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The Trader Guide & Trader Deal Cycle

The Trader is the freshest spawn in your Clash of Clans village and he offers daily deals – with deals it’s always the same, they can be rather good or bad so I did take all the deals the Trader offers and tell you which ones you should get and which ones you shouldn’t take plus in what situations a deal becomes a good deal for you.

The Trader General Info

The Trader does do exactly two things – selling magical items for Gems and from time to time also giving away a free magical item for you. After the June 2018 Update, the Trader also offers Runes! You will also find an updated version of the full deal cycle below ๐Ÿ™‚

The first thing you should make sure is to check the deals every day, so you don’t miss the free item when it becomes available.

All deals in there are completely random, also the free magical items – there’s no global list of deals so checking daily is important to not miss anything ๐Ÿ™‚

Trader Deal Cycle

The deals you see at the Trader follow a fixed 40-day-cycle, so you can plan ahead when you know what deals will show up in the future.

Please note: The free Training Potions are not in a 7-day schedule anymore (e.g. you always had it Tuesdays, so you could just remember it)

Day Slot #1 Slot #2 Slot #3
Day 1 Clock Tower Potionย (FREE) Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 2 Training Potion Resource Potion Book of Fighting
Day 3 Clock Tower Potion Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 4 Training Potion Resource Potion Rune of Builder Elixir
Day 5 Clock Tower Potion Hero Potion Rune of Elixir
Day 6 Training Potion Resource Potion Book of Heroes
Day 7 Training Potion Power Potion Book of Spells
Day 8 Training Potionย (FREE) Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 9 Wall Rings (x10) Resource Potion Book of Fighting
Day 10 Training Potion Power Potion Book of Building
Day 11 Clock Tower Potion Hero Potion Builder Potion
Day 12 Training Potionย (FREE) Resource Potion Rune of Builder Gold
Day 13 Clock Tower Potion Power Potion Rune of Builder Elixir
Day 14 Training Potion Resource Potion Book of Building
Day 15 Training Potion Power Potion Builder Potion
Day 16 Clock Tower Potion Resource Potion Book of Spells
Day 17 Clock Tower Potion Power Potion Builder Potion
Day 18 Clock Tower Potion Resource Potion Book of Fighting
Day 19 Wall Rings (x10) Shovel of Obstacles Builder Potion
Day 20 Training Potion Resource Potion Rune of Gold
Day 21 Clock Tower Potionย (FREE) Resource Potion Book of Spells
Day 22 Clock Tower Potion Resource Potion Rune of Dark Elixir
Day 23 Wall Rings (x10) Hero Potion Book of Heroes
Day 24 Wall Rings (x5) Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 25 Clock Tower Potion Hero Potion Builder Potion
Day 26 Training Potion Power Potion Builder Potion
Day 27 Clock Tower Potion Power Potion Rune of Gold
Day 28 Wall Rings (x10) Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 29 Wall Rings (x5) Resource Potion Book of Heroes
Day 30 Training Potion Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 31 Clock Tower Potionย (FREE) Power Potion Book of Spells
Day 32 Training Potion Power Potion Builder Potion
Day 33 Wall Rings (x5) Power Potion Book of Heroes
Day 34 Clock Tower Potion Hero Potion Builder Potion
Day 35 Training Potionย (FREE) Hero Potion Book of Building
Day 36 Training Potion Shovel of Obstacles Builder Potion
Day 37 Training Potion Resource Potion Book of Spells
Day 38 Wall Rings (x5) Resource Potion Builder Potion
Day 39 Training Potion Resource Potion Book of Building

As every rune is only appearing once within every cycle, you can easily find where you are in the cycle once you see a rune appearing at the trader in your village.

Trader Prices

Now I’ve been wrapping up all prices and also give you an advice which deals are good and which ones aren’t.

Resource Potion (115 Gems)

When boosting all your collectors manually, you would pay (depending on the number of available ones per Town Hall Level):

  • Town Hall 10-12: 230 Gems
  • Town Hall 9: 200 Gems
  • Town Hall 8: 180 Gems
  • Town Hall 7: 150 Gems
  • Town Hall 6 & lower: 120 Gems & less

As you can see, this deal is getting better & better the higher your Town Hall Level is – well, as long as you have all the collectors available at your Town Hall Level.

When looking above, you see why it makes sense that the Trader is not available before Town Hall 8…

Actually, you should never buy resources with Gems as this is the worst value, so I don’t compare the boost price now to the price when buying the resources with Gems – but I will give you how much you will get from the boost (maxed out collectors):

  • TH 10 & 11:ย 706k Gold & Elixir + 7,200 Dark Elixir
  • TH 9:ย 706k Gold & Elixir + 4,800 Dark Elixir
  • TH 8: 605k Gold & Elixir + 1,160 Dark Elixir

When looking at these numbers, you can see that the Training Potion itself doesn’t offer that much value except for TH10+ with the Dark Elixir.

Check your recent logs and you see how many raids you need to make that much resources and you will see that the Training Potion makes a lot more sense to you, especially when you’re lower than Town Hall 10.


Power Potion (300 Gems)

Getting maxed troops for 1 hour for 300 Gems… I don’t even think I need to say anything here. The Power Potion itself hasn’t that much use anyway (except for some extreme engineers), but paying 300 Gems for it makes it a no-brainer.

This makes it A REALLY BAD DEAL

Builder Potion (285 Gems)

The Builder Potion will give your Builders 10 times the speed for 1 hour – so every Builder will finish an upgrade 9 hours earlier (10 hours boost minus the 1 hour it’s running).

If you gem upgrade times, you will pay 103 Gems for 9 hours, It’s only 367 Gems for 45 hours, but I can’t use this because the Builder Potion only makes every Builder 9 hours faster.

Now looking at the amount of busy Builders, you will have:

  • 1 Builder: 103 Gems
  • 2 Builder: 206 Gems
  • 3 Builder: 309 Gems
  • 4 Builder: 412 Gems
  • 5 Builder: 515 Gems

You see that the Builder Potion is only having a positive effect if you have more than 3 Builders busy with upgrades that will run for longer than 10 hours.


Hero Potion (300 Gems)

I do understand that this potion can be very useful for those of you that have just gotten to a new Town Hall level and want to make a good performance in Clan War – but paying 300 Gems for it is ridiculous!

This makes it a HORRIBLE DEAL

Training Potion (25 Gems)

One hour of boosting for 25 Gems, sounds like a good deal? Let’s see how much boosting costs depending on the amount of Barracks, Spell Factories & Heroes:

  • Town Hall 11 & 12: 55 Gems
  • Town Hall 9 &10: 50 Gems
  • Town Hall 8: 45 Gems
  • Town Hall 7: 35 Gems

Boosting your army for one hour is the best value you can get for Gems as it allows you to make at least 5-6 attacks that will give you a huge reward.

This makes it A NICE DEAL FOR ALL TOWN HALLS that can use the Trader!

Clock Tower Potion (75 Gems)

The only real use of this potion is for finishing those Clan Game tasks that will require 900% destruction, 24 Stars or anything like that. What do you want to do with a 30 minute boost in Builder Base anyway? You only can get your 3 daily rewarded attacks and that’s it and you can do them most of the time within your 10 minute Clock Tower attack.

For buying it with Gems it’s a USELESS DEAL

Book of Heroes (500 Gems)

The Trader also offers the Book of Heroes for 500 Gems, so it’s 50% the price of skipping the hero upgrade of 7 days which costs 999 Gems.

Especially if you’re going to war a lot, consider having a Book of Heroes at you availability since we only get them every 2 Clan Games.

Looking over to the Builder Base, where you can use the BoH as well, you can save some Gems:

  • Battle Machine LVL 10+: 750 Gems
  • Battle Machine LVL 20+: 1000 Gems

This makes this A SWEET DEAL FOR EVERYONEย when using it in your Home Village or Battle Machineย Lvl 10+!

Book of Spells, Fighting, Building (925 Gems)

The other Books, except the Book of Everything, will cost 925 Gems and can be a good deal or not – let’s have a look at the costs skipping an upgrade depending on the time:

Home Village:

  • 14 days: 1863 Gems
  • 13 days: 1740 Gems
  • 12 days: 1616 Gems
  • 11 days: 1493 Gems
  • 10 days: 1370 Gems
  • 9 days: 1246 Gems
  • 8 days: 1123 Gems
  • 7 days: 1000 Gems
  • 6 days 9 hours 35 minutes: 925 Gems

Builder Base:

  • 6 days: 1750 Gems
  • 5 days: 1500 Gems
  • 4 days: 1250 Gems
  • 3 days: 1000 Gems
  • 2 days 16 hours 53 minutes: 925 Gems

As you can see, the Books are expensive, but can still save you a ton of Gems if you have the Gems to skip upgrade times.

It’s a SOLID DEAL if you’re spending gems to skip upgrades or have tons of loot during boost times, however it’s still pretty expensive.

Ring of Walls (100 Gems)

Depending what walls you upgrade, you will need more or fewer Rings to do it. After the June 2018 Update, the prices and value of the Wall Rings drastically changed:

Home Village:

  • Wall Level 1-10: 1 Rings
  • Wall Level 11: 2 Rings
  • Wall Level 12: 4 Rings
  • Wall Level 13: 5 Rings

Builder Base:

  • Wall Level 1-4: 1 Ring
  • Wall Level 5: 2 Rings
  • Wall Level 6: 4 Rings
  • Wall Level 7: 6 Rings
  • Wall Level 8: 8 Rings

If you translate it, it’s 1 million Gold/Elixir worth for a ring.

In my opinion, this makes it stillย a BAD DEAL as you can use theย Training Potion to farm the Gold easily and the walls in the Builder Base are not that powerful to waste Gems for it anyway. With the 100 Gems I can get 4 Training Potions and farm 4 hours straight that will reward me with at least 10x as much loot as the single Wall Ring offers.

Shovel of Obstacles (500 Gems)

They are really useful as now you don’t need to run a crappy force-obstacles-to-spawn-outside base that just will let you drop and lose tons of resources.

However, 500 Gems for it?! Seriously, Supercell, you know how hard we love our seasonal obstacles but 500 Gems is a RIP OFF and you should only get them when they appear in Clan Games.


With the June 2018 Update, the Trader also offers Runes:

  • Rune of Home Village Gold/Elixir: 1,400 Gems
  • Rune of Builder Gold/Elixir: 1,500 Gems
  • Rune of Dark Elixir is not available at the Trader

If you take a look that filling them up with Gems forย 3,867 Gems, that’s a nice discount but still quite expensive – the deal is an OK DEAL simply because the discount is high but only worth for those who don’t farm frequently. With several attacks every day, you can have your Builders busy all the time easily.

I personally only store Runes only along with a book to skip a critical upgrade – for example upgrading my Eagle Artillery I save up the Gold for the upgrade and start the upgrade, use the book to skip the upgrade and then use the Rune of Gold to make the next upgrade so I have no downtime in Builder and no painful time while the Eagle Artillery is upgrading ๐Ÿ™‚


I know many out there think the Trader is a cash grab, but in fact he just offers the magical items we can get from the Clan Games for free with a 50% discount to the regular Gem prices. If you’re not buying Gems, I’d recommend you to daily check him for the free offers and also purchase the 25 Gems Training Potion that is indeed a nice value.

The Ring of Walls are in my opinion, next to the Power Potion, the worst deal you can get and you shouldn’t waste Gems on them.

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bro nice post but I did not understand that ting of walls and is trader available for th7? if not then what was that those items are Solid for th7 may be its new items but u said for it as trader and for th7 resource potion!

Crystal Star

Personally, I think the wall ring is the worst deal ever. I have seen that in my village 2 wall rings are sold for 400 gems. You know 2 rings will ONLY let you upgrade a wall to lv9, which costs 1,000,000 gold. This means you are going to spend 400 gems just for 1,000,000 gold! You can farm 1000k gold easily in like just 2 raids! No need to spend 400 gems for it!
And also, I think the name “trader shop” should be considered as actual “trading”. Like you can buy a book of building with 5 power potion something like that, not only with gems. If you can only purchase things with gems, it can be called as a normal “shop”, not actually a “trader shop”. I hope supercell could make this better.
Keep clashing!

Crystal Star

Exactly agreed, I only buy training potions so far, since other ones are too expensive like over 100 gems for a resource potion? And I think upgrading any level of wall should only use one ring each since you can’t really get that much

Anas Anwar

You are right, Wall Ring is the worst deal

Crystal Star

If th ewall ring is sold for 40 gems I will probably buy it, but 400 gems is crazy.


Are you ever going to put up the BH8 bases? That’s the only thing people want


Thanks for tip on free stuff. Just checked and got a free potion.


Once again Tim excellent job.


Great Job….always enjoy your site.


I agree with some of the others, should be able to *trade* not just buy with gems. I mean I have a full stock of training potions and power potions always and it would be great if we could trade them for something else. Yes I know I could sell them for a couple of gems. Maybe SC could look at letting us trade within our own clan. Just a thought.


Great work timmy ????????????????


Ring of walls is the first thing i buy from traders with 400 (2x). It dissopoint me lot, it only upgrade a segment of wall on my builder base to level 5. I thought that it will upgrade 2 segments. How ever, books which costs 925 gems are not for f2p players. Talking about free magical item they only offer traning portion. The great advantage of traders is traning portion right. I hope they will reduse the cost of books and also give 1/2 books ( is it possible)or give them at a cheaper price. And you are right, they won’t offer runes, because if they make it expensive nobody will buy and if they make cheaper it will a loss somehow. This guide will help me to take advantage from traders and not to fool again… So once again I say,Thank you very much.


Great post. Just one mention on the power potion. Right now in BH8 you can get good value for money using the power potion.
For example, my base was laid to waste by some lvl 16 pekkas. Which will take a lot of money/gems to have for real now, but easy to have using the power potion.
In short its an easy way to get to the higher trophy brackets right now.

Banday Waleed

I think this is not a good update…What Uh think @tim..IS now some other balancing update coming…What Uh think ?

Tiago tavares

Hi Timmy, thanks for all content here
Your website is my daily source of clash news!
I think you didnt calculate the Builder Potion very well. Lets see
Upgrade Times
0-1 day (260gems), all other days (123-124gems, roughly 5 gems hour)
Even with 5 Builders thats 9x5x5= 225 gems, the only way to get 515 gems is using the Potion with all 5 Builders with 1 day remaining, thats usually dont happen(because of farming you usually put builders to finish on different days). Even so, gemming on last day is not a smart decision imo, and gemming on buildings (except if you need lab or something) isnt too
And you want to spend gems on heroes, so you would never buy this when for 500 gems you can upgrade hero without waiting. Just wait the book of Heroes or even the other 925gems books
For 925 gems you can finish up to 14(336hours) upgrade days, and for 285gems you can finish 45 upgrade hours.
Book of Heroes 500/168= 2,97gems/hour
Book Of Building 925/336= 2,74 gems/hour
Builder Potion 285/45 = 6.33 gems/hour
For free(like the Wizard event) is good, but I highly dont recommend this item. Hope it helped, Cheers from Brazil!




Really enjoy all the useful information you publish. I appreciate all the time you must put into getting everything together for the rest of us. Probably do not get thanked enough, but again thanks for the time and effort you put into your updates.


Quick question Tim, does the trader offer the books for free?? I know one thing they will be incredibly rare so will it be for free though?


Hi Tim, Thanks for sharing as always! I only have have 4 months playing this game and I am a th8.
Even I was a very active player I was unable to find a good clan until I find out your page. In my clan are only th10 and th11 but they accept me because I update them with all the news you publish and I become a Co-leader. Now I am really happy as we always get all the prizes in the clan games.


yeah its a nice progress cuz mine th has taken 6 months to reach level 8………


Anyone else think the daily discount character is racist or at least culturally insensitive? Especially juxtaposed with the clash games character and his surroundings.


C because in this totally political world anything and everything must be disected to an infinite degree and anything found that is of the very least questionable….must be made into a huge deal….sad, sad, times it is and the one escape I had was Clash of Clan and…..erase these post Tim, you do an outstanding job and there is nothing in the world that says anyone can have freedom of speech….on YOUR website! Just me writing this is wrong…..erase it, erase it, erase it….b4 Im attacked and it turns into another one of today’s fiascos on social media. Keep up the good work!


Nope, Trader still need improvement Per day Trader give us same Deals Power Potion, Training Potion, wall rigs they are gona so boaring now. After june update Books, and runes Are good but when books and runes we most need that time they are not available just like right now my i don’t know how?? But My book of everything lost i don’t know how it is but I don’t used yet by myself but it gona lost and right now I want to upgrade my TH12 and it not possible until 7days That not enough
That Time I thought Trader still need improvement, and according to my suggestion about trader need update like this ->
Supercell Should Give Letter Box Too Trader With 3 Blanks Where Players Can Post Witch Deals They Need Tomorrow so by players Letter Deals Traded Will Show That Resources Tomorrow And Players Can use tham quickly This update Will also Improve Traders Value in game Yes That it.
According too my survey Many Players Thing That Trader Is worst update right now he show same Deals daily even we don’t use tham Trader us useless line this so by me and also billion user trader still need improvement current trader update is not enough.
HOPE You Will think About my idea please timmy send this letter too supercell.
Thank You.

Idle Hands

What’s up Tim,
Great site love all the content & greatly appreciate the time & effort to provide us hard core clashes all the useful tidbits. That being said I think you may need a revision on this article or maybe I’m mistaken on what you wrote here:
“Another important thing to know is that magical items you get from the Trader are not exceeding your limit in the Clan Castle like magical items from events & Value Packs do.”
I’m taking this as you can go over your CC hosing storage space of potions etc. but if you are at 5/5 it won’t let u purchase it. As I stated maybe I’m reading it wrong & hoping for some clarification. Keep up the great work & know you have a loyal follower to the site.


The Trader now offers even runes. So the cylce has changed.


Oh it s still in the text.


Just got Gold rune, didn’t expect it to cost as much as de rune


you made a mistake with the gold and elixir the resource potion gives because high level mines and collectors have been buffed, TH9+ produces 705600 gold and elixir extra


i just looked it up and the TH8 is also wrong, it should be 604800 gold/elixir extra


The Training Potion is actually worth 85 gems for TH12s that have a Siege Workshop. 30 games each for Siege Workshop and Barracks, 10 gems for Spell Factories, and 5 gems each for the three Heroes.
Your article above only has it as offsetting 55 gems (guessing you left out the Siege Workshop).


Are you in the Go***n Ave**ers clan? My name is Bra*d*n…


Day 27 is not correct…


Yea itโ€™s like I skipped day 27 all together, I got my second account on a cycle a day behind my main so Iโ€™ll double check there too in a few hours time


Just confirmed with second account, that now has builder gold and skipped day 27 too


Thanks for the updated cycle.
Day 27 isn’t correct. It’s a 39-day cycle.


Thanks Tim for this woonderful guide!
I agree that a training potion is an amszing deal as I am in th8. I once made an army of my own design that takes about 30 minutes to train. As it’s a trophy pushing one I used a training potion and over 1 hr of the boost and pushed from bottom silver 1 to gold 3 in just half an hour. Normally for boosting I would need 30 gems for barracks + 30gems for spell factories + a few gems for barb king. As you can see, training potion does the same thing at less than 50% of the cost


Power Potion is my saviour once. I am th9 and my clan is losing in current war. We need to 3stars to th10 in order to win the war. I got low level troops and spell. So i tried using power potion and attacking th 10 then I got 3 stars ????.

dominic angelus

Hi Tim,
A pleasant day!
I hope there will be an updated trader deal cycle to include the Clock Tower Potion.
I got this item for free this morning.
Anyway, thank you for this wonderful guide!

Psycho Dragon 50

Just got a tad confused when you were talking about resource potion then switched to referring to it as training potion? But a very useful and interesting article. Thanks.

Virgen M Figueroa

Hey guys i am here because i have from my google rewards over 200$ or more in my reards balance at my google play account.. i do not play this game i am trying to sell or exchange for google play credit or gift cards …i can allow the person to use my google play logg in and take the rewards… we can figure something… i will sell for half of the price… i can show u i have over 40 rewards all from 10$ to 60$… i had gotten these rewards because am allways buying gift cards and they been giving me rewards for this game wich i do not play this..i will like my credit on my games of choice.


So the book of hero are the only worthed one. I have about 5000gem from the king offer. Hahaha, i will buy that book once I get th 8


Hey Tim, it would be great if you could update this to match the December update.
Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

Dominic Angelus

Yes, it will take a little more time to make a full cycle since December 10, 2018 update.
Also additional items were added like:
1) SHOVEL OF OBSTACLE (500 Gems) in SLOT #2
2) HERO POTION (300 Gems) in SLOT #2
3) RUNE OF DARK ELIXIR (3000 Gems) in SLOT #3
4) CLOCK TOWER POTION (Free and sometimes 75 Gems) in SLOT #1
and now, WALL RING is moved to SLOT #1 (before it was on SLOT #3)
Again, thank you for the guides you are publishing, keep it up!

Preeti Sundar Sahoo

When is the next book of fighting is beig sold by the trader??

Sazan malik

Please give me 99999 gems help me


Yooo brother fix it so it doesnt say magic items stack over their limit in clan castle. That isnt possible anymore!!


This cycle is outdated with the new update that changed the entire cycle and included the new Lab potion.


This is outdated, the new update changed all the cycle and added the new Lab potion.

Paul D Chapin IV

I don’t know if I am missing something but these 2 sentences contradict each other and they follow each other here.
“All deals in there are completely random, also the free magical items โ€“ thereโ€™s no global list of deals so checking daily is important to not miss anything ????
Trader Deal Cycle
The deals you see at the Trader follow a fixed 40-day-cycle, so you can plan ahead when you know what deals will show up in the future.”


Can you please try to update this for the new research potion added in? Trying to figure out when a hero book is showing up.

outdated page

This cycle is outdated. I got wallrings/research potion/elex rune