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Summoner’s Greed Auto Clicker Setup Guide

Welcome to the most controversial guide I have writte for Summoner’s Greed… the one about Auto Clicker. The reason I have decided to write that guide (and believe me, I had a hard time questioning myself if I should or not), is that most players will use them anyway and I barely know any top player not using Auto Clicker… Also, I rather write you a proper guide that you can use and you can decide yourself if you want to use it or not (see disclaimer below) than see you getting any scam guide that will recommend you to get a malware app or anything worse than that.

Please don’t burn me in the comments, I think this is a valid point and this guide won’t make the difference of people using Auto Clicker or not.

Disclaimer: If, for any reason, the developers decide to ban players that use Auto Clicker… this is on your own risk and can have consequences some day in the future that can even result in losing your Summoner’s Greed account. So, in that case, I feel sorry for you but you now know what you’re getting yourself into.

Is Auto Clicker Working on iOS

No. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone (what I absolutely don’t recommend), you will not be able to use Auto Clicker there as state of now. The only way to get free stuff in Summoner’s Greed there without doing anything is using gift codes (find my frequently updated gift code list here).

Why Use Auto Clicker

Well, you can obviously do something more fun than farming in Summoner’s Creed and still get the rewards. By the way, this also works for the popular farming techniques like farming Summoning Stones that you can find here.

How To Set Up Auto Clicker for Summoner’s Creed

Before we start, one last advice. Auto Clicker should always be used with an efficient farming setup – I have here just updated my setup guide with good setups here, no matter if you’re early-, mid- or late-game.

So, here’s what you need to do…

Step 1 – Get Auto Clicker App

The first obvious step would be to get the Auto Clicker (or Auto Clicker Lite) app from the Play Store. You can use alternative apps and I won’t link them here, but I think you can find them easily yourself…

Step 2 – Setup

So, what you’re aiming for is a click pattern that will repeat over and over again what you would do so you can place your device on the side, do whatever you want to do, and then come back and be happy about the rewards that the Auto Clicker farmed for you.

So, here’s a setup that you can use. You will basically place the clickpoints that Auto Clicker will click in that order and a delay in between. Most players use 2 seconds as this will run the most stable:

Setup 1 – Menu (Start)

auto clicker setup 2

Step 2 – Farming

auto clicker setup 1

Step 3 (End Stage)

auto clicker setup 3


Now you can watch the Auto Clicker do its work and I recommend monitoring it for a couple of runs to make sure that it runs smoothly and won#t get stuck somewhere so you can fine-tune.

Again, please no hate-debate in the comment about why it is not fair, why iOS can’t use it and about getting banned. Everybody here knows all about this and can decide freely to use it or not.

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