mnay other epic commanders instead.

Best Troops

As epic commander you should not care too much about troops types with Imhotep, espcially as you will run him most of the times as secondary commander where this is not limitation whatsoever as none of his skills reuquire you to run only archers.

Best Commander Pairing for Imhotep

Hermann is probably the best pair for Imhotep if you plan to brawl the opwn field with him. Hermann also reduce target rage and has silence in place and along with Imhotep’s rage reduction, you can basically shut down your enemy effecitively with that combination and with Hermann bringin some aditional macrch speed to the party, you have a match. Find the talent builds for Hermann here.
Kusunoki is another great apiring that provides great utility by clearing all kinds of negative effects on your march and that helps a lot more than you think. I personally would choose Hermann over Kusunoki for the simple reason that the damage might be lower overall, but Kusunoki misses the march speed and without that you’re just floating around the open field. Find the talent builds for Kusunoki here.
Joan of Arc (the epic version, not the Prime legendary version) can also work as primary commander to pair Imhotep with as the support tree doesn#t support direct skill damage which Imhotep doesn’t do, so they would work well togehter, too. Find the talent builds for Joan of Arc here.
Boudica (the epic version, not the Prime legendary version) is a solid early-game pairing with Imhotep where you would try to bring as many archers as possible. Find the talent builds for Boudica here.
Keira is, in theory, also a great pairing but looking at when you have her and you can Expertise her from Ceroli Crisis, you will normally have a bunch of legendary commanders ready. Find the talent builds for Keira here.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment

In terms of equipment, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Imhotep:
As an Archery commander you should start equipping her with equipment like Revival set items, Golden Age and Flame Threads as basic setup before starting to equip stronger legendary equipment on him, but as his regular role is rally captain, you need to pick the strongest infantry-guided gear available for him

Best Builds For Imhotep

Below you will find the talent tree builds for Imhotep that make sense when running as the primary commander in any march in Rise of Kingdoms. Please also refer to the description below each talent tree as I explain a general route on how you should spend your talents there + some additional background for each talent build that I very likely will appreciate.

In case you want to use Imhotep as the primary commander (and looking at the pairing section there’s not many reason to do so – ATTENTION! I have to point that out as there are some misunderstandings here regarding Imhotep as your city defender captain: even when you use him for city defense, and he’s the best epic to do that, you still NEED to run him as secondary commander to be able to use his rage reduction from his Expertise! So, there’s NO reason to make a garrison talent build for Imhotep! Sorry for the bold font but I really saw people making that mistake and I wasn’t sure if I pointed that out clear enough above).


I hope this guide for building Imhotep helped you investing without wasting much time and resources. If you liked it or you further questions (or maybe also annnotations that you believe should be added here in this guide), please don’t hesitate to post them below in the commen section. Thanks for reading and have a great day and see you out in the kingdoms.

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