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best crew captains in infinite galaxy best crew captains in infinite galaxy

Best Crew Captains in Infinite Galaxy (Tier List)

Deciding what crew captain you take for your fleet is already a tough choice in Infinite Galaxy, but investing in them and leveling them up can be even harder – for that reason you should set your priorities right, unless you really want to spend a lot of money on them.

I have here a tier list that shows you how well the different crew captains perform, what they will do and how strong they are after all to give you a recommendation which ones you should invest in.

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Best Crew Captains Tier List

Okay, let’s directly hop into the tier list, I have explained my reasons for the rankings for each captain there.

S Tier

infinite galaxy molly mayer
S Tier

No questions and by far the biggest powerhouse as a crew captain is Molly Mayer. Mainly, she provides this insane HP bonus that will power up your fleet that much and, as HP is the most important stat of any fleet, this makes your fleet so much stronger. On top of that, she also has a massive laser weapon attack bonus and as the strongest warship in Infinite Galaxy use exactly that weapon she is by far the best crew captain to run right now.

A Tier

infinite galaxy pearson mcconnell
A Tier

Pearson McConnell is also a really strong commander but I did not rank him in S Tier. He has this strong Fleet Leadership buff and a very strong kinetic weapon attack. So, the reason I did not rank him higher is that laser weapons are the weapons the strongest ships in Infinite Galaxy use right now, so this buff might fall off. Still, we’re talking the top of the top here, so as an average player using a fleet with kinetic weapons will see an amazing boost using him as crew captain. Also, if you mix your fleet to use kinetic weapons, he is S Tier for you to use.

infinite galaxy ashim rich
A Tier

Ashim Rich is also a commander that belongs in this tier here, no doubt. Some players overlook him as he buffs flagship HP and that’s not the most important stat you’re looking for in most cases – but the amount that he buffs flagship HP is so much that it makes a huge difference. So, looking now at the situations where your flagship takes the damage early on, this is a game-changer

infinite galaxy paul malthus
A Tier

Paul Maulthus also belongs in the squad of very strong crew captains in Infinite Galaxy, no doubt. He also buffs total warship HP, giving a great defensive boost for your fleet, and also a frigate armor buff that is worth looking into. If you now look at the ships he works well with, it’s already the defensive ones. This means you can turn those defensive ships into true defensive powerhouses that get so hard to crack

infinite galaxy yiling ding
A Tier

Yiling Ding has some nice combat buffs, like her total warship armor and her core warship heal. Also provides some total warship HP buff. Overall a nice combination and goes well when paired with a crew captain that synergized well. Not too overly strong on herself when looking at the numbers, but her versatility makes me rank her here.

B Tier

infinite galaxy bruno augustine
B Tier

Bruno Augustine has a nice total warship attack which is really nice and gives your whole fleet a nice bonus. Anyway, in addition he only provides missile attack buff and when looking at the late-game meta of Infinite Galaxy right now… missiles are the least effective weapons and also used on the least effective ship types, so this buffs gets pretty much taken out. I can see him in the A Tier easily when this changes.

Rubia van Heesen provides, unlike the lower-ranked captains, buff to your entire fleet. But there’s a problem – she provides total warship heal and total warship armor. These stats are defensive and alright, but not the best stats to buff (in defense it would be HP) and she doesn’t buff anything offense. For that reason, I see her in the B Tier.

B Tier

Laura has been one of THE captains that everybody was after when Infinite Galaxy was freshly released, but that has changed a lot since then. I know this myth is still around that she is one of the best crew captains in Infinite Galaxy, but she’s not anymore. She buffs flagship attack (which is limited to your flagships only, and they contribute quite a little when looking t the overall damage) and extends fleet leadership limit. So, if you’re a player that already has her she’s not too bad to use but no captain I’d recommend spending too much attention on for other players.

C Tier

infinite galaxy bolt
C Tier

Bolt is providing primarily gathering bonuses. So, there’s nothing bad with that and he delivers quite well for gathering, but he provides nothing to improve your fleet. This means you will have a fleet filled with resources to attacks enemies and then no crew captain that helps defending it…

C Tier

Greg Lee has navigation speed and also resource-gathering bonus. Not bad but also nothing that you will benefit from too much in the long run.

D Tier

So, I don’t want to list every other crew captain in Infinite Galaxy here just to tell you that their stats are simply not enough to make a difference compared to the top-ranked ones. In general, the rarity makes a huge difference so if you don’t see your crew captain in the list above, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. It simply means that you should not invest too much into that captain and rather look into options to invest and build one of the above ones.

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