Best Layout Setup in Summoner’s Greed

Many people go way too hard in their setups and think there’s some magical setup that will work wonders – and actually there is, it’s just more obvious than you might think. Actually, there has been some layout setups in Summoner’s Greed that worked not as intended and the developers patched them out, so there’s right now one very simple setup you can basically use for everything and improve while you go through the early towards the mid-to-late/end game stages in the game – and this is the one I want to show you below.

By the way, before we start, I also just updated my tier list for the best monsters in Summoner’s Greed so make sure to check that out as well.

The Best Basic Setup in Summoner’s Greed, Period!

Please also mind, these setups also work with Auto Clicker (read my setup guide here in case you don’t know much about it)

So, in the very early beginning when you start playing Summoner’s Greed, you don’t have many options so all you have to do is to work your way to the first layout and setup that will work so effectively that you will forget about everything else:

summoners greed best setup 1

You want to basically run Speedy and Mighty in the front row with Stacky in the middle. Stacky has such a high attack speed and while buffed up by Speedy and Mighty, you will basically one-shot everything that’s coming in. The rest of your defense is nothing that matters with that as the enemies won’t cross the frontline anyway.

This is the setup to run until you have Lightning available so you can switch Stacky out:

summoners greed best setup 2

And in the last upgraded version of this very basic but yet super effective layout will be Kevin in the middle:

summoners greed best setup 3

My personal favorite setup is running Slime King in the middle once you have him unlocked and upgraded well enough as he will basically AoE one-shot everything and that’s it:

summoners greed best setup 4

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The Advanced Setup in Summoner’s Greed, Period!

So, this might not be available for all players in Summoner’s Greed but those who can should now switch their setup up but you need to be high enough to have Felina. So, when you put her in the back, her ability will become full-map

summoners greed best setup 5

You can optionally add monsters in the front rows that stun to keep everything that#s incoming there as long as possible so she can take them out from the back of the map – a really cool and effective setup.

So, when you now want (or need) up take this to the next level as you’re doing Nightmare Mode, here’s what I recommend to add in the front and middle row of your layout:

With Pony Sparks and Archangel in the front that gets buffed up you have a great frontline:

summoners greed best setup 6

They will pretty much keep everything there so Felina can deal with them from the backrow, that’s really efficient.

But now that you have Speedy in the front row, the best backline layout would be Felina paired with Mighty and Hellhound:

summoners greed best setup 7

Now you can use all heroes stalling in the mid row positions for the rest – the ‘in-a-perfect-world’ setup for the best mid-row would be then Archangel, Ash and Archimedes.

summoners greed best setup final


So, this is it and I think every player at every stage in Summoner’s Greed can take away one line of monster setup here and do well. If you have questions or other suggestions what monster layouts work really well right now, simply post a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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