punball best skills and balls tier list punball best skills and balls tier list

Best Skills & Balls in PunBall Tier List

There are so many skills you can pick in PunBall that many players have a hard time picking the right ones. Some do simply sound great but aren’t, others don’t tell much how good they are, etc… So I took my time and made a ranking that you can use to see what skills are the best to take in the next selection screen in PunBall.

punball skill selection screen.

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Best Skills Ranking (Tier List)

S Tier


Missile Ball is for sure one of the strongest balls in PunBall as it will deal more damage than the other balls plus set off a missile that goes after the weakest target. There’s never a bad time to have that in your arsenal!

Upgrade Missile is also very powerful as you can’t have enough of them. Also, you won’t sacrifice anything as they do more damage than your normal balls so you don’t sacrifice any damage and you get the additional missile that goes after the weakest target which is also really helpful.

Shadow Clone is the only combo here in S Tier but that’s where it belongs looking at all skills in PunBall! It can make a new ball every 30 balls (when they get stuck on the top wall, that’s insane extra) plus it also can create special balls and let the combo and damage skyrocket.

Freeze Ball has a lower chance to activate than Upgrade Freeze, but you don’t have to replace a ball, that’s why I see it slightly stronger. Remember, replacing a existing ball for freeze will take away the damage output!

Upgrade Freeze is for some players controversial, but taking the freeze into your arsenal is really helpful and if it happens to freeze an enemy it can save your life without any downside. That’s powerful, especially later in PunBall.

Extra Life will clear the bottom three rows and give you a second chance. I know that many players in PunBall say this is by far the strongest skill but I frankly disagree for the reason that other skills might have prevented being in that spot and even the new life can let you in a very stonewalled position. Anyway, a strong pick and most of the times a skill you should take


A Tier

Invincible Cover is straight S Tier for many players, but the fact that it needs to trigger on the right turn makes it a little less viable for me. It can save your life but also do nothing, depends. But still a nice pick that you will not regret picking.


Lightning will deal damage to chained enemies. Useful in many situations and most of the time you can make good use of it.

Lightning Upgrade sacrifices some balls but you don’t deal less damage and can get the lightning effect. Great skill.

Missile Master is hard to rank. On its own, its amazing and when you have a nice combo with some Missile Balls going on, it really clears the board for you – but you need some Missile Balls to make use of it.

Vertical Laser Ball is a little more useful than its horizontal counterpart and can go off decent as it will go off more often than the horizontal one.

Split Ball is basically the non-combo version of Shadow Clone and pretty useful in most situations with the angle that comes in handy a lot of times when it splits.

B Tier

Fireball Combo is helpful to spread the fire and also does some impact. It’s a decent pick unless you have other stronger options.

Fireball adds more damage to your projectiles and a burn effect. It’s not a big change but an upgrade that will help you with every situation, although it’s just a little. Not worthless but no game-changer neither. Also, burn effects only apply once to a target.

Strength is a double-bladed sword! IF you get it early and IF you fight a lot of ranged enemies, it’s super helpful and you can pick up more and double your HP. If you get it late, ignore it! That’s why it’s here in the middle of the tier list.

Black Hole Ball is also great if you get it early and need to break through stuff. Really useful for that. If not, it will not do too much. hard to rank as it’s really situational so keep your eyes open to see the situations where you should pick it (early and if you need to break through walls).

Horizontal Laser Ball is slightly above the upgrade as it adds a special ball and it can be nice when it proccs right, but overall not that great.

Horizontal Laser Upgrade is not as powerful as vertical but can do some decent work for you in some tricky levels. I don’t see it on par with the upper skills but definitely a useful one.

Upgrade Fire is solid as you won’t sacrifice anything and have the extra damage and burn, although it’s not overly crazy after all.

Ice Combo can be powerful, especially against huge swarms where you have a good chance to freeze every 30 balls. Not the craziest skill in PubBall, no, but can make a difference depending on the skill choices you have and the stage you’re in.

Super Entry deals that 300% damage for the first ball which normally is no game changer or doesn’t do that much on its own, but if you can combine it with Black Hole Ball it deals insane damage. For that combo I place it here.

Combo Bomb deals extra damage and has some area effect. That’s okay but not overly viable. No bad pick, though but mind the low activation chance.

Bomb Ball is the same as Bomb Combo but I feel the combo is working a little bit better.


C Tier

Drill Ball is one for niche uses. It doesn’t deal much damage and also can be completely ineffective, but you can occasionally snag things that make it useful. Overall not that powerful when compared to the skill I have in the higher tiers.

Firemaster will add more damage, which goes well with the fire effect. The reason I don’t rank this much higher is that you will need a lot of fire to take effect and that’s not the case all the time, so you probably have better choices in most cases. If not, it’s no drama to pick this skill.

Combat Ball is a little better than sniper ball and gets damage to enemies around, but overall not that crazy strong after all.

Sniper Ball gives you that extra ball and does mediocre damage, but that’s about it. Sitautionally useful and overall I see multiple other skills a better pick.

Backstab Ball is hard to rank. In general, you don’t want to deal damage to an enemy behind you but the damage is nice. Very situational in my opinion. Can be good against bosses. Be careful, it can mess up your combos.

Special Ball Combo can hit strong, but it’s super-RNG heavy so you can go through without having it or having it hit in a situation where you don’t want to. But it’s impactful.

Lightning Master is not really predictable but nice for the jumping.

Ice Master will give you additional damage on your freeze balls. Yes, you should take freeze balls but you don’t take them for the damage and this one feels like doing something with it that’s not the intention, for that reason I don’t rank it higher.

Laser Master is, for me, the least useful of the “Master” skills in PunBall. It makes your laser effects do both. That is often not doing that much in addition.

Final Ball shouldn’t be a big surprise ranked right here. The reason it’s even slightly worse than Super Entry is that you can’t target the last ball that well compared to the first one…

D Tier

Black Hole Combo is nice when it happens, but the activation chances are so little that it’s just not worth going for it as a skill choice. I would have to be quite desperate, have the right skill setup and level to go for it, tbh.

Missile Combo is also a skill many players overrate. It’s simply not working well and activation is bad.

Thunderbolt Combo barely deals damage.

Horizontal Laser Combo is only activated one time, doesn’t do much.

Vertical Laser Combo same as the other one.

Solid Ball ATK Up gives more damage boost to normal balls but no special ones, still not making any difference overall and you will barely feel it.

Attack UP will give you 10% more damage. Sounds a lot, but in the end it won’t make such a high impact as you believe compared to the special skills above. It’s a pick if the other options are simply waste, but most of the time you can pick a better skill.

Special Ball Attack UP is as bad as the other ATK Up skills in PunBall. Almost does nothing and the only, theoretical, use-case I see is when hitting a wall with Black Hole Ball.

Barely noticeable and not really worth taking.

Double Effect sounds so nice, but the reality is that it has a very low activation rate and it ONLY works on combos. So, the extra is often times not that much so be aware of that!

Recovery Up is not a good option and I wouldn’t pick it unless my only other options are the skill below. With long-range attacks, it CAN help but overall doesn’t make much of a difference and I would pick any of the above skills anytime.

First Flight adds that fire when a bomb hits, but overall only activates once when you have Bomb Ball. Just not worth it.

F Tier

Void Missile is crazy good when you have Black Hole skill already to get the additional missiles. IF NOT: don’t pick it, it’s completely useless! The only reason to pick it would be if you have a good bunch of black hole balls already to trigger the activation at a decent rate.

Death Missiles is not good, triggers not really often and then almost do nothing. Just keep away from it.

Death Lightning doesn’t do much of an effect, doesn’t activate often and one of the worst skills in PunBall!

Death Laser is like all other death effect skills in PunBall not worth picking.

HP UP is not a helpful one. It might give you one more hit to take instead of helping you to prevent that. Not a good pick and almost no situation where this is really helpful.

Insta Kill Ball promises to offer a chance to instantly kill the target… well, chances are almost non-existent and when it happens it won’t change much as that enemy would go away sooner or later anyway. Just keep your hands away from it… probably the works skill in PunBall. Would like to create a own tier at the bottom for it… it even works against your combos here and there.


I hope this helps, if you want to add/discuss/change anything, just start a discussion below in the comments.

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  1. Completely wrong considerations on instant kill ball. By playing angles for several balances on the same monster, is possible to easily kill even a full heath monster. In you get intant kill ball in the early rounds, its much, much more effective than missile ball. Test it to believe it.

    1. I totally agree with you! A bunch of instant kill balls do miracles for me! Just don’t shoot straight, make it do combos 😀

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