Watcher of Realms Best Artifact Tier list

watcher of realms best artifacts tier list july 2023

Artifacts can make or break heroes in Watcher of Realms and it can sometimes be hard to pick the right ones, espcially as some read stronger in their description than they really are and others seem weaker. I have below a full ranking by each class to show you overall what artifacts work well with the class and which ones do fall short.

Please also check out my tier list of the best heroes in Watcher or Realms here that gets frequently updated along this list below.

Strongest Artifacts (By Class) in Watcher of Realms

Below you find the tier list with a section for each class in Watcher of Realms that also contains non-class-specific artifacts that work well for that class with a short description why the artifact works well or not.


  • Defender

  • Olagues WallS
    Stacks blocks with great damage reduction and is easily one of the best defender class artifacts in Watcher of RealmsClass: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Regal MajestyS
    Every defender needs a healer in the back and buffing up the healing recieved by 20% is really powerful.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Lionheart ScepterS
    The mac HP increase during ultimate is not a defender class artifact in Watcher of Realms but helps a lot with the way many defender class heroes scale by max HP and also affects surrounding allies.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Betrayal ForgeS
    Increased block, chance to stun and self-healing is a very universal artifact that does a lotClass: UniversalBest Heroes
  • BloodthirstA
    Basically will give 15% attack buff realitically and works great with all defenders that can also deal some sort of noticable damage in Watcher of Realms.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Holy RadianceA
    Gives you an AoE damage every 10 attacks that dies damage to up to 5 targets and heals you for 10% of the damage dealt. With an attacker with decent base ATK a great sustain and alsod amage dealing artifact to run in Watcher of RealmsClass: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Goddess GraceB
    Up to 19% additional DEF. Not the craziest defender artifact but works if you can't run one of the ones listed above.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Death KnellB
    Best yellow defender artifact in Watcher of Realms with great instant self-healing whenever you drop below 40% HP, so can help to self-sustainClass: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Rexs VowB
    Good with shielding defenders or with support heroes that provides shield so you get flat 10% dmage taken reduction, but only when the shield is active. Can work well in those setups but not universally strong artifact.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • The Watchguards UnityC
    Flat 10% more max HP for defender with a large HP pool or defenders that either use abilities based on max HP or with support that heals based on target max HP. Not overly great.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Heart of ThornD
    Nice if the chance procs and can deal alright damage then, but the proc chance is overall to low to make it a good defender artifact.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Nightmare SerpentD
    Sounds better than it is as the self-healing is not enough to really make a meaningful impact at the end of the day.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • The Norths WillD
    Okay with setups that use a lot of shielding for the extra self-healing, but very specific and normally the other artifacts overall perform better.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Solar RuneD
    More DEF when taking damage, but at the end of the day not enough to be very useful.Class: DefenderBest Heroes
  • Fighter

  • Scarlet HuntS
    Amazing with a hero that applies bleeding (Salazar!!!) as you will gain flat 20% more damage which makes a huge difference. If not, it's not that great. But he is run that frequently and so strong that I rank it here.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Soul DrainerS
    Up to 2.1% self-healing of max HP whenever your hero deals damage to a target (with up to 3 targets) can cause massive sustain for area-damage dealing heroes in Watcher of Realms.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Magmus Molten HeartS
    With Lava Flow active, deals up to 5% more damage based on max HP so an amazing scalerClass: UniversalBest Heroes
  • RagnarokA
    Great crit damage scaler for figher class heroes in Watcher of Realms that have nice crits in their kitClass: FighterBest Heroes
  • Eye of SinA
    Good AoE damage increase for fighter class heroes that does AoE damage with a great bonus as well.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Flawless BladeA
    Depends a little on the setup but if you run a fighter that is normally not taking damage too frequently this can give a nice damage boost.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Void GazerA
    Works well with the mechancis of many fighter class heroes for increased damage.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Bones of SavageryA
    Good with fighters that deal multiple stages of damage with their ultimate and makes a good impact there.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Crystal of VilenessB+
    Can situationally work well unless you have bad luck with RNG activating it or you run against heavy AoE setups that clear the shadows easily.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Wailing TuskB+
    On with Glory Recalled a good artifact.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Skull of IreB+
    Nice initial rage boost if you work on a a team that you want a fighter to get ultimate quickly into battle.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • The Watchguards AmbitionB
    Extra basic attack is nice but also not overly strong with a low proc chance. Still one of the best yellow artifacts for fighter class heroes in Watcher of Realms.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Slayers PresenceB
    Nice damage increase that works with many fighter class hero kits, but overall not the most powerful artifact. Still not a bad one, either.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Nightmare ShadowC
    Crit rate scaling but takes too long to really get where it is good.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Chain of RageC
    Very weird mechancis that can work in certain teams alright, but not a universally artifact.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Voroths WrathD
    same as Chain of Rage, but even more RNG.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • The Norths HornD
    Just not the way you would use with the fighter class heroes.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Lucky LegacyD
    Just weird in the way it works.Class: FighterBest Heroes
  • Healer

  • Orb of EuphoriaS
    Amazing attack speed buff that is worth itClass: HealerBest Heroes
  • Prayer ScrollS
    Nice for AoE healers and gives a good bunch of extra healing overallClass: HealerBest Heroes
  • Lunar VeilS
    If you can make it long enough into battle with this artifact as a healer, this is a huge thing with the permanent invisibility + the speed increase.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Gift of HopeA
    Gives more healing when you need it an overall a reliable a good artifact for healers.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • Jungle RelicA
    Similar to Gift of Hope, but has some falls against strong AoE setups.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • Nynivs MercyB+
    Works nice against burst setups, but the effect is only short at the start of the battle. Useful when you need it, though.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • Lantern of RadianceB+
    Basically the yellow version of Prayer Scroll. Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • DreamglowB
    The shield is nice but a lot of RNG hereClass: UniversalBest Heroes
  • The Norths GloryC
    Nice shield but normally when it procs you don#t need it, yet, but when you need it you can't proc the shield anymore as you can't heal your target to full HP anymore.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • Child of the TreesD
    Normally gets scaled down so much that it is only a 5% increase at the end of the day.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • The Watchguards FortuneD
    The proc chance is so low and makes it so unreliable.Class: HealerBest Heroes
  • Spirit HornD
    Not the way healer class heroes work in Watcher of RealmsClass: HealerBest Heroes
  • Mage

  • Skull of DesecrationS
    Scales area damage very high and as you run those heroes with support the increased damage taken is a effect you can easily trade in for that.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Book of DistortionS
    Great way to deal with attack slowing effects by gaining attack speed and rage accumulationClass: MageBest Heroes
  • Crown of the DepthsS
    25% for an extra energy ball by basic attacks is a plug-and-play effective artifact in Watcher of RealmClass: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Ajaxs RageA
    Good if you have a hero that chains crits with high crit rate to ramp up more crit damage.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Tear of StarlightA
    Even with the reduction a decent artifact for magesClass: MageBest Heroes
  • Blue Sea Ice RingA
    Not too relibale but overall the slowing is a good effect to have.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Eye of the Whie TowerB+
    Can be RNG but also make a great impact. Situationally a good artifact and probably the best yellow artifact for mages.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Zelus ManuscriptB
    Sounds stronger as it is as it only affects during ultimate duration.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Spellcasters EchoC
    Sounds stronger than it is. Not bad, not good, there's simply a lot better options available.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Nightmare SamsaraC
    Too slow to pick up a big effect.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Soul-Eating CrystalD
    Acticating it is just not happening enought o make it worth it.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • The Watchguards WisdomD
    Too low proc chance.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • The Norths StormD
    To specific trigger to be reliable.Class: MageBest Heroes
  • Marksman

  • Nether MessengerS
    Great permanent effect and the way these heroes deal damage you will have it permanently enabled for a great attack buff.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Bloodbond SignetS
    As you run support with those heroes all the time, the reduced max HP is alright for getting the higher critical damage from this artifact.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Soulreaper InsigniaS
    Great stacking attack buff that always works quite wellClass: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Scarlet DaggerS
    Additional area damage and penetration during skill works really well and makes it a good artifact for area damage heroes here in Watcher of Realms.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • Destruction CogS
    High chance for extra cannonballs works well at the end of the day.Class: UniversalBest Heroes
  • The Sharpshooters CrestA
    Nice overall and goes well with marksmen mechanics with a good buff.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Blood DrinkerB
    You won't run marksmen without healing and I normally would rather let them deal more damage than getting some self-healing.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Shadow GazeB
    Takes to long and fades too quickly to make it reliable.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Broken NightmareB
    Can work on quick marksmen but overall more situationally artifact.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Tauriels GazeC
    The way the chances work makes it proc rarely.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • Taunting GazeC
    Nice mechanics but the buff is not strong enough to really make it worth it.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • The Watchguards DisguiseC
    Very specific against flying units only.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes
  • The Norths JudgementD
    So many better options available.Class: MarksmanBest Heroes


I hope this general guide helps you prioritize and choose artifacts in Watcher of Realms. I might extend this guide in the future to make it specific for each hero, but with 150+ heroes this takes a lot of time. If you have any questions or notes, please post a comment below and I will be happy to reply.

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