Summoner’s Greed Best Monsters (Tier List) – April 2023

summoners greed best monsters tier list april 2023

So many units and monsters in Summoner’s Greed give you a hard time choosing which ones to run and invest your time end effort in, right?

Well, for that reason I have written this tier list to give you an idea which units will be good throughout all stages of the game and absolutely worth the invest and which ones are more like a waste of time and shouldn’t be on your list (or be replaced at later stages of the game).

Important! Claim your welcome rewards in Summner’s Greed if you haven’t already and read why there are no real gift codes in the game here.

The Best Units/Monsters in Summoner’s Greed

Let’s start off with the list directly


  • AmaterasuS+
    Amaterasu absolutely belong to the very top in Summoner's Greed, no question about that. He's the best damage dealer in the game and can be used in pretty much any level. Useful as carry, getting DPS in, good for farming... just an absolutely great unit!
  • JiraiyaS+
    Jiraiya is very likely the 2nd-best damage dealer in Summoner's Greed after Amaterasu, but a little bit slower although great range and very useful in many farming setups as well. Can also played in any level.
  • King in YellowS+
    King in Yellow can change a lot by changing the fact that elemental levels that weren't completable are completable and let you complete pretty much anything in Summoner's Greed. The only downside of him? Well, you need other units along with him to make him work well. So, a really end-game monster unit to have, none you will run earlier as you're just lacking the other units around him.
  • HorusS+
    Horus with his speed buff is absolutely insane and besides Speedy the only monster that will be able to give you that speed buff and makes absolutely every team in Summoner's Greed better and I can't much think of a setup where you wouldn't run Horus in if you have him at a decent level.
  • AnubisS
    Anubis is a very strong utility unit and his damage multipliers are important to other carry monsters and you normally will only see him shine in late- to end-game in Summoner's Greed. He's not absolutely necessary but a very strong monster overall.
  • HadesS
    Hades is a solid damage dealer through all stages of the game and can be easily a KPR carry. There's only one downside and that's that you can find cheaper units for that so you don't have to have him and invest that much into him.
  • SpeedyS
    Speedy & Mighty can be sued through the whole game to buff up your carry units and also help to enable and are absolutely worth ranking quite high. They just help your progression so much that I rank them this high.
  • MightyS
    Speedy & Mighty can be sued through the whole game to buff up your carry units and also help to enable and are absolutely worth ranking quite high. They just help your progression so much that I rank them this high.
  • Slime KingS
    Slime King guarantees you consistent JR Nightmare clears and his use is really useful through the entire game. Be aware that sometimes he can speed up your farming setups and sometimes he can slow it down.
  • OdinS
    Really good new mythical monster that's worth maxing
  • ThorS
    Really good new mythical monster that's worth maxing
  • LokiS
    Really good new mythical monster that's worth maxing
  • RaA+
    Ra has exactly one use in Summoner's Greed and that's IQT, so for that reason I ranked him here in the A Tier. Very crucial for that but not that much anywhere else, but especially towards end-game IQT is no important that I see him here.
  • ZeusA+
    Zeus is a very good IQT carry and is falling a little short with the cosmic update but still a unit that I would consider here in the higher tiers, but wouldn't invest in him from scratch at this point anymore. Also, not to forget, his great utility as he can stun with his basic attacks.
  • Tuna Breath TimmyA+
    Best of all the pirate buffs
  • IfritA
    Ifrit is the evolution of Hellhound so pretty much at the same ranking. A little stronger and you need to decide if you want to do the hard work for the evolution.
  • HellhoundA
    Hellhound is very good for buffing in elemental Challenges and often necessary to get you the completes
  • SusanooA
    Susanoo is hard to rank, as you never completely need her. You can get the shop summons with Gems as well so you will sacrifice some overall strength when running her. But she can be really handy farming (especially using Auto Clicker)
  • KevinA
    Kevin is a very nice carry for the normal levels and can be used in JR Hard as well and also viable as main unit in cheap elemental challenge setups. Just viable overall and for the cheap invest worth it.
  • Mr. FlameyA
    Mr. Flamey opens a very nice route to clear the nightmare level and is overall a very solid unit in Summoner's Greed.
  • MikoA
    Solid new monster and worth buiding if you ahve done the above ranked ones already.
  • GenbuA
    Solid new monster and worth buiding if you ahve done the above ranked ones already.
  • SirenA
    Her Vortex is pretty strong but her damage output is mediocre. Some players consider her the best cc in the game but I'll rank her a little conservatively until we see where her spot in the meta really is
  • Stinky LongbeardA
    Nice attack buff for the mosnters next to him
  • Pirate McPiratefaceA
    Nice damage boost for above and below him
  • HanzoB+
    Hanzo is able to perform well in classic level farming setups. Maybe you could use him as a nightmare carry, but I don't see a very well use for Hanzo in common setups in most modes other than that.
  • ByakkoB+
    Similar to Onmyouki a little disappointing and not shinging in any mode.
  • OnmyoujiB+
    Decent targeting but overall not the monster you might have expected and with loads of better options available not my favorite
  • CutethuluB+
    Cutethulu has pretty much the single role and use as a carry in Cosmic Tower but is over-shadowed by King in Yellow. Also not really much damage compared to other units.
  • ShupnikkuratB+
    Shupnikkurat is pretty much the same as Cutethule, only carry in Cosmic Tower and later you will replace her with King in Yellow.
  • MobyB+
    Has extremely high damage even for a mythical monster with great area of effect, but if you compare that with the DPS of the mythical ones, he's getting pretty much outlcassed by any of them.
  • Captain O'HairB+
    Okay but not the highest of all the pirate cats
  • Black WhiskersB+
    Deals decent damage and can be viable in the right setup.
  • Calico CatB+
    Deals decent damage and can be viable in the right setup.
  • FelinaB
    Felina can be used in farming setups and gives them a small speed increase, but can also be useful to clear the nightmare levels if you use CMG route without having a mythic. Not overall exceptional great but has some uses.
  • AshB
    Ash is actually a pretty solid stunner in the classic levels and useful if you get him.
  • DeathbiteB
    Deathbite can cut down the HP of enemy monsters and becomes useful at some points and can be combined well with Anubis and gets some niche uses towards end-game in Summoner's Greed so I think B Tier is absolutely fair.
  • FrostbiteB
    Frostbite has actually a pretty good stun and can be used in cheaper Volcano Goddess farming setups with the Mr. Flamy clear route.
  • ClydeB
    Clyde can be good for speeding up farming setups. Not more, not less, he's useful for that.
  • FlamyB
    Regular Flamy is comparable to Clyde and good for speeding up your farming setups.
  • SoloseidonB
    Soloseidon is the evolution of Poseidon and only has the very niche usage in Wrath of the Volcano Goddess, but today there are some new setups that are working as well there so there's no need to rank him any higher.
  • Arch-ArchimedesB
    Arch-Archimedes is a little higher as she will provide global damage on top of the global stun and can be support/damage in Volcano Goddess, maybe even a cheap team carry.
  • SluggyC+
    Sluggy can be a decent support unit in IQT with his stunning mechanics, but that's more rarely the case so he's here in the niche tier.
  • ArchimedesC+
    Archimedes provides a global stun which is useful and is valuable through the full game and also retains value in the elemental Challenges and Volcano Goddess.
  • InfernusC+
    Infernus can be a decent damage carry for the normal levels, not more and not less. There are better damage dealers in Summoner's Greed but he's not that bad. But once they are over, there's no use for him anymore...
  • KrakenC+
  • Rusty Hook RackhamC+
    Has some cc but nothing too special and no real strong setup that can make much out of it.
  • PuffyC
    Puffy plays pretty much the same role as Infernus.
  • MonkeC
    Monke has a decent stunning in his kit that you can use at some stages and the cheap invest make him somewhat interesting for some players, but also his damage output is not really interesting.
  • SparkyC
    Sparky also has decent stun and can provide some value in cheap teams in Summoner's Greed.
  • CapuccinoC
    Regular Capuccino has also decent stunning ability so you can use him at one point.
  • TeddyC
    Regular Teddy also provides decent stuns qualifying him for this position.
  • ChillyC
    Regular Chilly is like Capucciono and Teddy here for his decent stunning.
  • BastetC
    Bastet provides neither great damage nor good stuns but other units like Archemidis or Slime King are better for that and they can stun globally with a decent duration. I'd not say horribly bad monster but also not needed really that much.
  • PoseidonC
    Poseidon has the main issue is not that good of a water unit and you can't actually use him as a Volcano Goddess carry as his damage is not really happening and the ability kit neither. So, as this is his only real 'theoretic' use, I ranked him that low.
  • StackyC
    Stacky is a solid baseline unit to get your first clears on the normal levels so I think ranking him here in the niche tier is absolutely fair.
  • RockyC
    Rocky has a pretty alright stun that can be useful at points.
  • CrispyC
    Crispy has some usage in classical farming setups so I think the niche tier is absolutely fair for him.
  • FuryC
    Fury has an alright ish stun that you can use in classic levels, but nothing special overall.
  • YetiC
    Yeti is not a good stunner and I would rank him lower but he's useful in cheap Volcano Goddess setups so I think C Tier is the best he can ask for.
  • LightningC
    Lightning has pretty much the same role as Yeti.
  • DevonC
    Devon provides the HP cutting that can be used in some setup, but by the time this could be really good you wouldn't use him as a core unit.
  • Pony SparksC
    Pony Sparks has a decent stun and has some use in IQT here and there.
  • ChronusD+
    Chronus is not a good stun, he has stunning. That's pretty much it and everything that keeps him away from the lowest tier.
  • Iced CapuccinoD+
    Iced Cappuccino doesn't really have much damage but provides that small stun that can make him useful at the beginning.
  • Glacial DarkwingD+
    Glacial Darkwing is not great, by the time you will be able to get him and evolve him you have so many better options that he's not worth using.
  • Pegleg McScurvyD+
    Nothing too special and make sure to invest in the buffing pirate cats before him.
  • Patchy One EyeD+
    Nothing too special and make sure to invest in the buffing pirate cats before him.
  • PyroD
    Pyro is a damage dealer that is outperformed by so many other units that it's not really worth talking much more about him.
  • JackD
    Jack is supposed to be a damage dealer but there are simply so many better units, from start to mid game in Summoner's Greed.
  • Evolved SlimeyD
    Evolved Slimey is, although it's a pretty cheap one, a evolution you should not really think about too much. The effort compared to the outcome is simply not worth it.
  • Extra ChillyD
    Extra Chilly is also maybe useful in very budget Volcano Goddess setups but actually not a unit I'd go for.
  • Evo Ash (Dust)D
    Evo Ash (Dust) is not really viable looking at the investment in perspective what you get for it. I mean you could use him in some Volcano Goddess farming setups but at the point you have access to so many other units that's it not really worth it.
  • SkelingtonD
    Skelington can be used in KPR but overall not a unit that I would spend too many thoughts on. By the time you will get him there your KPR setup is actually a lot better so no real use for him.
  • SpideyD
    Spidey, first of all, is really slow. I really won't recommend him much but he's overall a little better than the ones ranked below in D Tier.
  • LimzardD
    Limzard provides a stun but nothing too good and nothing more.
  • CheebsD
    Cheebs can be used to get a good stall on the Golem in Evil Summoner, but it's not that efficient. At least he has stun so I have him here in the D Tier.
  • ArtemisF
    Artemis has bad DPS output and I don't see any use for her at all right now in Summoner's Greed.
  • Mummy KingF
    Mummy King provides no damage and what else can I say here, just bad.
  • Archangel GabrielF
    Archangel Gabriel has bad damage so no recommendation for him.
  • DarkwingF
    Darkwing provides really bad damage, so F Tier for him.
  • Ex-PyroF
    Ex-Pyro doesn't see any usage in KPR at all even after the evolution so I have no reason to not put him in this lowest tier.
  • RudolphF
    Rudolph is another damage dealer that just doesn't provide much damage. Not much more to say about him.
  • SlimeyF
    Slimey is cheap but also not good. Not much damage and not a great monter. I don't think there's any use for him past the tutorial in Summoner's Greed.
  • Evo TeddyF
    I don't see any use or reason to use Evo Teddy at all, sorry. The effort compared to the minimal improvement is absolutely not worth it compared to regular Teddy.
  • SpikeyF
    Spikey has this armor break that is useless in any stage of Summoner's Greed and overall damage is not really good.
  • GrimeyF
    Grimey has very bad damage and his armor break is also useless, pretty much like Spikey.
  • MokaF
    Moka is also a bad damage dealer that I don't see any real use for.
  • Evo MochaF
    Evo Mocha is simply no good unit overall.
  • Magna DarkwingF
    Magna Darkwing is as bad as the regular version and considering what you need to go through for doing the evolution makes me put him at the very end of this tier list. Bad damage, no fire element attached, I don't want to go on with the list fo reasons he's in the very last spot here...


So, this is my ranking of all the monsters and units in Summoner’s Greed. If you have questions or believe that I made a horrible mistake at one point, just drop a comment below.

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