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kinja run best skills kinja run best skills

The Best Skill/Abilities To Pick in Kinja Run

Picking skils can make or break your runs in Kinja Run and I have below my top recommendations when it comes to pick your skills but also some additional info on the hidden stats (yes, some skill/abilities in Kinja Run add stats without telling you), so you can get the most out all your runs in Kinja Run.

Also important! Also check out the new updated list of active codes in Kinja Run here – there’s a ton of new codes added that will give you a lot of Gems and Coins.

Top 10 Skills/Abilities To Pick Right Now

So, initially I wanted to write a full tier list but as the game is quite fresh and neither all weapons nor all skills are final, I rather wanted to point you put my Top 10 skill picks for now – those are the ones I pick above the others at any time right now. I promise you, in a few weeks I will update this and give you a detailed tier list for Kinja Run.

Please mind! The performance also depends on what weapon you’re running in Kinja Run and I have just updated my guide on the best weapons here.

Attack Up (Large)

Flat increases all attack damage by 60%. That’s a lot and you will love that, especially when you can pick them up back to back as they will stack (so, picking two of them is not 120% increased attack, it’s in fact then 166% increased damage and it roll even more with three of them, netting 325% increased attack!). Those bad boys can scale a lot, keep that in mind if you see them and already have one or two, the damage increase can be huge.


A great skill that flat increases all stats so you will scale very well. Might not be the best option at the very start when you need more versatile attacking skills that add more capabilities but overall one of the nicest skills to pick in Kinja Run.

Crit Rate (Large)

Increases your crit rate by 45% and scales really well with everything else and you will recognize how the total damage output will rise immediately. Is slightly less effective than the large ATK-UP when you do the math (45% more double damage is theoretically 45% increased damage compared to the flat 60% damage increase of Attack Up).


Unlike Combo, this skill will fire two projectiles at the same time instead of once (but also reduce the damage of both by 15%). Grat to use in pretty much all situations as it will basically add damage and scale great with other skills in Kinja Run that either trigger or enable, like Ricochet.


Great as it will make your shots go through an enemy after hitting and travel to another one, boosting your damage output a lot plus also adds a lot of damage as Ricochet barely misses.


kinja run combo skill

This is basically a multi-shot when you add one additional shot with your weapon whenever a shot is fired. Especially combining it will make you shoot a lot faster and also the chances of landing shots get higher. Great ability and I love that you can basically combine it with pretty much any other skill as well.

Pronged Shot

kinja run pronged shot skill

Is kind of the diagonal arrow (you might recognize it if you play Archero, also from the same developers). It’s not necessarily an area of effect skill and also depends what weapon you’re running with, but overall if absolutely helps taking out enemies more efficiently and I’d pick this skill over all the others (well, except the ones listed above).


This is a controversial skill, for sure. You’ll get a revive and basically a new chance. Now, some Kinja Run players argue that picking up a different skill would prevent dying in the first place and it’s better to treat the causes (health, survivability or damage output), rather than the symptom (death). And it only works once. I still tend to pick it up if I see it unless there are other great options on the table, but that this recommendation with a grain of salt.


Another controversial one as it will heal you whenever you take out an enemy and can help you maintain a good HP percentage throughout the stages in Kinja Run. Now, the debate is the same as with Revive – if you would take more damage you might kill enemies before they can hit you, but I personally find that my sustain gets so much higher, especially starting mid-game in Kinja Run, that it’s worth picking.


As I said, I will make a full tier list at a later point when all skills and weapons in Kinja Run kind of ‘settled’ a little bit and we know what’s really good and what’s not, but for now I’m sure the list above will help you a lot.

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  1. Omniboost isn’t as good as one might hope. Its a mild boost, I’d choose extra projectiles/offhand/shadow warrior over omniboost.

    Bloodthirst is trash compared to Combo Health Up. Bloodthirst gives you chump change in the running phase, but in combat phase, grinding mobs and bosses, Combo Up gets ridiculous, especially with a Combo Master, Attack Speed Up, and Holy Light. I’ve soaked a boss with twinfire holy lights for over 7k HP while wearing them down.

    Plus, you’re missing the “unlockable” abilities that you get from combining shadow warriors.

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